Danny Cepero and Danleigh Borman spent some time in November training with a First Division side in Argentina to enhance their development (at the same time as another group of young players were in Salzburg).  We asked Danny to try and recap his times down in Argentina and, in his own words, he provided us with this report.

Danleigh Borman and I arrived in Buenos Aires on the morning of November 9 after a long flight, made worse by the fact that I had the middle seat.  Upon our arrival we were met by our liaison down there, Juan Cobian, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, who made sure we had everything we needed to make our stay as enjoyable as possible.  He drove us an hour to practice everyday, kept us well-fed, and acted as an impromptu tour guide through the city.

The apartment we stayed in was located in an area of Buenos Aires called Palermo Soho.  It was a great place, with lots of restaurants, outdoor cafes, young people (our age), and a fair amount of Americans.  The apartment itself was more than we could have asked for; two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a big kitchen (not that we cooked that much), and a balcony overlooking much of the city.  TV/Internet were also key components of the apartment.  Unfortunately, most of our time in the apartment was spent napping and recovering from training.

Which brings us to the soccer.  We trained with First Division side Gimnasia La Plata.  We didn’t really know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised when the players, coaches, and staff welcomed us with open arms.  I think it also helped a good deal that I was able to speak Spanish.  As I’m sure most of the fans know, I speak a little Spanish but I’m far from an expert.  My terrible Spanish got a lot of help in Argentina.  Surprisingly, I was able to hold my own in locker room conversations, on the field, and with the people in Buenos Aires.  After a week, I was talking American politics, the economy, and a number of other, random topics with the guys on the team.  It was a pretty cool experience, actually.

The facilities were pretty good, the fields were nice, and the training sessions were competitive, a mix of small-sided games and full 11v11 games.  After the first few days I was pretty drained and my body was beat up.  I guess that’s what you get for taking some time off right after the season.  By the second week, we had recovered and enjoyed our time down there much more as we got more comfortable with our surroundings.

Like I said, our free time was spent napping and watching TV/internet.  Once we got home from practice, we went out to dinner nearly every night at one of our three “go-to” spots, though we had to make sure we went to places that had English menus so that I wouldn’t be ordering something outrageous for Danleigh.  There was an awesome steakhouse that made the best steak I have ever had in my life…fact.  The other two places were a Mexican place and an Italian spot.  They love their steak down there…and thankfully, its way less expensive than here in the U.S.

One of the cooler days/nights we had was spent at the aforementioned Juan Cobian’s father’s house.  We spent a Sunday barbecuing and talking with a bunch of his family members; aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, everyone.  It felt like while we were away from our homes, we had some form of family with us down there in Argentina.  We also had dinner one night with Juan, his wife, and their two adorable children, Juan Jr. (5) and Catalina (8).  I always enjoy spending time with other families, especially when you’re in a foreign country, it’s as close to home as you’re sometimes able to get.



  1. Choclo Says:

    Thanks Danny for sharing your experience.
    Glad you guys enjoyed your stay in Argentina. Palermo Soho is a great neighborhood with a lot of options.
    Hope you met “El Gato” Sessa, great goalkeeper.

  2. lou Says:


  3. tomek Says:

    red bull

  4. tiffanyla Says:

    Hey, last year I went to Argentina and had the best of times.
    I enjoyed Tango so much, that when I went back to my country, I started tango lessos. I had stayed in an apartment in buenos aires which was near the downtown and La Boca. i was also taken to see a soccer match and OMG! it was something else. People there is so passionate about that sport, i don´t like soccer that much, but the whole show was worth it.
    I want to go back!

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