This isn’t a post about former New York players playing in leagues around the world.  This is a post about five current Red Bulls training with international clubs during their MLS offseason.  Jeremy Hall, Nick Zimmerman, and Luke Sassano are training with Red Bull Salzburg in Austria, while Danny Cepero and Danleigh Borman are training with a club in Argentina to further their development during their time off.

The trio that is training with Red Bull Salzburg left on Nov. 1 and will train with RBNY’s sister club until Nov. 21.   Red Bull Salzburg currently sits atop the Austrian Bundesliga table, and is preparing for a Europa League match away to PFC Levski Sofia on Thursday.  Salzburg is leading their Europa League group with nine points from three matches.

Cepero and Borman will depart for Buenos Aires to begin training with an Argentiean club’s first team on Sunday, Nov. 8, and will train until Nov. 21.


8 Responses to “RED BULLS ABROAD”

  1. Cindy Says:

    that’s pretty awesome! nice way to get more experience in different environments! good luck to all of them!

  2. Choclo Says:

    Anyone knows the team of Argentina that they are training with?.

  3. Alle Says:

    The players will certainly gain some experience from this, good move.

  4. lou Says:

    This was a good move, the players will be able to compete against higher competition this way. Hopefully they come back to new york as improved players.

  5. kofix5 Says:

    Its great they’re getting training overseas during the off season. Very cool they’re able to utilize RB resources like this.

  6. BOCQUET Jacques Says:

    Vous avez pris Thiery Henri dans votre équipe, sachez que ce n’est pas la meilleure chose que vous ayez pu faire, n’oubliez pas la coupe du monde, n’oubbliez pas qu’il est noir, que l’on murmure qu’il fait parti, avec Evra, Anelka, Gallas et autre Ribery(converti à l’islam) du Black Power Noir Musulman ! Vous faut-il un autre 11septembre ! Vraiment, vous cherchez les ennuis !!!
    A bon entendeur, salut, comme on dit chez nous !

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