The Red Bulls host New England tonight in the penultimate home match of the season for New York.  The Revs get Shalrie Joseph back in the lineup after he missed their last match due to a red card.  Joseph has been a bear for the Red Bulls to mark in the past, so how they attempt to neutralize him could decide the match.  New England, on the outside of the playoff picture looking in at the moment, desperately needs three points, while New York looks to gain a measure of revenge in the third meeting between the I-95 rivals.  Commentary after the jump:

PRE-GAME: Here is the New England Revolution starting lineup:


Tierney——–Joseph——— Larentowicz ———-Nyassi



Bench: Knighton, Igwe, Mansally, Colaluca, Videira, Phelan, Badilla

PRE-GAME: Here is the Red Bulls’ starting lineup:







BENCH- Cepero, Celades, Krupnik, Oebster, Ubiparipovic, Garcia, Mbuta

NOTES: The team terminated the contract of defender Alfredo Pacheco earlier this week, ending his loan and his time with the team.

New York has not had a lot of success at Giants Stadium against the Revolution, as New England is 2-0-5 in its last seven matches (including playoffs) at the Meadowlands.

Tonight Celades returns from injury to make the 18, though Angel is still out with the ankle sprain.

The Red Bulls hosted the DiNardo Family Cup Cup before the match today. The event, which featured eight teams of public safety officers raised money for the PBA scholarship fund for Officer DiNardo’s three children. Officer DiNardo, a Jersey City Police Officer, was fatally shot in the line of duty in July.

RBR will be tweeting the match at


1′ And we’re off…

5′ The game is settling in to the midfield.

7′ Rojas takes a chance from about 25 yards that Reis leaps to catch.  First shot for either side tonight.

9′ Wolyniec springs Rojas on the left side, but his cross is too high for an onrushing Richards.

10′ Jospeh sends on in to Dube, his he can’t get full contact and it rolls to Coundoul.

13′ Goal NE.  Nyassi executes some stepovers to create space against Borman, then rips a right footed shot to the top corner to beat Coundoul.

16′ Boyens sends Rojas through, but his cross is too strong.

20′ NY is able to get the ball in good spaces, but can’t find the final pass.

21′ Yellow to Petke.

27′ NY is having trouble stringing together passes.

31′ Yellow to Boyens.

34′ Wolyniec is down after a foul at midfield.

35′ Wolyniec is back on.

37′ Wolyniec gets on the end of a Hall cross, but can’t get enough on it to threaten Reis.

38′ Wolyniec makes solid contact with a Kandji cross, but puts it wide.  Best chance thusfar for the Red Bulls.

42′ Nearly another goal for NE as a deflection nearly goes in but misses wide for a corner.

45′ Richards whips one in, but Sassano can only get a half volley on it and it goes wide.

45+’ 1 minute of stoppage.


HALFTIME: NY sub: Celades on for Rojas.

46′ And we’re back…

47′ Kandji’s cross almost gets to Wolyniec, but Reis intercepts.

48′ Wolyniec goes down in the area, but no penalty is called.  Replay shows he did not get any ball, but the Red didnt see it that way.  Wolyniec is down.

52′ Tierney puts one over on a restart.

55′ Yellow to Celades for a foul on Joseph.

56′ Dube nearly puts one past Coundoul on a turnover in the area, but he puts it wide.

62′ Joseph  sends a through ball to Alston who has a step on Hall, but Coundoul is there to deflect it out.

69′ Dube nearly redirects an Alston centering pass past Coundoul, but Bouna makes the save.

69′ GOAL NY!!  Kandji frees Richards on the right side, and Richard’s low cross is run onto by Wolyniec, who slots it past Reis.  Wolyniec collided with Reis on the play and is down.

73′ Yellow to Dube.

73′ NY sub: Mbuta or Wolyniec.

79′ Much better ball movement from New York since the goal.

82′ Kandji puts one over from the middle of the area off a Borman feed.

82′ NE sub: Mansally for Dube.

83′ Nyassi finds side netting from close range.

86′ Borman gets off a shot from a tough angle and it does not challenge Reis.

88′ NE sub: Igwe for Tierney.

90′ Celades springs Kandji on a breakaway, but he slots it well wide off an open look.

90+’ NY sub: Sinisa for Borman.

90+’ 3 minutes of stoppage.

FULL TIME:  That’s it.  1-1 final.  Check back later for post match reaction.



  1. lou Says:

    so no angel, and coundoul is starting even though he has admitted that he is feeling the fatigue of having to go through ramadan the whole month. Rojas gets the start? WHHYYYYYY? I really don’t get the fascination with this player. I hope sassano only plays for a little bit and than stammler moves back into his position, than celadas can come in at a-mid. Becuase realistically stammler is not an a-mid. I really really really don’t like this lineup at all.

