The Red Bulls take on Real Salt Lake tonight in the final road match of the season for New York.  This is the third match for the Red Bulls are Rio Tinto Stadium, and New York has enjoyed the air here in Utah, going 1-0-1 in Real Salt Lake’s new stadium, including a 1-1 draw in the first ever match here, and New York’s 1-0 win in the Western Conference Finals.

The Red Bulls are 4-0-6 all-time against RSL, and will hope to continue that run tonight, as New York is searching for its first road win of the season.  The Red Bulls will have to go after that win without Juan Pablo Angel, who did not make the trip as he is still carrying a knock on his ankle from a few weeks back.  Jorge Rojas also missed the trip due to injury, and Bouna Coundoul is also awy from the team due to an international call-up.

Here is how the Red Bulls will line up tonight:






BENCH: Patterson-Sewell, Mbuta, Sassano, Oebster, Zimmerman, Garcia, Krupnick.

Here is how Real Salt Lake will line up tonight:






BENCH: Seitz, Campos, Findley, Gonzalez, Grabavoy, Russell, Williams.


Caleb Patterson-Sewell is the backup keeper as the team is down to one regular with Bouna out on international duty.  Caleb is on an “extreme hardship” callup, since the MLS roster deadline has already passed.

Oebster returns to the 18 for the first time since Sept. 18, while Zimmerman returns to the 18 for the first time since Sept. 12.

Jeremy Hall makes his first start at left midfield after making all of his previous starts as a defender.  Hall played the midfield as a collegian at the University of Maryland.

RBR will be tweeting the match, so head over to to get in-match commentary.


  1. lou Says:

    Hopefully Oebster, Zimm, and mbuta get playing time today. I know we havent’ won on the road all season but for some reason I was feeling good about this game. Than i saw that richards was starting up top in place of an injured (yet again) angel, and i’m not really feeling as good. We really need to get a few qaulity forwards in the offseason, richards is not a striker by any means.

  2. Cindy Says:

    sadness…. the boys played really well defensively [we had no attack but that’s a different story] so it sucked to see it unravel all at the end 😦

  3. Matthew Says:

    Back to where we were under Osorio. How depressing.

  4. Tim F. Says:

    Need better possession overall and final third execution. I’m glad they played hard.

  5. emilio Says:

    We need better players especially in the attack. Hall is not ready.

  6. Pico Says:

    While the center backs tandem of Petke and Boyens had been performing decently as of late, their lack of mobility showed against a fast RSL front line. I think the kiwi has recovered nicely from the scalping he got at the hands of Fernando Torres in the Conf Cup.

    It was nice to see Hall back in his natural position, although it was apparent that he was having trouble adapting and maintaining ball control and helping Borman. But then, RSL was applying all kinds of pressure with their wings and fullbacks.

    Ubi is not the type of player to roam the field and ‘create’. He didn’t help Johnson enough on the flank.

    As per Stammler and Celades, I wish we could morph them into one player. They were both overwhelmed by the RSL attackers. Lately, Stammler has been turning the ball over too much, sometimes with unnecessary back heels or just plain bad passes. I have never doubted his work rate, but his decisions are becoming very suspect. Celades plays too close to Stammler and they get on each others way and it is obvious that he does not have the speed to cover ground and create. If we are trying to play with two #5s, then I would sit Celades and put a more physical and faster player there (Sassano is not the answer either).

    Kandji needs to go to finishing school. He also needs to learn when to pass the ball and try not to take on three defenders. He is the perfect example of a gifted player who learned the game in the street but who needs to learn game strategy. Richards? No comment.


    • lou Says:


    • DS Says:

      Hall is right footed. Left mid is not his natural position, it’s just where he played for most of last season with Maryland. Right mid is his natural position.

      Celades and Stam do get in each other’s ways because Celades is a holding midfielder, that’s what he has been his entire career. Due to the fact that we don’t have any creative midfielders that show any consistency he has been forced into that role due to his passing ability and vision, but it’s not where he should be. It’s also hard to find a good pass when there is absolutely no movement from anyone.

      I have been a fan of Johnson since he joined. I think he has a lot of skill, both going forward and defending. And he’s never afraid to put in a tackle (to his detriment sometimes), but I think it was clear that his head was not in the game. He is usually much faster and reacts better to the opposing offense. I think it was obvious he did not want to be there last night, he wanted to be in DC playing for Costa Rica. I think this snub from the Ticos for their last 2 qualifiers ruined his confidence and I don’t know if he will get it back by next Saturday.

      • Cindy Says:

        i actually thought Carlos Johnson played well last night, he went after the ball all night and it was written on his face that he was getting really disheartened. sucks. we need Angel or Woly healthy at all times but aside from depending on them we need a forward who can finish.

      • Pico Says:


        So the question arises. Let’s assume that we will be playing a 4-4-2 next year, if we get an attacking midfielder then we should need one holding midfielder. But the problem comes down to whom do you choose? A Celades who does not have the legs for this league or a Stammler who is suspect with his decisions.

        On the back, I agree with Emilio in that we need a good central defender, specially a fast one who takes charge. We can match that player with someone from the Petke/Boyens/Krupnik/Mendes pool. As popular as Petke is, I would take Boyens over Mike because he has shown more composure and seems to be better playing from the back. Goldie is probably more athletic than those two but he is too erratic and is a disaster waiting to happen. I would consider moving him to the outside instead. Too bad Mendes got hurt because he could be part of the solution in the back and maybe be an option as the holding midfielder.

        I would love to continue but the wife is home and needs help.


      • DS Says:

        Pico, the main issue is that we have problems at every position, but we probably won’t be able to bring in ample cover at every position. There are too many holes and gaps to fill, so we’ll need to pick and choose which positions are most important.

        There have been two main problems this whole season, defensive lapses at the back that let in stupid goals, and scoring. We need someone in the defense who can be a leader and bring up the level of defending so that the mistakes don’t happen (Petke has done alright but he’s not the answer at this point in his career). The scoring problem is more due to the defense and midfield not being able to put the attackers into good positions than the attackers themselves (although we need another forward or two). But an attacking midfielder who can link up play between the defense and offensive is integral to a successful team.

  7. emilio Says:

    Going into next season we need to bring in new players, with what we have we cant win next year. We need in no particular order a striker (Kandji has proven he cant start for us), an attacking midfielder, at least one wide mid, and two defenders, one centrally. I think we can win with Bouna behind the pipes, Johnson is a good player, Borman has upside, Goldthwaite if paired with a good central defender can flourish, and Celades can fit if we upgrade the midfield, Angel should be ok with an off-season to rest up and not playing on turf anymore. Richards is useful if properly utilized, and we cant change the whole team so we have to work on the worst areas first. Richie did what he could, but maybe its time to start fresh again and bring in a new coach.The sting of the season was somewhat reduced when Osorio was fired, but reality has set in with our 5 game winless streak, this team has a lot of work to do, 4-19-6 18 points, thats embarrassing.

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  9. spring Says:



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