Jeremy Hall and the MLS Generation adidas team recently completed a tour of South Africa, where they were able to get a few matches in as well as take in the festivities surrounding the World Cup draw. posted a group of articles surrounding the trip, including an exclusive with Jeremy Hall.  RBR sent a video recorder with Jeremy, and we are eagerly awaiting to see what he captured.

Team opens tour with win
Team loses in Cape Town
Team ends tour with win
Team looks back on trip
Hall reflects on his trip



  1. lou Says:

    that’s good, but unless jeremy is going to coach the team, i don’t particularly care.

  2. DS Says:

    You really are ridiculous. Nothing is ever good enough. No post is ever what you care about. I just don’t get it. Do you think RBR is the one choosing the coach? Do you think RBR is intentionally keeping you in the dark?

    I for one would like to hear what the players are doing in the off-season. I for one would like to hear about the academy players. Yes, I would like to know who the coach will be, but there are other things to know about this team, there are other things going on that I feel are important for us to know.

    Would you rather nothing be posted until a coach is named? Or would you then start complaining that nothing is being posted?

    • lou Says:

      You’re the really rediculous one. I’ve barely posted these last few months, and the one negative post i submit you have to stick your nose into and critique. Where were you when i was posting about soler’s hiring? Oh that’s right, you didn’t say one word about that because those posts weren’t negative, but when i post in a way that is less then desireable for you the problems start.
      I for one am tired of hearing about things that avoid the major issues.
      I for one am tired of the failure and the mishapen sports team structure
      And i for one would like for changes to be made, so sorry if im a bit eager for this franchise to shape up/
      And that’s great if you want to hear about this, but i don’t, and I was speaking for myself. You want to hear about it, and i don’t, but i don’t go out of my way to make posts about that.
      Nothing being posted, is the equivalent of what is being posted now. If you disagree then fine, but i don’t see the point in telling me because I don’t care. You have your opinions, and i have mine.

      • DS Says:

        Maybe you should read the posts after the Solér announcement better but I was saying some of the same things that you were, therefore no reason to disagree. If you want me to let you know any time I agree with you on something, I can. It doesn’t matter to me that you haven’t been posting lately, if you say something I disagree with I’m going to say it. I don’t go out of my way at all to offend you, this is a comments section, and I am replying to a comment.

        This guy has been announced two days ago and apparently you want everything figured out immediately. That is not how things work. Maybe someone should be given a chance to actually turn this team around instead of every fanatical supporter of this club expecting success immediately. Everyone wants changes, well Solér coming in is a change. But you want more. As I already said, nothing is ever good enough. And I can promise you that no matter what happens you will still search for things to complain about.

        I don’t understand how you can only care about one aspect of this team. Hearing about Jeremy Hall’s trip should be important to you, considering how you have bigged him up all season. What he does in the off-season is incredibly important to how he will start 2010. But all you want to hear about is a coach, not about the team that’s going to be on the field.

      • lou Says:

        at this point in time, i care about the most important aspect of the team, and that’s finding the right coach. And everytime i do post something that is negative or that you percieve to be negative you comment on it, so i don’t know how you could do that anymore then you already are.
        If i say something that you agree with it’s ok, but when something i say isn’t on the same level as something you say, you charge me with being negative and always wanting more. Let me ask you, what is more at this point? After the season we had, there are a lot of things to be fixed, and those are the things i want to be hearing about. I want to know that the same errors we made in the past, are not going to be repeated.

        How can you promise me that i will still find things to complain about? Is it just me complaining or is it the majority of the fan base? It’s the later of those two, and that’s because of all the things this franchise has done wrong. After you read a years worth of my posts during a good or even mediocre season, then you can tell me if i always want more. We just had one of the worst seasons ever, so a reasonable person should be constanty wanting more, if that’s not how you see it than fine, but i’m not content with periods of time where nothing is being announced and the club is stagnant. Maybe it’s unreasonable to expect this team to always have improvements to post about, but i have a right to be unreasonable, considering the fact that we were unreasonably bad.
        I don’t appreciate you down playing every huge error the management makes, or every game we lose, or every post that is more “fanatical” then you like, but yet i don’t go around telling you you’re wrong about it everytime you do it.

