Red Bulls Reader continues its new series of posts that will focus on our successful academy, specifically those Academy players competing in college this fall. As part of that coverage, we have tasked a few Academy products to submit blog posts from time to time, to give up an update on how their season is going, how the Academy has helped their progress, and anything else that comes up. We continue our coverage with Syracuse University freshman Mark Brode’s final entry for this season. Brode’s entry is after the jump.

Hey everybody! I’m Mark Brode, and I’m writing my last wrap-up blog of the semester.  The last few weeks of the season were really interesting for Syracuse, as the games and competition got more intense.  We traveled to DePaul University in Chicago the last two weekends of the season. It was a particularly tiring weekend for me being the only freshman that traveled on away trips because I had to carry the balls and water all the time. We lost 2-1, but it was a well-fought game where we played very well. I also scored our goal, which was a great feeling.

The week of Halloween was a grueling week of practices since Coach Foti was preparing us for our games that coming weekend. Our game against St. Johns was supposed to be played on Thursday, but it ended up getting moved to Saturday because of rain.  We were playing back-to-back games because of the last-minute change. This was extremely tough for me because I had strep throat and ran 180 minutes in the games. We came out with a 3-1 victory over Cincinnati on Halloween.  Despite putting forth our best efforts, we surrendered a 2-0 loss to St. Johns the following day.  Halloween weekend was the ending to our season. Even though it did not go as well as we had planned, it was still a great learning experience for me and the rest of the younger guys on the team.

Shortly after our season ended, Coach Foti told us that he was leaving to pursue new coaching opportunities.  This was upsetting for me because he was the one that recruited me and taught me many things during my first year at Syracuse.  We were told that it was going to take a while for them to find a new coach for us and that it was going to be a national search.  I’m really interested to see who we get for the 2010 season.  Another tough thing about this situation is that many recruits that were committed to coming to Syracuse may not come now. Our assistant coaches are still here and they tell us to keep working hard because we will eventually get a new coach, so they encourage us to stay on top of things.

Right now, we’re lifting and running to maintain our strength and conditioning for next season, which I plan to continue while I’m at home, and during the off-season.  I hope that next year will be a better season for us at Syracuse. We hope to do big things next year because of the hard work that we’ve been putting in day after day.

I am still working hard and keeping up with my school work.  The eight hours of study table that we need to complete every week are coming in handy now that tests are going on and finals are just around the corner.  I’m definitely looking forward to going home over Thanksgiving break after all my tests are done.  I’m excited to see my family and friends since I haven’t seen them in months!

Well, that wraps up the end of our season and my first semester.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my experiences thus far.  I’ll be seeing you next year for another season at Syracuse University!


  1. Go Red Bulls Says:

    Thanks for the blog entry… tough luck about the way the season ended and the coach leaving, but you guys should still be in good shape…
    Good luck

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