The newly minted Sporting Director for all Red Bull Soccer properties was in town recently to get the lay of the land here in New York, and Red Bulls Reader got a few moments of the former Hamburg head man to get his thoughts on a second Designated Player, Red Bull Arena, and the possibly developmental relationship between all the Red Bull Soccer properties.


  1. Matt Says:

    Any chance of getting him to do a Q&A at some point, the same as Stover does periodically? It would be nice to have a better sense of Red Bull’s overall strategy for the club.

  2. eltigreferoz Says:

    I third both the Q&A and the singing-up of Ritchie. I already gave my spiel the other day, so I won’t do it again here.

    Man, this is going to be a long winter.

  3. TicoinNY Says:

    Why are fan asking for Ritchie as a coach? at best he was a 50% wining coach. There are MUCH better coaches out there than 50%, lets get a REAL coach.

    • Mike from Linden Says:

      True but Richie has paid his dues to the organization and 50% get us to the playoffs, so ,as far as im concerned, Ill take him any day.

  4. Dario Says:

    I also support Richie Williams!

  5. lou Says:

    a 50 percent winning record with the teams he has been forced to coach is quite impressive. Let’s give richie a try before some other team like dc united hires him as their head coach. He knows the league’s rules, the system, the team, and the opposing players.

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