We know (hope) that many of you have been following the club via twitter.  Today we relaunched the page with a new handle.  We are no longer tweeting at @redbullsreader.   We are now tweeting at @newyorkredbulls.  Thanks to our friends at Twitter for their help in securing his handle.  So be sure to check us out, and to let your friends know about us and the change.



  1. Mr Fish Says:

    Wonderful. Anything to share on who might be running or coaching the club in 115 days?

  2. IMSYE87 Says:

    LOL @ Mr Fish

  3. Cindy Says:

    ditto that LOL at Mr. Fish haha

  4. Dannyc58 Says:

    This club just doesn’t get it.

    At all.

  5. C. Says:

    If they don’t hire Richie Williams as coach, I am becoming a Philly Union fan,

  6. emilio Says:

    Thats fine, so that means your not a real fan of the team, so you might as well support some one else. If I have a team I support I wont change my allegiance over a player or a coach, that would mean I wasnt a real fan of the club in the first place.

    • lou Says:

      i agree with you emilio, but can we steer away from the whole real fan/ supporter thing. At the beginning of the season, there was a big arguement over it. Not everyone at red bull arena is going to be a real, hardcore supporter. If they were, then being a hardcore supporter would lose it’s significance or cease to exist.

  7. kahlva Says:

    All we can hope is that Red Bull hires someone with MLS experience.

    And fires Agoos. Please. He co-created one of the worst MLS teams ever.

    Although I guess odds are that they will hire a foreign coach, to go with a foreign sporting director, and look to the “expert” Agoos for MLS tips when they realize they don’t know how to work in this league at all. Eeeeeeeek.

  8. kofix5 Says:

    der klinsman is available ya

  9. Matt Says:

    The natives are restless. Let’s have some news of consequence, please!

  10. Mr Fish Says:

    I second THAT emotion.

  11. Somebody Says:

    I always try to think positively. At least I’m not a Nets fan…

    • lou Says:

      haha i am. I’ve had to deal with them and the red bulls. Well at least I’m not a mets fan.

      • emilio Says:

        Red Bulls, Nets and Mets for me, so I know how to suffer.

      • lou Says:

        Wow someone who has it worse than me. Lately i’ve found myself resenting the Nets management far more then i resent the red bulls’ management at times. I really wish this brooklyn arena thing would just go away and the nets could just move into the prudential center in newark. But I’m getting off track, this is a soccer blog so nevermind i guess.

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