The Red Bulls take on the Revolution tomorrow night on MSG Plus (Make a not of the channel change) in the final match of New York’s five-match homestand.  Since Richie Williams was named interim head coach, New York has gone 2-1-0, and looks to get one more win before heading on the road for three straight matches against Western Conference teams.  RBR spent some time with Andrew Boyens and Jeremy Hall earlier this week to get their thoughts on the Revolution, Red Bull killer Shalrie Joseph, and finishing up the homestand on a high note (which makes me think of a scene from Mel Brook’s History of the World, 3:13 in this video).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If the above video does not play in your browser, try this YouTube link.



  1. jason Says:

    hey redbulls you should sighn mike konicoff he is a great atheletee and soccer play and has been training with you so just sighn him to see what happens

  2. jason Says:

    well he plays midfield but they playhim at leftt back he coaches the team i play for great athlete

  3. emilio Says:

    He plays left midfield, played for Boston College.

  4. emilio Says:

    I think its just to make numbers at practice, many local players periodically train to see what they got.

  5. Jason Says:

    I play for suffern soccer team and if youwatch the preview of the gameonthe red bulls website you coup see him at 2:22 that’s the time were couldsee him going up agaistn Richards

    • lou Says:

      Do you play for suffern high school or a suffern club team becuase i play for depaul high school i think we might be playing you guys (i’m not sure though becuase our schedule got changed around a bit).

  6. Jason Says:

    Suffern High school

    • lou Says:

      actually nevermind i don’t play your high school i just checked the schedule. It would have been cool if we did though.

  7. jason Says:

    yeah it would have you play for jv or varsity

    • lou Says:

      I’m injured right now (small hamstring tear) so i probibly would be sitting out if we played, but when I’m healthy varsity. You?

  8. Jason Says:

    I play jv I play up top what postion do you play

  9. jason Says:

    i am a freshamn what are u in

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