New York Red Bulls midfielder Nick Zimmerman was selected by Philadelphia Union in the 2009 MLS Expansion Draft today.

Zimmerman, 22, was the Red Bulls third round pick (44th overall) in the 2009 MLS SuperDraft. The Tampa Bay, Florida, native appeared in 11 matches this past season, making seven starts and logging 757 minutes.

Zimmerman was one of 12 players left unprotected by the Red Bulls in this year’s Expansion Draft. Each team was allowed to protect 11 players on their roster. Philadelphia, MLS’s 16th team, was allowed to select 10 players today, but could only choose one from each team’s unprotected list.

The players selected are as follows:
Jordan Harvey, Colorado Rapids
Andrew Jacobson, D.C. United
Brad Knighton, New England Revolution
Sebastien Le Toux, Seattle Sounders FC
Stefani Miglioranzi , LA Galaxy
Alejandro Moreno, Columbus Crew
Dave Myrie, Chicago Fire
Shea Salinas, San Jose Earthquakes
Shavar Thomas, Chivas USA
Nick Zimmerman, New York Red Bulls

What are your thoughts on the players Philly selected?  Did they make any glaring errors?  How do you think they will supplement these picks with transfers or at the draft?


  1. Dannyc58 Says:

    I doubt it will happen, but you ask it like we can say anything, so…

    Can we get a reason why he was exposed and Mendes protected?

  2. C. Says:

    What are my thoughts? My thoughts are that your organization is a joke. You left a promising, dynamic young player exposed and chose to protect Goldthwaite, Mendes and Woly. Way to go.

  3. emilio Says:

    I guess you guys were right they selected him, but I dont think it will be much of a loss.

  4. lou Says:

    Why does this team always make the stupidest decisions? Surely there must be a reason other than the fact that the people running this team are imbeciles. We protected someone who can’t do more than run in a strait line (richards), someone who was injured the whole season (mendes), but zimmerman? Was he a locker room cancer? I highly doubt it. They chose one of the only players on this team that showed moments of brilliance last season, he is only 22 and has a cheap salary, and for someone the union recognized he was good but not this organization.

    • lou Says:

      some reason, not someone. my bad.

    • DS Says:

      Being injured for 1 season means nothing, players come back from long injury spells all the time. You can’t say that Mendes shouldn’t be protected because he was injured. Talk about his play or his presence or something that has to do with the team.

      And where were these moments of brilliance from Zimmerman? A few shots and cuts that amounted to nothing. I do think he has potential, but he has not shown anything at all. If your criteria that moments of brilliance means we should keep someone around than we should offer Rojas a raise, he has had actual moments of brilliance. i.e. the around the back assist to VDB against LA in ’08 along with the assist to JPA for his goal of the year in ’08. Also his 2 goals against SJ, that was a great performance from him. Those are some moments of brilliance from a player that I hope to never see in a NY shirt again.

      The question I have for Agoos, Williams, and Stover is why was Richards protected?

      • emilio Says:

        Richards was protected because he has a particular skill which is his speed that at times causes defenses problems and leads to goals, lets not forget that since Richie took over Dane started to play well and was one of our more effective players.

      • DS Says:

        Richards in ’08 played to a level that deserved a bump in salary. In ’09 it was a different story. I understand the fact that he has a particular skill, but the problem is that in ’09 that skill did not help this team in any way, and it in no way showed to me or many other fans that he deserved to stick around. I can see by the fact that he was protected that some of the staff agrees with you emiliio, but I don’t think he’s worth the money or the roster spot.

      • lou Says:

        Actually being injured is quite important. Players do come back from season long injuries, but some players don’t. Suffering a serious injury raises questions as to whether or not that player will be able to come back and get back to the level they were at before. Many athletes have recieved injuries much less severe than the one mendes had, and have not been able to come back at the level they were at previously. We essentially traded away one of the only players on this team that showed any sort of potential last year, while we protected someone that has a “particular skill” that would be better suited for track and field.

        As far as moments of brilliance goes, i consider zimmerman’s cuts and long range shots that troubled the keeper, as well as the occasionial nice cross as just that. He differs from rojas in the fact that, while they both had streaks of nice play, zimmerman never had moments of complete crap like rojas has had. Zimmerman was never once the worst player on the field, the same can’t be said for rojas. He is also making much less than rojas, and is much younger than rojas. More importantly he was able to play out of his natural position far better than rojas was able to.

      • DS Says:

        Mendes has not been out an entire season, He has surgery in July, it was announced at the LA match, which was our 19th of the season, so he was around most of the year. You have no idea how he will come back so you can write him off if you want, but I won’t.

        I never said Rojas was better than Zimmerman, I actually said I hope Rojas never puts on a NY shirt again, but he has shown more and done more for this team than Zimmerman. Zimmerman might have troubled the keeper but Rojas found the back of the net. Zimm had 10 shots on goal and scored none while Rojas had 14 and scored 2. One player contributed to wins, the other has yet to win an MLS match. There are arguments for and against just about every single player on this roster.