      • lou Says:

        it’s ok to disagree with me, but charging me with being constantly negative is not exactly a fair thing to say. If i was always negative as you say, yet we agreed on the soler subject and quite a few others, then that would mean you are fairly negative yourself. and yet you being negative would be something i would be perfectly cool with, because i think it’s understandable to be angry and upset over how things have transpired the last few years.

      • DS Says:

        I never said anything about you being negative in any posts on this thread.

        You want more and more announcements? They just made the Solér announcement. You want them to make the right coaching decision, but you want it do be done immediately. How can he make the right decision his first week on the job? He doesn’t know Richie Williams, he didn’t follow this team for years. He hasn’t seen what Richie did to change this team around on the two occasions that he was put in charge. How exactly could he just make that decision without putting in the time to look at all the coaching options available to him? If he’s supposed to just rely on those who were already with the team then there was no point bringing him in in the first place.

        It’s understandable to be angry and upset about last year, but you need to be reasonable about this year. There is absolutely no way that Solér can be expected to make a decision on the coach at this point and I wouldn’t want him to act any faster than he sees fit just to please you.

      • lou Says:

        I said, “that’s good, but unless jeremy is going to coach the team, i don’t particularly care.”
        I don’t necessarily need it to be made immediately, but unless an announcement pertains to the coaching change, i don’t care.

        you said “I never said anything about you being negative in any posts on this thread.”

        but previously said “You really are ridiculous. Nothing is ever good enough. No post is ever what you care about.” and also said
        “As I already said, nothing is ever good enough. And I can promise you that no matter what happens you will still search for things to complain about. ”

        SO yeah you never said those particular words, but you hinted at it pretty loudly several times. And I did talk about jeremy alot this season, and i do hope he progresses over the offseason, but as i said if i’m being honest, i don’t care. Every other announcement is taking a back seat to this coaching announcement. Because even if jeremy somehow progresses enough to be an allstar caliber player next year, if the coach and staff are all wrong it won’t matter.
        watching a time lapse of the arena from half a year ago, or hearing about the scene at neveda smith’s during the word cup draw, is not important to me. Not only is the later of those two things not at all related to the team, but but also how is that relavent to our season next year? This offseason could be a turning point, so i want to hear about what our front office and managment are doing to prepare for it.

      • DS Says:

        You know that quoting yourself is not going to convince me that your initial argument is valid in any way.

        Firstly regarding the World Cup Draw, that was an event which our players attended which was being described. It was not just, “”Hey something soccer, lets talk about it.” Also, we currently have 1 player on the team who will be going to South Africa in June and there may even be more by that point next year, so I would say that it is relevant to this team.

        So posts about the stadium don’t matter (yes you did say that, I can quote you if you really want, but I don’t think it is necessary to quote things written just above this post), what the players do in the off-season doesn’t matter, the fact that the Sporting Director/General Manager was announced just a short time ago isn’t enough work that the FO is doing, apparently RBR isn’t doing a good job posting stuff that the fans want to read about, and I’m probably missing other things that you have a problem with, and you wonder why I say that nothing is ever going to be good enough for you.

      • lou Says:

        Thank you DS, you finally understand. I’m interested in the big picture, i want to see how this team’s fo and management are going to rebuild because as i said this could be a turning point.

        What happens next year for 1 player going to south africa, or what the stadium looked like half a year a go, and scenes at bars, do not fit into that heading. Posts about the stadium would matter if they were things happening in the present because that is building for the future, but seeing steel beems being put in 6 months ago is not important or even interesting. And i quote things to make things easier for you, so that you know where I’m taking my information from, if you don’t want to return the favor that’s fine with me.

        And one last time, put my negativity and always wanting more into context. Look at the season we had, the mistakes we made, the players we signed before telling me about wanting more. Wanting more than nothing (which is essentially what we had) isn’t to much to ask. Not only did we have nothing, but the one of the bright spots i thought we had was traded away, hopefully the FO had a good reason for doing so.

      • DS Says:

        You know the coaching staff is actually different from the FO, the coaching staff let one of your bright spots go.

