GEPA pictures/ Thomas Bachun

With the international break this weekend, Red Bull Salzburg wanted to keep the fitness levels of its players high, so RBS played a friendly with Red Bulls Salzburg Juniors this morning at the club’s training complex at Taxham.  All three New York Red Bull players training with the club saw action with the Juniors, with Luke Sassano playing the full 90 and Nick Zimmerman and Jeremy Hall each playing 45 minutes.  The final scoreline read 3-2 in favor of the Senior Team with Alexander Zickler scoring all three goals for RBS.  Here is a brief match report from Sassano:

“I played right back, Jeremy played left mid, and Nick played right mid.  Jeremy scored our second goal.  Nick played well.  I played well, minus gifting their forward with the first goal… still shaking off that rust ;).”

Dietmar Beiersdorfer and Heinz Hochhauser hosted a press briefing as well.  Beiersdorfer, as Head of Global Soccer, was presented Heinz Hochhauser’s new function at Red Bull Salzburg.  Hochhauser will now coordinate the club’s extensive international youth talent projects under the guidance of Beiersdorfer.


GEPA pictures/ Thomas Bachun

We sent the lads over to Austria with a small video camera, and we are eagerly awaiting their first shipment of videos.  Once we receive them, we will be sure to post them here on The Reader, so stay tuned.


  1. Choclo Says:

    What about the boys in Argentina?. Did Danny Cepero made the trip?

  2. lou Says:

    yeah i was just going to ask that choclo.

  3. Tim F. Says:

    Thanks for reporting back Luke!

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