        Lou, quick question for you, what is Zimmerman’s “natural position”? I seem to remember him playing either right or central midfield, and as a right footed midfielder isn’t that where he should be playing? Am I missing something here? The concept of a natural position for a midfielder is ridiculous. How about Rojas, he played poorly in a lot of matches when he was in the middle and not on the left, do you factor that into your criticism of him? (yes he played poorly on the left too)

        Just to be clear I am not a fan of Rojas and I much prefer Zimmerman, but some comments made and arguments I have read just are not convincing me that we just lost this great talent.

    • lou Says:

      zimmerman played as a central midfielder throughout most of his college career, and rarely did so playing for the red bulls. As a young player coming directly out of college he than had to adjust to playing a position that was less than familiar to him while adjusting to the professionial game, yet still for the most part out played rojas because he never had moments were he had a complete brain fart like rojas.
      Rojas may have two goals to zimmerman’s 0, but when you factor in wage, age of the player, and potential, zimmerman’s is still the better player.
      Mendes was out for a good portion of the season and while it may not have been the whole season, a team that is trying to select the best possible players in the expansion draft is not going to select a player that was mediocre at best while playing and hasn’t played for half a season. So i’m not saying i know that he will come back and be horrible (or good for that matter), but neither does the philadelphia union. The phildelphia union would have no way of knowing how he would come back from his injury, and he honestly wouldn’t be worth the risk. So leaving him unportected would seem like the logical decision to make, and in his place on the protected list would have been zimmerman.
      Rojas played horribly 90 percent of the time no matter were he was (just figured i should throw that in there).

  5. C. Says:

    Who runs this team? If you didn’t want Zimmerman we could have traded him for something in return! Now we get nothing! How dumb is RBFO?!?

  6. emilio Says:

    Lets take it easy its Nick Zimmerman we are talking about, yes Nick Zimmerman. If we have gotten to a point of getting so worked up over a marginal player who really hasnt shown much, we have some serious issues. Seriously lets take it easy, lets concentrate on drafting two good players in the 1st round, maybe signing Agudelo and signing a few good players, other than that lets relax. Were talking about Nick Zimmerman, Nick Zimmerman!!!

  7. PATRICK Says:

    duh duh duh im open( hand in the air) oebster what a loser

  8. Cindy Says:

    i’ll miss Zimmerman and he showed flashes but i don’t think he’s any great loss to the team in truth. but best of luck to him in Philly, i’m real excited for that franchise to start, Philly being my second favorite city in this country!]

  9. Devil500 Says:

    This organization is retarded cannot wait to see him killing us in 2010..

  10. Cindy Says:

    also here’s hoping Philly doesn’t screw us and we get Dilly Duka in the draft!

  11. Dannyc58 Says:

    Chicago fire explained why.some players were protected while others weren’t. Why can’t this franchise treat its fans better?

  12. emilio Says:

    lets cry!!

    • lou Says:

      no let’s all agree with emilio that way the world is at peace. The majority of people on this site and other disagree with your opinion on zimmerman, can’t we just leave it at that for now? This was a stupid move by the fo and some people want explanations.

      • DS Says:

        I agree with Emilio

      • Cindy Says:

        i agree with Emilio too.

        let’s relax and also not speak in terms of “majorities” because 10 regular posters isn’t enough of a sample size to even be called a majority. i’m just saying.

      • lou Says:

        ten posters and ives from soccerbyives, as well as posters on other sites, but anyway i only pulled the majority card because emilio was trying to say and convince everyone else that this isn’t a big deal when a lot of people don’t agree with that. rather than saying let’s cry about it, let’s just leave it at that. we can have disputes over it but portraying the people that believe this to be a bad move as almost fanatical simply isn’t going to work and doesn’t make sense, given the amount of people that feel that way.

  13. redbulls4ever Says:

    I thought Zimmerman has a lot of potential, this is sad for our club. He has so much skill and detemination. BIG, BIG loss…………………….

  14. emilio Says:

    Lets get negative when something worth while actually happens, seriously lets take it easy.

  15. jason Says:

    wtf i new this was going to happen this sucks all the time this stuiped club makes the wrost decion this is getting wrose i really am starting to not like this team that much save the good player for crist sake thats what need to be done

  16. Alle Says:

    I KNEW this was going to happen, unbelievable! Are we trying to suck??? I mean really, Mendes could’ve been left unprotected, no one was going to take him anyway! This is frustrating, we’ve just come off a bad season with a horrible coach for more than half of it, then this? We’re going in the wrong direction for christ’s sake!

    • Liz Says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • lou Says:


    • DS Says:

      We are not going in any direction, we lost 1 player who barely played in our 2nd worst season ever.

    • lou Says:

      and he was one of the only promising players the whole season. Now he is gone, and knowing our luck he will play aginst us and score the game winning goal or something. I’m not saying this kid was amazing, but he was good, far better than emilio would like to give him credit for. This was a stupid move, there were other players on this team that we could have left unprotected and wouldn’t have been taken but we chose to do the hard thing. The fact that an expansion team is willing to use one of their valuble picks to select a player from one of the worst teams in league history should tell you they see something in him to.