        We all know that last season was terrible, but you have to give the team time to rebound. There are only so many decisions that can be made at a time. There is no way that you can expect a coach to be named immediately after the Sporting Director/General Manager was named. So stop asking for it. There are other aspects about this team that are important. And as I previously stated, it is ridiculous to only care about the one thing. The players and the stadium are just as, if not more, important than the coach. The players are the ones who are on the field, at the new stadium, who are playing the games.

        A coaching decision will be made when Solér sees fit, until then I’d like to hear as much about all the other stuff going on as I can. If you only care about coaching you need to re-evaluate how you support this team.

  3. lou Says:

    The stadium would be important if the news was relevant. showing me a video of the stadium from half a year ago is anything but important, you might as well tell me what color the urinal cakes are going to be in the bathrooms of the stadium.
    Scenes at bars are not important
    1 player going to the world cup next year is not important.
    Maybe if tensions weren’t so high right now those things could be considered important (but they most likely wouldn’t) but if you put it into context, i really don’t give a f. There are more important things right now.
    I admitted that i might be demanding right now, but i honestly don’t care, i think that the team can expect the fan base to be demanding. If those fans that feel the way i do, didn’t exercise their right to complain now and put pressure on for changes to be made, then we would never do it.

    ” If you only care about coaching you need to re-evaluate how you support this team.”

    I said at this point in time i only care about the coaching, you’re doing what you always do, and that is taking what you like out of what i say and ignoring the rest to bolster your arguement.
    And i do know the coaching staff is different the front office, i meant to say the coaching staff.

    • DS Says:

      You don’t need to put pressure on the team for changes to be made. There is currently no head coach, therefore they are already making that change. The just built a new stadium so we will be changing where we will be playing next season. Some players we know won’t be coming back, so we know the players will be changing. I don’t think they need any more pressure after last season. I think you need to calm down. Both in relation to getting a coach as well as reacting to what I post.

      ” ” If you only care about coaching you need to re-evaluate how you support this team.”

      I said at this point in time i only care about the coaching, you’re doing what you always do, and that is taking what you like out of what i say and ignoring the rest to bolster your arguement.”

      I don’t see what I did that I always do? What else is there to take out of what you said? Is there another way to understand that all you care about is announcing a new coach?

      • lou Says:

        “At this point in the time”
        was the part i was trying to emphasize by saying that last part of my post, as in at the moment i only care about the coaching. that doesn’t mean that’s all i ever care about. Right now i feel everything should take a back seat to the coaching decision so that all the management’s efforts can be put on making the right choice.

        As far as calming down is concerned, how would i calm down in response to what you post? You’re the one posting on threads everytime i post something that you’ve deemed to be negative, it’s not the otherway around. I rarely respond to your posts even if i think you’re wrong, so that I can avoid these types of 20 post arguements. Therefore you’re the one going out of your way to over react and respond to my posts, and so maybe you should calm down.
        As far as calming down in relation to getting a new coach, soler was named the manager officially on the 7th, it was known he would be the manager for quite sometime beforehand. If the red bull big wigs knew how to learn from their mistakes they would know that hiring a coach from outside the mls almost never works when building a succesful mls team.
        That means they are left with very few coaching options (richie williams). It is now the 12th of december, a couple of weeks from the time they knew they were going to hire soler should be more then enough time to make the right decision and hire richie.
        You’re going to say that i don’t know the details and that there could be more to this coaching deal then meets the eye, but you don’t know the details either and this could just come down to the red bull organiztion trying to do better then they have to when the reasonable choice (as well as fan favorite) is right in front of their eyes.

        That’s nice that you don’t think the need anymore pressure after the terrible season, but as i said before, if they aren’t pressured to do better after a terrible season then when will they be? This pressure shows the fans care about the organization and winning. Red Bull should be thankful for every fan they have at this point, so hopefully they prove they value their opinions.

      • DS Says:

        I post when I see fit. I disagree with whomever says something I feel is incorrect or ill-informed. It’s not my fault that you tend to fall into those categories so often. Once again, I do not go out of my way to respond to you or to argue with you. When I come onto this site I am going directly in my way to comment and share my opinions.

