The protected players list for the upcoming MLS Expansion Draft were released by the league office today, and here are the 11 players the Red Bulls elected to protect heading into Wednesday’s expansion draft (CLICK HERE FOR EXPANSION DRAFT RULES):

Juan Pablo Angel
Danleigh Borman
Bouna Coundoul
Kevin Goldtwaite
Jeremy Hall
Carlos Johnson
Macoumba Kandji
Carlos Mendes
Ernst Oebster
Dane Richards
Seth Stammler

What are your thoughts on the protected list?  Being that the Red Bulls can only lose one player to the draft, and five teams won’t lose ANY players (there are 10 rounds to the draft and you can’t lose more than one player) we imagine that there were some tactical moves made in the players left exposed.  Do you see Philly selected a Red Bull?  Who do you fear getting picked the most?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. lakaix15 Says:

    dude we just lost one of our two best players….

    Cepero or zimmerman…. what a loss

    mendes is a waste….

  2. lakaix15 Says:

    and wow grrr….

  3. Devil500 Says:

    Why is Oebster on this list? Please explain.

    • Karbaz Says:

      Because he’s 25 and takes over Rojas’ position.

      The real question is why isn’t Zimmerman on that list, WTF is up with that.

      • NYCfan Says:

        Too bad Jeremy Hall will be the starter come season opener. Oebster at best will be pulling splinters out his backside.

    • jairito Says:

      they had to protect three internationals (johnson oebster angel). They have 5 on the roster, the other two being Garcia and Rojas.

  4. Karbaz Says:

    Hopefully Rojas gets picked instead of Zimms, we can’t lose a player like Zimms.

  5. lou Says:

    i wish zim was on the protected list instead of mendes, but mendes was playing well before he got injured. I would hope that rojas gets picked over zimmerman but that isn’t likely to happen. Having Ernst protected makes sense, he showed flashes of skill and is still young, not to mention he delivered some of the best crosses. He can take over rojas’ spot on the wing, so i don’t see him picking up splinters on the bench. He can play on the left being a natural leftie and hall can play on the right.

  6. NJMetrostars Says:

    Sigh I’m with you guys. I wanted Zimmerman to stay with the club, he has looked well every time we see him on the field even though it wasn’t much.

  7. jcr Says:

    I can’t believe Zimmerman was not protected. That is part of the downside of not having the director and coach in place. Williams did not like him (he stopped playing once he was the coach). Why Mendes? and especially Richards? For $130K, there are many better players.

  8. Ken Says:

    I like the list very much except for Mendes who sucks and is too slow. SHould have been Zimmerman and thank God no Sassano who sucks also. I am glad they protected Kandji too!

  9. Cindy Says:

    i’m mad Cepero isn’t protected… and i’m hoping Philly don’t take Zimmerman either… expansion drafts get me so nervous. i’m still mad about Jeff Parke, stupid Seattle.

  10. kmb499 Says:

    I agree that Cepero or Zimmerman will be taken… Rojas makes too much money, and does virtually nothing to help the team.

  11. Alle Says:

    Mendes is in and Zimmermamn is out?! This is a joke! Zimmerman will definitely be taken, what a mistake that was! I’m happy with the rest of the list, good to see Coundoul and Kandji (along with Angel ofcourse) will be staying).

    • Alle Says:

      By the way, Garcia could be on his way to Leeds (I saw this on the post not too long ago, he’s on trial over there apparently), maybe that’s why he was left out.

  12. Dannyc58 Says:

    Strongly agree on Zimmerman over Mendes.

  13. Tim F. Says:

    Like most others above, I’m surprised that Mendes was protected as I thought his injury was serious and potentially career ending. I’m glad it appears that Mendes will recover.

    In lieu of Mendes, I thought the club was going to protect one of its two starting centerbacks – Boyens or Petke. This suggests to me that the club doesn’t care which one it loses and is in the market for two new starting centerbacks.

    The Red Bulls have drafted two centerbacks the past two years but have been unable to agree to terms with either of them and ending up signing neither player. I have to believe the Red Bulls are targeting Ike Opara if he is available and does not opt for Europe. Then they must have a veteran centerback in mind as well (unless they’ll pair him with either defender that Philly does not select assuming of course that Philly decides to go that route). We will find out tomorrow!