      • DS Says:

        Hall, C Johnson, Oebster, Kandji, Mbuta, Giorgi Chirgadze, and Bouna are all promising players who just came into the team, most of whom produced a lot more than Zimmerman when they were given the chance, are all still with the team.

        And I don’t know what history you are talking about exactly. The history of expansion teams drafting a player from the worst team the year before and them going on the be great? And honestly, no matter which 11 players were protected there would always be someone left available that fans will complain about.

      • lou Says:

        I’ll give you hall, kandji, and mbuta, but we haven’t seen giorgi play and oebster has barely played, so i don’t know how they can be promising. A team that is trying to find the best possible players to win normally wouldn’t select a player from one of the worst teams in league history but yet they chose zimmerman over players like robinson and amado guevara. Therefore they must have seen something in the kid, that for some reason emilio and i guess you, don’t see.

    • Alle Says:

      @DS: Like Lou said, he’s a promising player. You don’t let players like him go just like that, no way.

  17. MYSTERYMAN Says:

    LOU..U r rite
    THAT’S Really sad. that organization is really a joke. we let a good promising player go unprotected and we keep that DANE RICHARD.
    WE HAVE TO WRITE the owner of the team a letter to fire those guys here. the season just eneded and they start messing up.


  18. jls Says:

    Lets be clear:
    1). Hall, who is one of my favorite players on the team and one who I think will be very good in the league, actually LOST games for RB this year (anyone remember the non-clearance?). However, he will be excellent if he continues to play in the midfield as he did late in the season…he is a marginal defender but a good OFFENSIVE midfielder.
    2). Kandji, whom I also love as a player, had 4 goals and 5 assists as a regular striker…good results, but no better than mid-table vis-a-vis other strikers in the league…in fact, despite being nearly the tallest player on the team, he is a total NON-FACTOR on corners or crossing balls because he has no game in the air. He is also an average finisher in general. He has excellent and exciting ball moves, but his first touch is also average. He’s definitely a starter for RB, but would not have been for many teams.
    3). I agree that in so far as I think Mbuta should have gotten more playing time, as he has a strong nose for the goal – in other words, his first instinct is to attack the goal, and any team can use more of that.
    4). Richards, who I think played lousy for the first 2/3 of the season and reasonably well during the last 1/3, had 3 goals and 2 assists despite playing the 4th most minutes for the team this year. For a player whose game is about only 1 thing (attacking), that simply is not enough production. His basic problems are a) a lousy first touch and b) a lousy finish
    5). Mendes was totally unmemorable during the 12 games he did play this season. While I totally agree that he has a very specific skill he is also totally one dimensional.
    6). Stammler, who logged more minutes than anyone all season, had zero goals and zero assists on 20 shots (only 6 on goal!) in 2238 minutes. He has a high work rate but probably trailed only Rojas and Hall in bone-headed decisions that cost or nearly cost the team on defense. He also has an average first touch.
    7). When you study the actual facts and stats, and then recall Zimmerman’s first game with serious minutes, I would prefer him playing to any number of players on the team, including several starters. The fact is he is young, cheap, and also has a NUMBER of very specific skills that NOBODY else on the team COMBINES. Apparently Union agreed, in that he was in the pack of 10, out of approximately 200 available, that they picked. We’ll see how he develops (he could go either way), but for the price it would have cost RB (ie almost nothing), why on earth would you not let it play out for a year or two to see if he could grow into the player consistent with the tools that he possesses?

    • lou Says:

      I agree with everything you just said, so +1. I would like to add though that while stammler did make some stupid decision, i still find myself liking the guy and wanting him to stay. Every team needs a destroyer type player and if we can’t get one that’s better than him we should definetly hold on to him.

      • DS Says:

        I also think Stammler is a good player. He had a bad season coming back from his knee surgery in ’08, but if he can find the form he had for every season he’s players for us before ’09, then he will be one of the most important players on the team.

    • kofix5 Says:

      I agree with jls. Very valid points. I also thought from the beginning that Zimm should never have been on that list. Solid young potential is an extremely valuable commodity in this league of small salary caps. Its not smart to let it go for free.

      However I hope that his absence means J Hall gets to play right and left mid in 2010 more than he played defense last year.

  19. Dario Says:

    I think Zimm had a lot of potential to be a solid player in this league.

    Well I wish him the very best. Even in Philly….argh.

  20. Alle Says:

    With Erik Soler coming in, I think we could be able to find a replacement, don’t be surprised if it’s a Norwegian!

  21. RBNY fan Says:

    RBR, could you upload a picture of the Red Bull logo in the seating at RBA? I think we would all love to see how the stands look with all the seats almost in from a different angle.

  22. JFC Says:

    season tickets: $280
    New RBNY jersey:$80
    seeing your team throw it away before the season starts: worthless

  23. emilio Says:

    We have serious issues if Nick Zimmerman is gonna determine our season, and we as fans hve serious issues if we think that Nick Zimmerman will determine the fate of our season.

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