The BIG EAST and Red Bull New York will join forces with a three-year partnership for the Conference’s men’s soccer championship to be held at the new state-of-the-art Red Bull Arena through the 2012 tournament, it was announced today. With the BIG EAST being a power conference in soccer and Red Bull Arena positioned to be the best soccer-specific-stadium in the US,  this seems to RBR to be a great pairing.  And with several Red Bull Academy products continuing to play at several BIG EAST schools, it is possible that the next BIG EAST Championship could feature Red Bull products in Red Bull Arena.



  1. eltigreferoz Says:

    Sweet deal. Let’s hope we secure a coach who can lead us there in time.

  2. Matt Says:

    That is a great move. Well done Red Bulls!

  3. thisisvictorkim Says:

    “Red Bull products”, what like the drinks?

    • lou Says:

      haha, that was pretty good. props.

    • lous an idiot Says:

      “And with several Red Bull Academy products continuing to play at several BIG EAST schools,…”

      or maybe the kids that play in the academy and are on big east teams like was clearly stated in the article? Not sure, just a thought…

      • lou Says:

        “lous an idiot”, (i think you meant “lou’s an idiot” becuase my name is not lous) but anyway are you just a moron, or do you also not have a sense of humor? Oh how i have missed you constantly making a fool of yourself on this site. Obviously they are referring to the academy, but if you had an iq over 30 you would have realized that “red bull products” could work in more than one way.
        Here let me break it down for you, you see red bull is an energy drink company that happens to own a local soccer team, they sell energy drinks and other red bull related products. This is where the red bull products joke comes in. All clear? I hope this helped you.

  4. lous an idiot Says:

    obviously i know as does everyone else on this site. i was being sarcastic too, but considering it said red bull ACADEMY products and just not red bull products, that is why the joke wasnt funny. at all. and for the record, my iq is a 117 😉

    • lou Says:

      very good “lous an idiot”, but the joke was still funny because it was a play on words. Thankyou for telling me your iq as well. Good to know.

  5. rbfan Dope Nasty Show Says:

    and you guys are gay

  6. Karbaz Says:

    I find it hard to believe that someone with an IQ of 117 would forget to add ‘ for “lou’s” no “lous”. I also find it hard to believe that someone with an IQ of 117 would stoop to elementary school level jabs at another poster by naming himself, “LOUS an idiot” simply because he disagrees with said posters ideas or statements or whatever.

    I’m willing to bet that not only does “LOUS an idiot” not have an IQ of 117 but he’s probably a virgin as well.

    Well done “LOUS and idiot” you sure are a winner.

    • lou Says:

      Haha. The average iq for an adult is somewhere in the range of 100-114, so his 117 is really nothing special. But i’m guessing “lous an idiot” had no idea that 117 wasn’t that high of an iq, he just picked it thinking that it was something astronomical so his actual iq is probibly much lower.

      • Karbaz Says:

        Just another keyboard warrior, pretty soon he’s gonna start telling us he’s 8 feet tall 300 pounds of muscle who could stop a train by staring at it. The kid is just pathetic.

    • el Says:

      And if he were, good for him.

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