    • Tim F. Says:

      If Opara is selected 1st by Philly or if he opts for Europe, the Red Bulls might target Ofori Sarkodie. I don’t see Duka going 2nd in the draft.

  14. emilio Says:

    Relax outside of a few posters here no one, i repeat no one is high on Zimmerman, I seriously doubt Philly will take Zimmerman, let alone consider taking him. He would have to be given a senior contract if they took him, and the little he has shown is not worth taking and than having to upgrade his contract, there are better players at his position available like Grabavoy, thats a player I would try to acquire if I were NY.

  15. emilio Says:

    Obviously Mendes and Golthwaite are higher on the pecking order than Boyens and Petke. Petke and Boyens were starting because of injuries, they were not our STARTERS.

  16. jls Says:

    I don’t recall ever seeing Mendes do anything that indicated that he SHOULD be a starter. I only recall him not being particularly good. On the contrary, Zimmerman showed excellent flashes on the pitch. For some reason Emilio doesn’t like him (I recall an absurdly protracted argument between Emilio and someone else this summer concerning Zimmerman vs. Richards).

    • lou Says:

      yeah that was between me and emilio. later on we would end up argueing over obster and richards. other than that we have agreed on pretty much everything.

  17. emilio Says:

    Yeah Zimmerman is better than Richards, your right. Seriously what has Zimmerman done? Talk to me on thursday when Zimmerman isnt selected, Zimmerman is an average player at best, It would be wonderful if he turns out to be something, but you have to realize the people in the know dont rate him like some of you fans do.

  18. kofix5 Says:

    RedBull has a history of letting good players go i.e. Amado Guevara, Jaime Moreno, Parke, Zach Thornton, McGee etc

    Zimmerman, who was not given much of a chance though he played very well before the the season tanked and the whole team stopped playing, has a good chance of being added to that list.

    On the other hand Woly isn’t protected. Maybe PU will take him instead.

    • Claude Says:

      Moreno didn’t want to be with NY, he bitched and moaned about his back all season long until he went back to join the rest of DC Scum. I agree with you on the others.

      Woly should’ve been protected.

  19. emilio Says:

    aAll those players you mentioned have a track record Zimmerman doesnt, and Philly would take Cepero if anyone from the roster.

    what Zimmerman needs to worry about is making the team next year, and for our sake lets hope there is a serious upgrade in talent, there is a reason why a young player cant even crack into a team as bad as our was this year. We are all high on Richie, he must know something for not highly rating Zimmerman.

  20. NJMetrostars Says:

    Maybe the reason why Richie didn’t play Zimmerman as much because Richie doesn’t want other teams to be interested in him even though he plays well when he is in the field. It’s kind of hiding Zimmerman so we can use him next year.

  21. emilio Says:

    You guys are funny, we had o wins in the matches Zimmerman played and hRichie was trying to earn a job as head coach not “hide” a player, he put on the field the team that he thought could win. Where has this Zimmerman ”sub-culture” come out of anyway? Its actually comical.

  22. eltigreferoz Says:

    I agree with everyone that I’m a little worried that Zimmerman did not make this list. However, I’m glad to see that Carlos made it. I think he’s quality in a league with very few good wingbacks.

    If rumors are true, then Soller will be our new GM and RBNY will be hirinig some foreign (or not) big-name (or not) manager who is not Richie Williams and who will, like Soller, have ZERO experience/knowledge of our unique league. If true, I would STRONGLY question the wisdom of this and expect us to be looking to fill both positions again after another frutiless year. I can’t tell you how DESPONDENT I was upon hearing this news, and it led me to wonder just how much attention RB has paid to the past few seasons, not just of our team, but of the entire league, if this kind of thing were true. We need someone with experience in this league, with these players, with this draft, and with these unique regulations. We also need someone qualified to fill the managerial role. That person is unanimous fan-favorite Williams.

    I really hope this club has learned from its (and other clubs’) mistakes.

  23. emilio Says:

    Carlos Mendes is not a wing-back he is a central defender. Where did you get that he was a wingback?

  24. Petke fan Says:

    Zimmerman was in some quality RBNY cribs videos, and is a funny guy to talk to. Hence the Internet love. He’s young, local, and cool. I hope to heck he stays.

  25. emilio Says:

    tThats great that he is a cool guy etc., but that doesnt win soccer matches, we need to evaluate what the player brings to the pitch.

