New York travels to San Jose this weekend for a matchup with the San Jose Earthquakes.  The Red Bulls have had success against the ‘Quakes recently, going 1-0-1 last season, and having beaten San Jose twice this season (one MLS match and one Open Cup match).  The MLS match was a 4-1 thrashing on May 8 at Giants Stadium.  That a four match unbeaten streak against San Jose.  New York is also looking to extend its unbeaten streak to three games as the club plays its second of three straight road matches against Western Conference opponents.  We asked Juan Pablo Angel and Seth Stammler about the match on Saturday night.

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  1. Alle Says:

    If there’s any match we should win, it’s this one. Absolute must.

    COME ON NEW YORK!!!!!!!!

  2. Cindy Says:

    I like JPA’s shirt haha. also here’s hoping we end the season on a high note and continue it with a win at San Jose!

  3. Choclo Says:

    Did Garcia make the trip?. I would like to see him play

  4. lou Says:

    I’m with you choclo, i hope garica makes the trip becuase i really want to see this guy play. I also hope obster and zimm make the trip.

  5. red9fan Says:

    What the F…, why can’t Zimmerman get some Time? Where the Hell is Oebster? Can we get a Look at Garcia? Man this Club makes you scratch your Head. We all know what Richards, Stammler Etc. bring, WHY can we not get a look at these other Players? What the F…?

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