A 1-1 with New England ends the Red Bulls’ five match homestand with a 2-2-1 record, which gives them seven points in the Richie Williams era.  John Wolyniec had a great match tonight, continually putting himself in dangerous positions before finally cashing in for the equalizer, though he injured himself on the play and was forced to leave the match.  The team now heads on a three match road trip that sees them traveling to the West Coast twice and to Salt Lake before wrapping up the regular season at home on October 24.  RBR caught up with Richie Williams, Dane Richards, Seth Stammler, and Wolyniec after the match to get their reaction:



  1. Matthew Conroy Says:

    Can someone please have a word with Garber about the refs. I know it doesn’t matter much, but we got totally jobbed by this clown tonight.

  2. Alle Says:

    We were robbed indeed.

    Looking forward to the 24th, we can finally leave all of our crap at Giants Stadium and finally move into a brighter, more hopeful future next season.

  3. Dario Says:

    I agree, that Ref missed the PK call. But…Kandji’s miss at the end of the game was just as bad.

    All night the NER players were attacking poor Woly, damn NE…we have not beat them as the Red Bulls…shigh!

    Well one more game to the best NEW soccer arena in the United States…RED BULL ARENA!


  4. Dario Says:


  5. jason Says:

    i was on the first row of that match and it was clear that the new england defender tripped woly the line men saw it at my piont of view and should have called it wonder who would have taken the pk but owell dosent matter

  6. lou Says:

    hopefully kandji won’t be taking the penalties becuase apparently he can’t finish.

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  8. C. Says:

    Kandji was absolutely terrible. What has happened to this guy? Thought he was supposed to be the answer up top. Now he doesn’t even look like a sub.

  9. Alle Says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying he was terrible, he did help in the build up to Woly’s goal afterall. His only problem is that he tries to do a lot in the midfield instead of waiting upfront and trusting those guys behind him to get the ball up there, so he needs to work on that. It’d help if we had more strikers to be honest.

    • lou Says:

      He isn’t great, but he isn’t bad either. He takes to long to think, when he just goes on an impulse he is the most exciting player on the team but when he dosen’t he ends up losing possesion or killing the play. The last two games he has played have been bad but both where without angel. If angel is in the lineup with kandji he will play better because angel will be covered closely the whole game leaving kandji open. That’s not something kandji has when he is paired with woly. Like i said in the beginning of the season, we need forwards that complement each other, one holding and one speedy and kandji and angel give us just that.

  10. emilio Says:

    We need another striker. Kansji isnt the answer, he is a good sub with talent.

  11. Matthew Conroy Says:

    C. – what match were you watching? Apart from the (admittedly) terrible miss at the end, Kandji was superb.

  12. 505anthony Says:

    I agree with everyone that Kandji was a little off tonight. Also, he hasn’t improved in the header department at all this season, which is totally unreasonable considering he’s the tallest guy on the pitch, practically. Otherwise, I think the Revs were lucky to go home with any points at all and we should have been up by three goals.

    On a side note, I’m also glad there were no crowd problems after the apparent debacles at New England last time.

  13. Matthew Conroy Says:

    Wow, I must be missing something because IMO Kandji is one of the only players on our team with the balls and dribbling skills to cause defenders problems. No, he has not scored as many as I’d hoped he would and he’s not great with his head for a tall guy (Osorio used to have him playing back on corners!), but the guy is much much better than a sub.

  14. emilio Says:

    Forwards need to score goals. Its good to be able to dribble and have fancy moves, but results are all that matters, he needs to produce goals to be a starter, its that simple, we dont get style points, we need the ball in the back of the net.

  15. Matthew Conroy Says:

    OK so name me the other players who are putting the ball in back of the net consistently who should start ahead of Kandji.

  16. emilio Says:

    Obviously no one, thats why we have 4 wins all season. We need to get someone who is going to do that, thats what forwards are paid to do, score goals. If your comfortable going into a season without trying to make upgrades than I dont think your interested in trying to win. We have to evaluate what we have, and Kandji’s production as a forward overall has not been good, he needs score goals, not 2 in 20 games as a starter.

    This is not about naming anyone on this roster, because unfortunately we dont have many options, its about realizing that what we have isnt good enough and needs to be improved.

  17. lou Says:

    We shouldnt be replacing kandji in the starting lineup, i don’t think anyone is suggesting that right now Matthew, (even if we wanted to we couldn;t because we have no forwards). But it’s clear that he isn’t living up to his potential, he has been extremely incosistent, first with injuries and now he is taking to long to think. I think there are good things to come from him becuase he has so much potential, but he has to start prooving all his doubters wrong. Like I said before, playing with angel will help open the field up a bit for him so i do expect things to get better for him in the next few games.

  18. Matthew Conroy Says:

    I never said I didn’t think we should upgrade our roster, so I don’t know where that is coming from. IMO Kandji has more potential than any of our younger players on the current roster. Why people are laying into him when there are targets so much more worthy of scorn – such as Rojas – is beyond me. No he has not scored as many a I would have liked, but remember that he missed several games due to injury, was forced to play in midfield for a big chunk of the season, and has never had the benefit of a consistent strike partnership. If people can’t see that the guy is a player we should be keeping and grooming, then I don’t know what to say.

  19. emilio Says:

    Yes he has talent, and he hasnt produced. I want him back, but he needs to show A LOT more if he wants to be a starter. His finishing has been very poor this season as has his decision making.

  20. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Kandji has been playing wing most of the season.. He hasn’t been playing forward… NOW he is n is a little rusty but if u just keep him there he will get his finishing back asap.. Just needs a little time to fix what osorio did to him

  21. emilio Says:

    The truth is when he played in the wing he was innefective, but why do we say that he played wing all year, the truth is the majority of the time he has played as a second striker, and his play has not been up to par. I like his skill, but sometimes skillful players display skill at the least opportune time and start neglecting basic aspects of the game that are more important, yes he can beat his man, but most of the time he over does it and loses the ball or trys to do to much instead of making a simple pass, and his finishing has been poor. At the USL level he could get away with it and rely on his physical attributes but at the MLS level, you cant play that way and get away with it. He needs to simplify things and read the game better.

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