Well, all the balls have been drawn and the United States is grouped with England, Algeria, and Slovenia in Group C.  Not a bad draw for the US, with England being the highest rated team in the group, and their seeding was amidst a bit of controversy, as the English are rated ninth in the FIFA standings.  Andrew Boyens and New Zealand were drawn into Group F with Italy, Slovakia, and Paraguay.   CHECK OUT THE GROUPINGS HERE

What are your thoughts in the groupings?  Does the US’ draw give them a good chance at advancement?  Are you excited about the first match against England?  What about New Zealand?  How will they fare in their group?  Which group will be dubbed the “Group of Death”?  Is it Group G? Share your thoughts below.



  1. emilio Says:

    The toughest grouo is group G with Brazil, Ivory Coast and Portugal. The US got a favorable group as they avoided the best of the top seeds and Algeria and Slovenia can be beaten. It wont be easy but its possible. France was very fortunate as they basically got a top seed in that they were in South Africa’s group. Spain although they got a relatively easy draw, if they win the group they will face the runner up from Brazil’s group and if they advance most likely either Holland or Italy. Sometimes the groups may be easy but the second round pairings are the most important factor to analize.

  2. Cindy Says:

    i’m sorry to say it for Boyens but i’m pretty sure New Zealand is not making it out of their group, but hey here’s sending good luck their way anyhow! obviously more good luck to team USA haha

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