  2. Claude Says:

    I think Angel is full of crap. He doesn’t think he needs to earn his $$$. That’s a terrible attitude from my compatriot.

    • lou Says:

      I thought that in the beginning of the season to, but after watching a televised interview of him on the premier league show and hearing what he had to say about this franchise, i really think he wants to play, but that his age is just getting to him.

  3. gigi Says:

    does anyone know where i can get a stream for this game? my tv is sucking salty testicles right now….

  4. lou Says:

    Rojas had an open kandji running to his right but instead elects to take a shot that was easily handled by reis. I can’t understand why he is playing, or still on tis team.

  5. lou Says:

    ROJAS WTF? He has a fast break but decides he is going to slow down, play a cross over everyone’s head, and effectively kill the play.

  6. lou Says:

    Damn it… here we go again.

  7. karbaz Says:

    And so it begins.

  8. karbaz Says:

    why the hell is Stammler behind the strikers?

    • lou Says:

      I’m not sure, he should be back a d-mid for sassano and celadas should be in at a-mid, but he isn’t playing to badly.

  9. Cindy Says:

    Rojas kills me.

    and boo at the Jets markings, i can at least attempt to deal with the Giants haha

  10. lou Says:

    so i’m guessing mbuta in for woly, use this oppurtunit to take out rojas and sassano as well.

  11. Cindy Says:

    God i miss Celades and Angel

  12. karbaz Says:

    Where is Zimmerman? he should be playing in Stamms position and Stamms in for Boyens. or Celades as lou suggested but I guess they want to get him back on the team slow so he recovers fully.

    • lou Says:

      zimm and obster should definetly be playing, and if garcia is fit he should come in in the second half because both our center backs have yellow cards and so they will be reluctant to go into 50 50 challenges.

    • Glenn Says:

      Yes, I miss Zimmerman as well. He’s a young, strong, and talented player.

  13. Cindy Says:

    word is Garcia is still not fit enough to play, though i’d like to see what he’s got.

    i hope Richie Williams does make at least one change during halftime

    • lou Says:

      He must of been in some pretty bad shape if he still isn’t fit after a month. I would argue that rojas plas like he isn’t fit yet still gets starts so why should it be any different for garcia?

  14. lou Says:

    I;m watching this halftime special on bouna coundoul and he seems like a really good guy. It would be cool if red bull did these half time stories during every game.

  15. lou Says:

    What do you mean No Foul?

  16. karbaz Says:

    worst call all season

  17. Cindy Says:

    i can’t get over that no call on what was a clear penalty AHH!!

  18. Chill Says:

    pfff osorio or no osorio, same piece o’ crap

  19. lou Says:

    wow this ref is garbage, we keep getting cards, and he keeps missing calls.

  20. karbaz Says:

    wow sassano way to help new england

  21. lou Says:

    sassano sucks. I wonder whatever happened to that guy nico colaluca that was training with us in the preseason. He was a young, attacking mid, with mls experience, seems like exactly what we need now.

  22. Cindy Says:

    mac kandji – no longer impresses

    danleigh borman – working hard at leftback, it is appreciated

    • lou Says:

      mac kandji could be really good if he only thought quicker and took more shots. He wants to do to much.

      • Cindy Says:

        agreed… he needs Angel in there doing the fast thinking and him just getting on the end of it. and he needs to work on his crosses

  23. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    Colaluca is sitting on the Revs bench.

    • lou Says:

      oh what a small world, i thought he played for them, i actually thought he was on loan with the western mass pioneers. Guess i was wrong.

  24. karbaz Says:


  25. lou Says:

    that was a really nice play by stammler, he is having a good game. You can always rely on him to give it all he’s got. I hope he is still with the team next year.

  26. karbaz Says:

    god there’s still so much time left but we look like we don’t even care WTF!?

  27. karbaz Says:

    Sassano is absolute grabage

  28. Cindy Says:


  29. karbaz Says:

    Woo Efin Hoo, finally!

  30. lou Says:

    GOALLLLLLLL, man woly is getting his ass kicked tonight. What a warrior. A warrior that is definetly ageing but a warrior all the same.

  31. lou Says:

    now put obster and zimmerman in to give the team a more offenseive look and go for the kill.

    • karbaz Says:

      They should have been on from the very beginning, we have nothing to lose, this season is over for us, it was a long time ago, we should be going into every game with an attack mindset.

      • lou Says:

        i said from the beginning that i hated the lineup, we went down a goal, changed the lineup around and now we are playing miles better.

  32. Cindy Says:

    poor Woly he was battered today

  33. Glenn Says:

    A sweet (textbook) goal. Way to connect, guys! Also, a well-deserved (well-earned) yellow card.

