Red Bulls Reader continues its new series of posts that will focus on our successful academy, specifically those Academy players competing in college this fall.  University of Maryland sophomore Matt Kassel checks in with his third installment (check out the first here, and second here) as the Terps gear up for another postseason run.  Read more after the jump.

Well hello everyone! My name is Matt Kassel and I’m back for another blog that I hope you all will enjoy.  Waking up everyday going to class is never the ideal plan but it’s something that has to be done while you’re in school.  Every morning upon awakening, I usually just lay there and say, “I hate waking up for school” and then my roommates will chime in and say, “Can we just win the lottery and not have to worry about it!” For now, we tend to find ourselves buying mega-million lottery tickets all the time to no avail! It’s pretty unfortunate but very typical considering the fact that so many people have the same dream.  So we go off to class after getting some extra sleep, as my roommate and I have our own scooters to drive around campus on, which is a life saver.  The extra five minutes of sleep will always pay off.  Classes are getting a little harder now since it’s getting closer to the end of the semester. By the way, it’s crazy how fast this semester/ season has been going.  Exams and papers are never fun but hey, we’ll manage.

After classes, I’m usually in the training room getting some treatment to keep my body intact for the bitter end of the season.  Every little thing now helps out in the end.  After treatment I usually grab something to eat before we have to train.  Then the hardcore training begins immediately with Sasho always pushing for our best.  First bad touch, yep you’ll be hearing some tough words of criticism but it’s only to make you a better player.  We typically have the same routine of training with the mindset of bringing some more titles back to College Park!  After practice is over, treatment will begin again and then it’s time to just go back and relax with the guys, get some work done and just hang out.

The soccer overall has been decent as we are 11-4-2 right now but I still believe our best soccer has yet to be played.  With the ACC tournament and NCAA tournament approaching, it will be our time to really step up and make some noise.  A lot of people claim that it is tougher to win the ACC tournament than the NCAA tournament because it is so competitive – you play a game, have a day off, play again and so on.  I know we will give our best performance and compete as hard as we possibly can to bring that trophy back home and prepare for NCAA’s.  A little unique tradition we have at Maryland is to eat at Outback Steakhouse the night before every game on the road.  It’s always a good meal and it’s a great time for us to bond together while making our chemistry even stronger.  We also normally stay at the best hotels around which makes our stay extra comfortable as we get ready for the intense match ahead of us.  Everybody always has their own bed which is a huge plus as well.  So as you can see, our coaching staff is always trying to prepare us as best they can, therefore it’s up to us to get the job done on the field.

Well back to my daily schedule as we have to prepare for our next match which is senior night against the College of Charleston.  Should be a good one!

Hopefully I’ll have a trophy for you guys the next time you hear from me!



  1. Go Red Bulls Says:

    nice to hear your doing well matt… good luck in upcoming tournaments

  2. Michael Says:

    Sounds like college is a blast! Good luck with the rest of your season and hopefully you’ll bring home another trophy!

  3. Alex Says:

    Keep up the good work! Love to hear all the stuff about your team. Good luck in the tournament.

  4. Metro1 Says:

    Are any of these games going to be televised?

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