Last weekend at Chivas, Juan Pablo Angel’s equalizer late in the match not only allowed the Red Bulls to take a road point, but moved the Colombian past Clint Mathis for the franchise’s goal scored record in all competitions.  Angel has tallied 46 goals in 78 matches for the Red Bulls.  Mathis scored 46 goals in 110 matches.  RBR asked Angel about the record, and also got reaction from interim head coach Richie Williams and midfielder Seth Stammler.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If the above video does not play in your browser, try this YouTube link.


  1. Matthew Conroy Says:

    Congratulations Juan Pablo. A total class act.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Brilliant guy! Congratulations to Juan Pablo Angel! he is an amazing person and player!

  3. karbaz Says:

    Anyone who says we should get rid of him is a completer artard in the highest order. He’s had an injury riddled season, you can’t hold that against him. Congrats to you Angel, you’ve worked hard for them goals.

  4. Mentz Says:

    I just hope he hangs around for next year. It would be a pity to go out the way we have this season…

  5. lou Says:

    I hope he hangs around for next season and remains healthy because he is a great player, and i hope that he continues to play with his head up instead of how he played in the beginning of the season because that’s how he will score goals. Anyway Congratulations Juan Pablo.

  6. jason Says:

    when does tickets go on sale for chicago game for opening day at redbull arena?

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