Red Bulls Reader continues its new series of posts that will focus on our successful academy, specifically those Academy players competing in college this fall.  As part of that coverage, we have tasked a few Academy products to submit blog posts from time to time, to give up an update on how their season is going, how the Academy has helped their progress, and anything else that comes up.  We continue our coverage with Syracuse University freshman Mark Brode’s second entry.  Brode’s entry is after the jump.

Hey everybody!  I’m Mark Brode, writing from Syracuse University.  We are heading into the final stretch of our season with five of our last six games being played at home, which we are very optimistic and excited about, so keep up with SU soccer to see how we do!

The soccer atmosphere is really great at Syracuse University. We have a great soccer stadium with beautiful grass and nice stands. We average around 1,000 people a game here, which is great since the weather isn’t the nicest come October. Our locker rooms are in Manley Field House, where we also use the weight and training room.  This is also where our study tables are.  It’s really tough during the season because we have to put in eight hours a week at the table. It’s hard to find time in between class, games, and practice, but I manage.  It’s especially tough with away games since traveling takes away from the time that I could be using at the study tables.  It was hard for me in the beginning because I went from barely studying in high school to using all eight hours actually studying and doing work that needs to get done for my classes. The workload is sometimes overwhelming but I’m definitely adjusting.

Classes are moving along.  I’m taking three major classes and freshmen forum, which all freshmen have to take.  My favorite class is Spanish because it’s pretty easy and I don’t have a lot of work.  I’m also taking Earth Science and Writing.  Those classes are time-consuming since my professors give us a lot of assignments.  I’m not the biggest fan, but this is college.

I’m having fun with my roommate.  I have two different roommates – one for away games and one at school.  L.J Papaleo is my roommate on away trips.  We always have a good laugh.  We can expect that there will be a battle to see who gets to the shower first after training sessions or games.  My roommate at school is Clayton Dubin, who is also on the soccer team with me.  He is from Mukilteo, Washington.  We are barely in the room since we’re busy with class and soccer, but we get along well, except when we have conversations about MLS. Our conversations get pretty heated and it usually doesn’t end well. He’s a huge Seattle Sounders fan.  We argue about soccer, but we still have a good time. We have 10 teammates in the same dorm as us because we had a 14 man recruiting class this year, which is awesome because we’re already great friends. Living in the dorms is a great time, but it’s not home. Sometimes I just crave a nice home cooked meal or a good night’s sleep in my own bed.
All in all, I’m enjoying my experience at Syracuse – both on and off the field.  It’s good to get experience in as a freshman so hopefully I can make a bigger impact for the team next year. My last year with the Red Bull U-18 team had ups and downs, kind of like the season I’m going through now. Coach O’Donnell would always tell us to move on, take care of injuries, and get prepared for the next games to come, which is what I do.  The day after a game, you can usually find me in the training room taking an ice bath or in the weight room stretching my sore muscles.

Well, that’s about it for this blog.  Next time you tune in, you’ll hopefully be reading about us competing for the title in the Big East tournament.  Our next game is against USF on October 17th.  If you’re in the area, come out and support us!  It should be an exciting game!


  1. Mom Says:

    Very nice Mark! We can’t wait for you to have a home cooked meal (at home) as well!

  2. Clayton Says:

    We don’t argue becuase we both know Seattle Sounders are the best…

  3. YaBoy Says:

    Good luck my dude. Syracuse is a very good school, aside from the weather, which you correctly said, absolutely kills come October. I know from experience, spending a good amount of time in Syracuse and being a SUNY Potsdam Alum.

    Would be great to see you playing with the big club one day. Best of luck!

  4. Lee Says:

    i want to see dis kid and duka im our MF next year i hear that dis kid can be a great CM/CDM at 6’2 180 with a big leg and can pass with him and duka we would be set for 10 years or until a big club come

  5. lair Says:

    hello broder

  6. syracuse blows Says:

    cut your hair chewy

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