The Red Bulls start a three-match road trip in Carson, CA, against Chivas USA. It’s the first road match for interim head coach Richie Williams. Juan Pablo Angel returns after a two-game layoff from an ankle injury. And tonight, Mike Petke will move into the MLS Top 10 in minutes played in the 12th minute. He’s appeared in 24,459 minutes heading into tonight.

The Red Bulls are looking for a road result against the Goats, who are currently 5th in Western Conference. Chivas USA needs a positive result to remain in the playoff picture. And, starting in goal is former Red Bulls keeper Zach Thornton, who has been one of the hottest goalkeepers in MLS this season.

Commentary after the jump:

PRE-GAME: Here is the Chivas USA starting lineup:


Kljstan——–Nagamura——— Lahoud ———-Padilla



Bench:  Conway, Suarez, Thomas, Trujillo, Marsch, Galindo, Lillingston

PRE-GAME: Here is the Red Bulls’ starting lineup:





Hall -——–Boyens———Petke———Johnson


BENCH- Cepero, Krupnik,  Sassano, Ubiparipovic, Mbuta

NOTES: Ernest Oebster did not make the trip after a stomach illness just before the team departed on Thursday.

Also returning tonight is Johnson, who missed the last match due to suspension.

RBR will be tweeting the match at

1′ OK we’re underway here at Home Depot Center

2′ Jazic in close but Bouna makes save. Corner Chivas.

6′ Direct kick from 30 yds out by JPA that is stopped

7′ Kandji into box and Cuesta tackles. Corner for RBNY. Celades first one deflected out. Second corner into box is cleared away by Braun

9′ Nakamura shot from 25 yds out,  headed away  onto foot of Santos who one times just wide of left post.

12’ Mike Petke moves past Mark Chung into 10th place on the MLS All Time minutes played list



  1. lou Says:

    I really wanted to see obster play, that sucks that he didn’t make the trip.
    No zimmerman on the bench either. I can’t hep but think that they are not playing certain players so that philly won’t get a good look at them and so won’t pick them up in the expansion draft as unprotected players if they look good. Plus the team could be looking at these last few games as try-outs for next season, players that haven’t played well the first half of the season may be getting more minutes now in an attempt to prove themselves worthy of remaining on the team for next year.

  2. Alle Says:

    Any word on Garcia being left out, RBR? Will he just be released soon?

    Good lineup, nice to see Angel back upfront with Kandji! Putting Stammler right behind the two is an interesting choice, usually it’s the other away around with Celades in that role. Let’s see how that works out. COME ON RED BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lou Says:

      garcia might have been left out of lineup for the reason i had suggested above. Maybe red bull doesn’t want to show teams how good garcia is becuase than they won’t have to protect him during the expansion draft because philly won’t take a chance on him not knowing how good he is.

      • Alle Says:

        Ah yes good point!

      • lou Says:

        I’m not saying this is what red bull is doing but it would make sense. I mean at least it would provide an explanation as to why zimmerman hasn’t been included on the bench the last few games.

      • lou's an idiot Says:

        or maybe nicky zimms and/or garcia are hurt? i really dont think they would not play somebody, particulary zimmerman, bc they are concerned about who philly might take in the expansion draft. they need to worry about their own squad moving on and not so much as to what philly might try to do. plus zimmerman has played in probably ten to twelve games this season so there is plenty of footage of him for philly to generate a scouting report on. also what benefit would not having a full 18 serve? i really would not read too much into him not being in the 18 other then the simple fact he might not be fit enough

  3. Alle Says:

    Stammler behind Celades according to FSC, are they right?

  4. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    Alle, Celades moved up. Garcia didn’t make trip.

  5. Alle Says:

    Thanks, RBR.

    Yeah I see what you mean Lou, that’s probably the case anyway.

  6. lou Says:


  7. Alle Says:

    We’re looking for a sporting director, now that’s music to my ears…

  8. Alle Says:

    Richards should’ve had that!

  9. lou Says:

    God dane richards sucks, all he needed was a good tap on that cross.

  10. Alle Says:

    We could rue that miss, I hope it stays like this until the half.

    It’d be nice if we had a goal before that though..

  11. Alle Says:


    Hopefully we’ll have more action upfront in the second half because right now it seems as if we’ll be content with the draw.

  12. Alle Says:

    Exactly how many players can be protected during the offseason? I never understood this..

    • lou Says:

      i want to say 11 but i’m not sure. I think we could really use some crosses from obster right about now. Angel in the box+ good crosses= goals.

      • Alle Says:

        I remember hearing 11 somewhere but I’m not sure either..

        Hopefully Obster will be back for the next match!

      • lou Says:

        if the number was 11 than i would protect

        I didn’t protect bouna becuase i know philly won’t take him, they might try to get local boy conway from chivas or pick a usl goalie. I didn’t put angel up there because i don’t think you have to protect your dp signing. I didn’t put garcia up there because we haven’t seen him, he may or may not be good, but since we haven’t seen him that means neither has philly so they won’t take him. Everyone else that is unprotected is expendable

      • Alle Says:

        Not protecting Bouna is a risk though, I’d rather him. I could see Celades leaving maybe, we’ll see. I’d rather get a better midfielder to be honest, a more attacking minded one.

  13. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    No shots on goal wow

  14. Alle Says:

    We’re screwing around with the ball too much, we need to push up.

  15. lou Says:

    Shit. Knew that was coming.

  16. Alle Says:

    Goal for Chivas, this is what happens when you play defensively. They need to take more risks and stop playing around in midfield, possession is being wasted really.

  17. Alle Says:

    Nearly a second goal, unbelievable..

  18. Alle Says:



  19. Alle Says:

    Handball by Boyens, penalty…

  20. Alle Says:


  21. Alle Says:


  22. Alle Says:

    Full time, thank god.

  23. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Bouna Time!!!!

  24. lou Says:

    ubi played well.

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