Good evening and thanks for joining us tonight as your Red Bulls take on the San Jose Earthquakes in the second meeting between the teams this year. The squad traveled to San Jose Thursday afternoon and had a light training session in beautiful weather conditions. Here is the Starting XI tonight:






Substitutes: Cepero, Goldthwaite, Krupnik, Mbuta, Borman

Just a few notes to get you started:

–         Midfielders Albert Celades (ankle sprain), Ernst Oebster (illness) Jorge Rojas (left knee) and Nick Zimmerman (right ankle contusion) and forward John Wolyniec (left ankle sprain) did not travel due to injury. Celades injured his ankle in practice on Wednesday.

–         After tallying his 46th goal in his 78th match for New York, breaking the club’s record for goals scored in all competition, Juan Pablo Angel returns to the lineup and partners up top with Macoumba Kandji. Kandji torched the Earthquakes in New York’s 4-1 win over San Jose at Giants Stadium on May 8 after having a hand in all four Red Bulls goals. That performance helped him earn MLS Player of the Week honors.

–         Sinisa Ubiparipovic takes Danleigh Borman’s place in the midfield, while Luke Sassano fills in for Celades. The rest of the lineup is unchanged. Ubiparipovic provided the assist for Angel’s game-tying goal in last Saturday’s 1-1 draw at Chivas USA.

–         Andrew Boyens holds his place in central defense for the sixth-straight game. He leaves tomorrow for the Middle East to join the New Zealand National Team in preparation for the All Whites’ first leg World Cup Qualifying clash against Bahrain.

Here is San Jose’s lineup:





Substitutes: Weber, Amarikwa, Burling, Pitchkolan, Ribeiro, Salinas, Zaher

We’ll be Tweeting the match during the game, so be sure to check that out! Kickoff is at 11:00 PM ET on Fox Soccer Channel and feel free to leave your in-game comments in this post. Enjoy the game, and we’ll be back for post-game reaction.



  1. lou Says:

    celadas has to be gone now, i can’t see him having a roster spot next year with him missing all these games. The idea that obster and zimmerman aren’t playing so that we don’t have to protect them in the expansion draft is starting to make more and more sense. As for our lineup, our midfield looks pretty pitiful, we’ll see how it goes i guess.

  2. lous an idiot Says:

    “The idea that obster and zimmerman aren’t playing so that we don’t have to protect them in the expansion draft is starting to make more and more sense.”

    No. Just simply no. That idea does not make sense now, the previous times you have said it, nor will it ever make sense. Zimmerman has been hurt the last two weeks or so, as reported by Brian Lewis and the team itself. Also, since you have said yourself you read metrofanatic,there were people claiming that zimmerman was seen walking with a rather noticeable limp at the RBA seat relocation event last week. What sense does it make it for the team to not even travel with enough people to field a full 18? The answer is none. Benching people so an expansion team cant look at them makes no sense, especially when they have already played in several games already this season.

    • lou Says:

      obster has played 2 games, that’s not enough for other teams (philadelphia) to get a good enough look at him to want to take a chance and go after him in the expansion draft you idiot. By not playing him that much for the remainder of the season, the team has one less player that they have to protect. As for my theory, it makes perfect sense, which is why many different people have been proposing it the last few weeks. It wasn’t even my idea, someone else said it on the metrofanatic boards, and in the case of obster it makes perfect sense.

    • lou Says:

      and once again, why don’t you get a life? Is your life really so pitiful, that you have to resort criticizing other people? No one likes you, you criticize me for negativity, and yet bring nothing but negativity to this blog. I don’t spend my day trying to think of things to say about you to try to make you look stupid, but i guess that’s what makes me and you different. That’s why you’ll always be nothing more than an internet douche bag.

      • DS Says:

        please stop talking for everyone else. you can’t say no one likes him/her, because you don’t actually know him at all.

        And stop backing up everything you say with “other people think so too” that is not an argument.

    • lou Says:

      I said no one likes him because I’ve seen the comments on here telling him to shut up, stop posting, or to leave lou alone. It’s an exaggerations, but not by much. It’s true that people have said the same things to me on this site but those people are “lou is an idiot” and “lou is a moron” who are basically the same person. I also never said “other people think so too” , i said it wasn’t my idea, someone proposed it on the metrofanatic boards and it made sense to just about everyone who read it.
      Also i find it funny that you tell me to stop being negative, yet “lou is an idiot” brings only negativity to this blog and you say nothing to him. You try to act like you know more than everyone else, with how the team and league run, and maybe you do know more, but than you try to act impartial saying in the past that you have nothing against me. Yet when “lou is an idiot” attacks me on here while i’m trying to watch a soccer game and i defend myself, you manage to only say something about my post. I guarantee you that if someone devoted their existance on this site to mocking you 24/7, with half the things they say not making any sense, you would eventually say the same things i did to “lou is an idiot”.

      • DS Says:

        lou, did you notice that there as a space between my two separate comments?

        Firstly don’t speak for others because I bet lou’s an idiot has people that like him. Then I stopped talking about that. I didn’t say you were being negative, and I didn’t say you shouldn’t defend yourself. I just don’t think you need to resort to claiming nobody likes him. Back up your points with evidence and that is all you need to say in response and lou’s an idiot will just make him self look dumb if he can’t counter act them.

