RBR ON THE ROAD – Day 2 in Dominican Republic

The first full day in Dominican Republic just wrapped up. The day started early with a visit to the Cristo Rey School in the poorer section of Santo Domingo. Upon arrival, Seth Stammler and Jeremy Hall received a tour of the area by the school’s director. In walking through the area, we learned the school is one of the anchors to the community as 150 boys and girls from ages 5-13 go to the private school and soccer is a key part of the educational process. The director explained that the kids have to be accepted into the school, and many can’t afford the cost, but they raise money to fund the kids. However, being accepted means that the teachers meet with the parents on a monthly basis to make sure that they know what is happening in school and that the kids work hard.

After the tour, Seth and Jeremy talked to the kids for a few minutes then spent over an hour playing soccer with them. Though they didn’t speak Spanish, they were able to communicate with them through the game. The morning finished up with Seth and Jeremy signing autographs for the kids.

“It was good to have them here,” said Kelvin, an 11 year old Cristo Rey student. “It was cool to learn about the discipline that they had to have to become professionals. I hope to be a professional someday.”

“it was good today because they taught us things we didn’t know,” said 14-year olf Alexi. ” They showed us what the next level is with their touch on the ball and how they pass the ball.”

The afternoon clinic was called “Under my Wings,” set up through Red Bull Dominica. The clinic was held at the Jorge Rolando Bauger Academy on the campus of Unphu University. The academy is run by a father and son who hosted the players the night before on their Solo Futbol television show. The academy has over 100 kids – boys and girls – that participate in soccer.

Before the training season, Seth and Jeremy spoke to the kids about their experiences as professional athletes and answered questions. Then they played with the two age groups for over an hour.

Tomorrow, RBR travels from Santo Domingo to Haiti in the afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday RBR will be visiting schools and a water station that was set up through Seth Stammler’s foundation – Sporting Chance Foundation.


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