  26. Miller Says:

    Come on ernst osBester he is bad player.ok we begin bab

  27. Miller Says:

    I can’t believe Zimmerman is not 11 players protected no good ny redbull Zimmerma is 10 times better the bad Ernest oebster

  28. emilio Says:

    EErnest Oebster was protected because they had to protect 3 foreigners, if we wanna have a good team next year we wont be relying on Oebster or Zimmerman, lets be serious ok.

    Oebster has some ability but if we expect to be better we need to sign some players.

  29. jason Says:

    wtf get zimmerman he one of our best midfielders please

  30. emilio Says:

    ttThis is actually getting comical.

  31. emilio Says:

    The players that might be taken are Cepero or Ubiparapovic, they have actually shown something in the past. If they are gonna pick a midfielder from our squad its Ubiparapovic not Zimmerman.

    • lou Says:

      emilio it’s funny how you think everyone is wrong about zimmerman but not you. Even Ives from soccerbyives said that he thinks the union will take zimmerman. Is ives, a man that makes his living off the world of soccer wrong as well? Ubi has played horribly, aside from moments of brilliance in the beginning of the season he has shown nothing. He is getting to the age were he should be a developed player and he isn’t, zimmerman on the other hand has youth on his side and played well in a foreign position. Furthermore he is cheap player, which is important for any team in the mls let alone an expansion one. I don’t think anyone will be taken from our team simply because there are better players available, but if they do take one i think it will be zim

  32. jls Says:

    Zimmerman has a superior first touch to maybe everybody on the team. He has a top-5 shot on the team. He 1-v-1 dribbling/ball control skills are top-5 on the team. He is young on football smarts (because he is young) and average speed (which is what it is). Sinisa hustles well but often loses the ball with his first touch. He has a decent shot. He is a better playmaker than Zimmerman at this point. Zimmerman has more talent and potential, with certain skills (first touch and shot) that team team does not have in anyone else.

  33. emilio Says:

    Im sorry but if you think we can be good with him as a key player your gonna be in for a rude awakening.

  34. rbfan Dope Nasty Show Says:

    are you guys serious? Oebster is a god! he is soooo dirty, zimmerman is okay but our list is so solid. Hopefully we can pull an LA and go worst to First next year. I think with Williams coaching we have a chance, but we will get pounded by the sounders cos they have ljunberg and he is just nasty with the ball. Why cant we get dirty nasty players like ljuneberg on this team… our Austrian side is doing so well right now in Europe its rediculous, we should at least have a good US side if not a dominating one. Go Red Bulls Salzburg, go Red Bulls New York(change name to Jersey please)

    Later aligator,
    Mr. Dope Nasty Show

  35. Roberto Says:

    Im surprised no one is talking about Stamler, not sure why he was protected, he is just awful and contributes nothing to the team, cant pass unless its backwards, cant trap the ball either not sure why he even starts on our team, he should be a sub playing 20 minutes here and there.

  36. Paul Says:

    Zimmerman? But Dane Richards is proctected?

  37. Alle Says:

    Zimmerman is definitely one for the future, even if he didn’t play much under Richie this season. He may not be our key player, but he’s not a player that you could get rid of easily either. I still can’t believe he was unprotected, what a foolish move. He could do well for us….that is, if he does stay.

  38. jack Says:

    Richards is good if your a track and field runner,this guy can not finish the ball be before someone is on him,Woly has more heart than the rest of this bunch.Cepero is young and talented and should be given the chance to flower under the red bulls don’t lose this guy.Remember Zac Wells they thru him under the bus.

    • lou Says:

      that’s exactly how i feel about richards to. He is just a bad soccer player, we need to get rid of him or trade him to a team that needs speed, so that we can get a real wing player.

  39. emilio Says:

    we know so much.

  40. jls Says:

    Zimmerman was just selected by Philadelphia. So is their entire organization full of idiots too emilio? RB just lost a talented young player we’ll see how good he becomes. Still early enough to go either way, but still shocks me that they didn’t hold onto him.

  41. emilio Says:

    You were right they selected him, they also made some other questionable selections. I dont see this as much of a loss, I honestly dont think much of Zimmerman as a player, he can be a serviceable back up thats about it. If he gets significant playing time for Philly they will be in for a long season. Lets not get too worked up about this, Its Nick Zimmerman we are talking about, thats all.

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