        That takes me to my second comment, when you say something and people disagree your response tends to be something along the lines of, ‘everyone else things so too’ such as earlier when you said:

        “which is why many different people have been proposing it the last few weeks”

        That is no an argument or a way to back up an argument. A lot of people can agree and post the same things and still be wrong. If you have an opinion, which I know you do, and people disagree with it, which I know they will, then try backing it up with evidence for once.

    • lou Says:

      DS, the reason for saying that other people have agreed with what I have said, or that other people have been proposing the same thing, isn’t to solidify my arguement, it’s to say that I’m not the only one saying these things. Yet “lou is an idiot” only comes after me for saying things that other people have said. Which is why I believe he is a loser. He is so bent on trying to make me look stupid and focuses solely on what I say, so he ends up saying things that don’t make sense, and hopefully no one will take him seriously because of it.

      “If you have an opinion, which I know you do, and people disagree with it, which I know they will, then try backing it up with evidence for once.”

      I did exactly that. I backed up the theory that obster isn’t playing so that other teams can’t see him play when i wrote
      “obster has played 2 games, that’s not enough for other teams (philadelphia) to get a good enough look at him to want to take a chance and go after him in the expansion draft you idiot. By not playing him that much for the remainder of the season, the team has one less player that they have to protect. ”

      But it’s only a theory, as are most things people discuss on this site, so there isn’t much more i can say to back up my arguement.

      And i could care less if you think I’m negative or not, but if you have such a problem with negativity (as you clearly do), than why not go after “lou is an idiot” for saying negative things constantly? Because you don’t do that now, and it makes you seem unfair which is why i think you always have a problem with me. I understand what your problem was with my comment that was made in response to him, and i shouldn’t have said no one likes him even if I did mean it as an exaggeration, but I’m trying to watch a soccer game and i have that loser saying negative things to me, yet you critique my comments made in self defence rather than his extremely negative comment.

  3. DS Says:

    I have never seen worse refereeing in my life. This league is an absolute joke. I just don’t understand how the MLS things that they will be taken seriously by the soccer fans in the US when you see games with refs like tonight. There was no contact in the box for that penalty and there was absolutely no consistency in any calls that were made.

    We didn’t have the best night, but SJ did not play a better game than we did. They won the match due to poor refereeing.

  4. emilio Says:

    Oebster and Zimmerman not playing has nothing to do with the expansion draft, they are not playing either because of nagging ijuries or innefective play. I dont understand why you are so high on them, they are mediocre players at best. Seriously if our team is gonna be made up of Zimmermans and Oebsters next year, than we will be in for another long season.

    RThe assertion that thats why they arent playing is actually comical.

    • lou Says:

      I don’t see why you hate them so much. Obster will complete two great crosses, beat his man a few times, and he’ll take a rocket of a shot, and you’ll ask how i could have thought he did well so i’ll say all of that and you’ll always say it never happened, even if other people produce the same stats. The idea that you think they are so bad is the only comical thing on this page.
      This all comes back to the point i was trying to make about “lou is an idiot”, numerous people will disagree with you emilio and say that both obster and zimmerman have played well yet you say the opposite despite having statistics presented to you and you usually only say something to me.
      Obster is more than good enough to make the team next year, maybe not to start becuase he hasn’t played enough for us to know that, but if an expansion team was looking for players it wouldn’t be all that surprising to me if they chose an unprotected obster. I’ll forget about argueing my point i was trying to make about zimmerman earlier this year because that is lost with you, but obster can only get better because he has only played two games with the team (not enough time to get comfortable with his teammates), and he has yet to play with a healthy angel (who can meet his crosses).
      Obster doesn’t have nagging injuries, he has been listed as sick for two strait weeks, so either he has some really bad illness or the less likely but still possible reason could be that they don’t want philadelphia to get a good enough look at him. Maybe the red bull organization has already seen enough of him in practice with our team, the little game time he has played in, and with the red bull salzburg team to know that they want to keep him for next year, maybe it’s possible that everyone besides emilio sees that he is a good (or at least adequate) player.

  5. emilio Says:

    What statistics??? No they arent going to waste a foreign roster spot on Oebster, I hope he improves and plays better 2 games arent enough of a determinent on if he will help us or not. Richie sees him train every day and picks who he thinks can help him win, if he hasnt picked him he must have not impressed him, time will tell. All I know is we need an upgrade in talent, I dont wanna rely on players who havent produced. Your right he was outstanding and Im blind, ok you got me. The coach must see something also if he isnt playing.

    • lou Says:

      Never said he was outstanding did I? I said he was far better than he gives you credit for, if you can’t see that than fine, but don’t just assume it’s fact that he is shit because you say so. Richie williams can really chose him that much more than he has, obster missed a game (or two not sure how many exactly) becuase of the birth of his child, two weeks because of sickness, and played two games, he hasn’t been legitamately snubbed by richie williams. And I’m sure everyone will agree that we need better taletn and need to get new players but i don’t think everyone will agree that obster is one of those players that has to go.

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