red bull brasil 2009

Red Bull Brasil was founded on November 19th, 2007. In April, 2008, the team debuted on its first professional season on the forth division of the São Paulo State Championship (Campeonato Paulista). This division then counted with the participation of 45 teams, and it was divided into three phases. Throughout the inaugural season, Red Bull Brasil fought hard on phases one, two and three and felt only one point short of moving up to the third division (based on the promotion/relegation procedures adopted by the Brasilian Leagues).

During his current season, the São Paulo State Championship (Campeonato Paulista) was divided into four phases, and the team surpassed all expectations during phases one, two and three. Now, on phase four, the team is fighting for a promotion spot on the third division. Red Bull Brasil is playing against Desportivo Brasil, Palestra, and Taubaté; and after a collection of home and away games, the top two teams will be granted a spot on the third division.

The main objective of Red Bull Brasil is to play on the first division of the São Paulo State Championship (Campeonato Paulista) in 2012; competing head-to-head with the country’s strongest teams such as São Paulo, Corinthians, Palmeiras and Santos. Another goal set for the team is to compete in the first division of the Brazilian National Championship (Campeonato Brasileiro) by 2014.

Red Bull Brasil’s coach is the well experienced Jair Picerni, head-coach that led Brasil to the silver medal during the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, in 1984. Picerni also achieved second place on the Taça Libertadores, with São Caetano, in 2003; as well as the title of the second division of the Brazilian National Championship (Campeonato Brasileiro), with Palmeiras in 2003 (he was hired after the Palmeiras was relegated in 2002).

In regards to the strongest players on the current team roster, the most prominent players are the goalie: Luiz Fernando, former Corinthians Academy player; mid-fielder, Luciano Mandi, former Ipatinga Player; and the forward Cezar, leading goal scorer of the team this season with 9 goals, former  Atlético Mineiro Academy player. An additional outstanding player is the defender, Ricardo Rocha, son of Ricardo Rocha – former player that defended São Paulo, Real Madrid and was part of the World Cup Winning Brazilian National Team in 1994, in the United Stated.

Earlier this year, Red Bull Brasil began working with academy teams of the ages under-15 and under-17. In order to recruit the talent for the academy, the team hosted five tryouts in five different locations: Recife-PE, Brasília-DF, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Jarinu-SP and Porto Alegre-RS. Over 5 thousand aspiring players showed up for the tryouts, and only 35 made it.

Both the professional team and the academy teams practice on the Center of Formation of Athletes of Red Bull Brasil in Jarinu (Centro de Formação de atletas do Red Bull Brasil em Jarinu), about 35-40 miles from São Paulo. The space is about 720,000 sq yards (600,000 sq m) and it holds a complete infrastructure with dorms for about 100 individuals, four official size fields, restaurant, gym, rehabilitation room, medical department, as well as a sand-field and a “multi-sport” gymnasium.


  1. Lou Says:

    Are any of these players up to the standards of the MLS? We can really use forwards, is this cezar guy good enough to try and work out a loan deal with him?

  2. Alle Says:

    Interesting article, I’d like to see the same for RB Leipzig!

    Yeah that Cezar guy does sound like a player we could take on board…

  3. Lou Says:

    Same question for RB leipzig, are there any players (preferably fowards or attacking mid) that could be brought on loan here.

  4. Grimm Says:

    Speaking of players coming from sister clubs, what happened to Oebster? He dropped off the radar.

  5. Allegre Says:

    Don’t know who to cheer for when they play my Brazilian home team Taubate. Do I go for the Bulls or the Burros????? When/Where is the game? I’d love to go while I’m down there!

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