        Now, you say he was named on the 7th, a week ago, but everyone knew he would be named for some time. Does that mean he started working before he was named? Do you know when he actually sat down and met Richie Williams? When he first sat down with Stover and Beiersdorfer to discuss the plan moving forward? You have no idea, and neither do I. So lets say he got started on the 7th, do you think a week is enough time to choose a coach? You feel that this is so important, more important than anything and everything else “at this moment” but you still want Solér to rush and satiate your hunger for action and a new coach immediately.

        You say that Richie is the “reasonable choice” and “fan favorite”. He is only reasonable to someone who knows him and has seen what he can do. To Solér he is just another candidate, although one who has experience with this team. Solér wasn’t here and didn’t know anything about Richie before taking the job, so there is no reason to assume that he is the reasonable choice to Solér. Also, the fan favorite means absolutely nothing to me. If you couldn’t tell by how vehemently I disagree with you and many others on a regular basis, I really don’t take much heed from many other fans’ opinions. Therefore, the fact that you want him to be coach so badly makes me question if I want him in the position.

  4. lou Says:

    I understand you disagree with me and that’s why you post all the time, but then don’t go and tell me i need to relax in relation to your posts, because you’re the one responding to every one of my posts when you don’t like them. If you;re telling me to relax with your posts, then you’re being a hypocryte
    If Soler knew he was going to have the job before he was announced, is it so unreasonable to think maybe he would have started doing his job before it was officially announced? That maybe he started researching the history of the league and the coaching options?
    How many options does soler have in choosing a coach? How many of those options are proven MLS coaches? As i said before if red bull was to learn from their mistakes and learn from other teams in the mls, they would know that outside coaches have never been succesful in the mls. So then that leaves them with few options (essenitally only 1 option). So i really don’t see why naming a coach from a very small group in 1-2 weeks is such an unreasonable thing to ask for.
    You seem to think “rushing” into this decision is going to make it the wrong one. Well i don’t consider 1-2 weeks rushing, and if the answer is obvious to a question why take longer then necessary to answer it?

    “He is only reasonable to someone who knows him and has seen what he can do. To Solér he is just another candidate, although one who has experience with this team. Solér wasn’t here and didn’t know anything about Richie before taking the job”

    Exactly why i wasn’t to hot on soler being named manager. He seems to have a great soccer mind, but not knowing anything about the league makes him naming a coach that much harder.
    And because they haven’t named richie the coach yet, I’m led to believe they will choose a coach from over seas simply because of his name star power, and that really worries me. The sooner the coach is named, the sooner we can start finding players to build around him, essentially we will have more time to formulate a winning team.

    • DS Says:

      Just so you know, I am totally relaxed when I respond to your posts.

      Maybe he started sooner, maybe he didn’t. We don’t know. What I do know is that despite the fact that no foreigner has been successful (besides Nicol and Yallop that is), has it ever been the NY way to just look at the incredibly brief history of this league and make what many would consider to be the sensible choice? Does that really seem likely?

      Richie is the top choice if Solér was only looking at coaches with MLS experience. But he clearly isn’t so narrow minded. As I have previously stated, if Solér is just supposed to take the word from people we already have around the team that Richie is the right choice, then there was no point waiting to bring him in before naming the coach.

      • lou Says:

        “Just so you know, I am totally relaxed when I respond to your posts.”

        As am i.
        And perhaps it hasn’t been the new york history to look at the league’s history to lead us to success, but look where that has led us so far. Maybe we should realize that instead of trying to crack the system and find a new way to win games, that it would just be easier to do what other winning teams have done in the past. It doesn’t seem likely that they will choose to do this, you’re right, and that’s one of my major points of frustration with this team.

        It isn’t narrow minded to just look at mls coaches, it’s sensible and efficent. Again it’s not just taking other people’s words for it, it’s looking at the history of the league in order to lead us to success in the future. What good is the past if we can’t learn from it? There would be a point in brining him in as gm if he named richie as coach, because soler also has to form a FO team that he thinks is capable of getting the job done, as he has said in the past.

  5. Ulrike, Nittenau Says:

    Ulrike, Nittenau…


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