Earlier today, Red Bull Academy’s Hermann Kern and Peter Schaller were kind enough to give Matthew Mbuta and RBR a personal tour of the facility in Sogakope, Ghana. As you’ll see in the video, the academy’s facilities are very impressive and are continuing to grow in this soccer hotbed. In addition, take note of the unique private school that is offered to each of the academy players, some of whom come from African countries outside of Ghana including Cote D’Ivoire, Benin and Nigeria:

We’ll be back for more updates over the weekend, as we talk more with Matthew and watch an Academy scrimmage tomorrow morning. Until then, what are your impressions of the video and the academy?


10 Responses to “RBR IN GHANA: THE TOUR”

  1. Alle Says:

    Nice video, the place looks good! Red Bull Ghana as well, interesting..

  2. Mike from linden Says:

    Wow, great vid great academy great organization! Maybe Red Bull will find the next Essien! Go Red Bull!

  3. lou Says:

    this place looks great, i hope that training facility red bull is planning to build will look something like this. I also kind of hope that philly or someone else takes richards so that someone like mbuta (who in my opinion is a better player) gets more playing time.

  4. lou Says:

    Is it possible to see a video of the brazilian academy and team, and is it it actually a possibility that we could get a player from the ghana academy or the brazilian team?

  5. Matt Says:

    But wait. I thought all you cared about was selling energy drink.

  6. Fred Kisseih-Mayor Says:

    It’s very nice and very good if Red Bull E.D. is doing this in Ghana, then what of Coca-cola doing.

    i have been there myself and see things by myself, not the video will tell me.

    Red Bull May The Lord Bless Your Drink.

  7. Angel Says:

    Get the drive to see for yourself.

  8. LIMA Morel Says:

    My name is Morel i have 16 years old.I’m from BENIN, i live in Accra since last october.please how can i join your academy because i need to play in good academy like yours.

  9. Zakari Marbell Says:

    My name is Zackl I have 17years old. I live in Accra ,Tudu.I have what is takes in a player..i can dribble,i give good passes both long and short passes,i have good speed..i really need this opportunity…just give me a chance and i will never regret it…i mean…please i need your reply..U can contact me on..0272222752..pls i need this opportunity

  10. Theophilus nettey Says:

    hello my name is theophilus nettey I’
    m football

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