  34. karbaz Says:

    Cmon guys!!!

  35. lou Says:

    richard’s crosses= horrible. If we want good crosses we have to put in obster

  36. karbaz Says:

    OMG Sassano WTF!?

  37. Claude Says:

    The ref just stinks. His last name has something to do with body odor (arm pits) in Spanish, too.

  38. Glenn Says:

    I appreciate the aggressiveness. Hey, they’re trying.

  39. karbaz Says:

    Honestly, I would much rather have Pacheco on this team instead of sassano, at least Pacheco was decent on the attack and can cross pretty god so he’s not all totally useless like Luke.

  40. Glenn Says:

    Based on the number of player moves during the season, there likely will be a whole bunch in the off-season. Well, speculation.

    • karbaz Says:

      That’s not speculation that’s a fact my friend, some guys on this team don’t deserve to be playing in the USl let a lone the MLS, i want the whole back line overhauled except for one or tow guys and we NEED MORE STRIKERS.

  41. lou Says:

    that red bull chant is sooooooooo stupid. We aren’t at a college basketball game.

  42. karbaz Says:


  43. Cindy Says:

    it’s nice to hear the crowd get into it regardless

    • Glenn Says:

      Went to one game last year and another just a few weeks ago (they won both). But the fan noise last year was much more intense than this year’s game I attended.

  44. lou Says:

    mac r u kidding me

  45. karbaz Says:

    KANDJI WTF MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Cindy Says:

    you’re killing me mac!!!

  47. karbaz Says:

    CHIP THE M*****F***!!!

  48. karbaz Says:

    Why is Ubi in instead of oebster? really I mean cmon Williams.

  49. lou Says:

    angle would have finished that with his eyes closed

  50. Cindy Says:

    hahaha ya’ll are killing me — whatever a dent in the revs playoff run makes me happy

  51. karbaz Says:


  52. lou Says:

    DAMN IT!!!! that shot had goal all over it and it was blocked by one of our own players.

  53. Glenn Says:

    Until next time.

  54. Alle Says:

    It could’ve been 3-1 to us had we gotten our penalty (seriously wtf was with the ref tonight? He had anti-RBNY written all over his forehead really) and had Kandji scored. I couldn’t believe it when he missed, you’d expect him to have that atleast on target. He led the build up on our goal though so I won’t be harsh, but we can’t afford to miss chances like that.

    Credit to Richie on the tactical changes at halftime, it was just another typical Rojas performance and he needed to go. He won’t be here next year, I hope anyway because really, he needs to leave the club. I don’t know why Obster didn’t even start in the first place, shocking. Good stuff from Woly on the goal, took 2 knocks and still never gave up, kudos! He had to get off after the third though or else it could’ve been far worse than the sprained ankle. I’m just happy we didn’t lose.

  55. Alle Says:

    Confirmation: Chirgadze is #26. Good left-footer according to the academy director, not bad at all.

  56. lou Says:

    I should be happy becuase we gave a good effort but at the same time i can’t be happy becuase we should have won that game as alle said. Obster should have started, rojas should be as far away from this team as possible, celadas should have been in and sassano should have been out.

  57. emilio Says:

    Richie has done a good job and Rojas will not start next week, but like I said last week Obster did not play because of his innefective play last game. When Celades came in it changed the game, and Borman played well in the advanced position.

    • lou Says:

      “Obster did not play because of his innefective play last game. ”
      That is no excuse to not play him.
      Rojas was more ineffective than anyone on the field (even the ball the boys) yet he gets a start. And the idea that he was ineffective last game is debateable at best because not everyone seems to think he was ineffective. Even if obster was ineffective last game ( he wasn’t) he would still be a better option than rojas who is not only ineffective but also harmful to his own team.

    • karbaz Says:

      Just because we have players on this team that don’t know how to connect with crosses doesn’t mean that the crosser was ineffective, which is what happened last game. if Angle played Oebster would have had at least 1 assists on a cross to Angel who knows how to connect with crosses.

      Rojas has no business being on the left side if Oebster is healthy, oebster on the left and Rojas behind the strikers not stammler, thats how it should be if we absolutely have to play rojas.

      • lou Says:


      • Alle Says:

        +1 for sure.

        What are you talking about man? It’s either Rojas or him – screw Rojas, he can take a hike for all I care. Obster’s not bad at all and he was decent in the match before this, so I don’t know what you were watching. He may not be big and strong, but he knows how to play better than Rojas does, without a doubt.

  58. emilio Says:

    Obster and Rojas wont start next game, Obster did a poor job of back tracking last game, and was unable to create space for himself, thats why he didnt play. Ubiparapovic is the best option of the 3.Obster is nothing to write home about.

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