As we are close to wrapping up our trip to Ghana, we took some time to speak with some of the academy players from the different groups yesterday. We just finished watching the U17 squad come back and earn a result over the senior team in a come-from-behind win in a full-field game with 30-minute halves. The standard of play was quite high, with both teams creating some good one and two-touch passing sequences and a number of scoring opportunities (one of the goals is at the end of this clip):

Here’s a brief bio of each player in order of when they appear in the clip:

Name: Augustine Awiah (Muchacho – U14)

Age: 10

Hometown: Saboro-Navrongo (Upper East Region of Ghana)

Position: Midfielder

Role Model: Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)

Name: Lawrence Atti-Zifi (Muchacho – U14)

Age: 12

Hometown: Mafi-Tove (Volta Region of Ghana)

Position: Goalkeeper

Role Model: Edwin Van Der Sar (Manchester United)

Name: Richard Asiamah (U17)

Age: 16

Hometown: Kumansi (Ashanti Region of Ghana)

Position: Defender

Role Model: Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal)

Name: Joshua Otoo (Senior Team)

Age: 20

Hometown: Ajumako-Tachman (Central Region of Ghana)

Position: Defender

Role Model: Michael Essien (Chelsea and Ghana)

What are your thoughts on the video and some of the video clips of the game? We’ll provide a full recap of the trip soon, as we travel back on Monday night.


7 Responses to “RBR IN GHANA: THE PLAYERS”

  1. lou Says:

    cool video, good luck to all of them.

  2. Claude Says:

    Nice facilities. It’s great to see RedBull offer these kids the opportunities most of us take for granted.

  3. Nycfan Says:

    Hey great but what does this have to do with RBNY? Who is going to be the new GM? The new Head Coach? Any plans for a practice facility in NY or NJ? Any news or rumors on a possible second DP signing? Will there be plans for a parking garage near the stadium? Don’t get me wrong young kids running around a training ground in Ghana is great for them but does jack all for an RBNY fan.

    • lou Says:

      i get what you’re saying, i would like to know more about the team as well, but i guess at this point red bulls reader isn’t at liberty to discuss those things. so until then, we have these videos. It would be cool to see a video about the academy in new jersey, or if the new jersey/new york academy could play the ghana academy.

  4. Emmanuel Longdon Jnr Says:

    I will be so delightful to the red bulls academy,If they can enroll free to the Academy.I’m based in Kumasi,Ghana.0543969764 is my personal contact and 19 yrs old.Eager to join the team.Please help me to actualize my dreams.

  5. Awudu bansi Says:

    Dear sir am bansi and i read alot about you and get what you are saying and i think i have what it takes to be part of your teams so i want you to give me a trial .I based in Accra Ghana 0246 996 063 that’s my personal contact number and am 16 years old , So please am waiting to hear from you soon

  6. Security Light Says:

    of the many video clips that i download, i always watch those that are very funny ‘~:

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