The club announced today that it has terminated the loan deal and contract for defender Alfredo Pacheco, effective immediately.

Pacheco was signed on April 17, 2009, joining New York from El Salvadorian First Division club, C.D. FAS. Pacheco appeared in 14 matches this season for New York.



  1. emilio Says:

    Not a surprise, the season is over so this makes sense, he obviously didnt provide what we needed. Another in the long list of Osorio failed signings, Cichero, Echeverry, Smith, Pietravallo, Rojas. Next one gone when the season officially ends will be Rojas.

  2. afrim Says:

    celades and rojas will be gone 100%..thats 300+k off our cap next year with them 2 alone

  3. kpugs Says:

    I’m not surprised since this was a loan. Having said that Pacheco was good. He provided pace, he covered end-to-end with ease, he was an above average defender at the very least and surprisingly good in attack. So I guess we didn’t “need,” to use emilio’s word, a good player?

    • Mentz Says:

      Great offensive back, but “above average”? Give me a break that guy couldn’t mark anyone out there and was the cause for many terrible goals conceded.

      • lou Says:

        he definetly wasn’t a great offensive back, becuase he didn’t really produce offensively. Add on to that the fact that he was a defender that was incompetent at defending, and you’ve got a pretty lame defender. Maybe he’ll be good in el salvadore against lower competition but not in the mls.

  4. Iain Says:

    Clearing the way for the return of Carlos Alberto ?

  5. 505anthony Says:

    I actually thought the kid showed lots of promise–at least as a wingback. Anyway…I hope this won’t deter all those El Salvadorians from coming to matches.

  6. Pico Says:

    Too bad he had to leave this way because he is actually a good player. There are some videos of him on Youtube specially with his national team and it makes me wonder why he was never able to play that way.


  7. emilio Says:

    Actually, Pacheco coming in was expected to provide in attack, he scored over 30 goals in El Salvador. But MLS is at a higher level, so he didnt provide the attacking options that were expected, he got off to a goodd start but his play was innefective most recently, he did not cover enough ground and he wasnt ”good” as I would say, for us. He also lost his starting spot on his national team because of his innefective play for the Red Bulls.

    It appears we have so many ”good” players on such a ”bad” team.

  8. Pico Says:


    The problem, and a big one, is that in his club and national team he had wingers that know how to play the position, whereas the RB had Khano and an inept-of-the-week. He actually reminded me of a poor man’s Juan Vargas playing at Fiorentina.

    I would not say MLS is at a higher level, different yes, but definitively not higher. I would say on average Latin American players have higher technical skills than their American counterparts, but the game is different. That might be one reason why so many have failed miserably.


    • lou Says:

      That may be true, but the mls is definetly a better league than the el salvadorian league. The only central american league above the mls is the mexican league.

      • Mario Says:

        I agree that the MLS is a more competive and physical league that most in Central America. Another fact that makes the MLS appear to be above other leagues is its infrastructure. By the way, Mexico is not in Central America.

        I believe that the reason whay Pacheco was not successful in RB is because the team in general has no chemistry and lacks ideas in all its lines.

      • lou Says:

        mexico is in central america.

      • Chill Says:

        no sir, mexico is in north america…look it up

  9. emilio Says:

    The United States soccer is at a higher level than El Salvador’s soccer. It is true that he didnt have effective wingers to play with, but I think his attacking prowess would be more effective in a lesser league than MLS, the MLS is more quality that El Salvadors first division.

  10. Pacheco, OUT! - - The Offside - New York Red Bulls Soccer Blog Says:

    […] RBR is reporting that Red Bull are terminating the loan deal for Alfredo Pacheco effective immediately. In a season full of unbelievable situations, this one proves to be just more frosting on the cake. Pacheco followed the route of other Osorio signings before him, showing displays of brilliance in the middle of mind boggling mistakes. Heralded as the best young player in El Salvador as recently as last season, Pacheco fell far short of expectations, and has received an unceremonious axing for his efforts. […]

  11. Alle Says:

    To be frank, I’m happy the club did this. There were alot of times where I felt he tried to do too much, held the ball too much, didn’t pass as much. I don’t know how he cut it in the past, but this is the MLS. We’ve got Borman, he’s better, and he has shown that eversince Richie has given him another chance. Borman FTW

  12. Alle Says:

    I’d also like to say one more thing: Can someone please get rid of Rojas? He was “alright” in the second half against KC, but for the most part, we all know the type of player he is. He needs to go if we want to move forward, the RIGHT way.

  13. Steve T. Says:

    Pecheco was average in attack, and terrible in defense. Smoked repeatedly by average MLS players. And when he was not getting smoked he was constantly losing his mark. There is a good soccer reason for him to be gone.

  14. Cabeco Says:

    I think he is better off to be gone…maybe he will catch on with a better team, because the Red Bulls are a lousy team, for real.

  15. Cindy Says:

    best of luck to Pacheco in the future, it’s too bad he didn’t work out here because the first few games he looked golden but then i don’t know if it was just too different but he lost it. hopefully he’ll get his game back and thing will be better for him elsewhere. that’s how it usually works out for former Metro/Red Bull players

  16. picapiedra Says:

    When Pacheco came to RB, he was playing in a great futboll level, but he got contagius with a poor futbol of RB was playing having a coach who has no ideas what to do..

    RB has good players, but coach doesn’t know how to put them togheter and make of them a good team..

    Good for Pacheco He doesn’t wanna waste his time..and leave else where, where any other team can take advantages of his skills…

  17. lou Says:

    rojas, and celadas have to go next. It’s painfully obvious how great celadas once was but he is turning into another reyna and we should part ways with him. We need to add a big time center defender to replace either petke, boyens, or goldy (one of them will be gone by next year). We need a better right defender, we need a dp or just under dp attacking mid, and red bull needs to sort out it’s sporting division.

  18. emilio Says:

    Pacheco is not better off in El Salvador because that league is a poor level, lets not kid ourselves.

    Celades played his best game in his last outing, the two assist game.

  19. Alle Says:

    We must stop buying 36 year old former pros on their way to Miami for their retirement home. We need young blood, even from the USL if we have to get them from there.

  20. DS Says:

    Pacheco is good going forward, has a great left foot that should have led to more goals if there were better players on the end of his crosses and free kicks, but he is not a good enough defender. He could not handle to physical, pacey play in the MLS and was caught out of position way too many times. I do think that he should have been tried in front of Borman as a left mid, with Oebster moved to the middle as a CAM. I think that Pahceco could have done well with some cover behind him, but I don’t see him having a very successful carreer as a left back if he doesn’t drastically improve his defending.

  21. Alex Says:


  22. Dario Says:


  23. Mastro Says:

    AGOOS MUST BE N E X T ………….

  24. Metro Renegade Says:

    this is my new name from now on lol (Metro boy till da day i die was previous) and yes its about time that Pacheco got the boot, hopefully Agoos is next which is un-likely as red bulls werent even considering firing Osorio.. They were going to keep Osorio havent he quit.. so obv. firing Agoos is not happening..which sucks but oh well.. hopefully Barca buys us

  25. kiki da bahia Says:

    ¡Viva Barça!

  26. Alle Says:

    Metro boy till da day i die – I think I saw you at giants stadium the last time I went, you wear the red bulls jersey with your name in orange on the back right?

  27. C. Says:

    Pacheco was a good player. This is a mistake. Also, it gets really tiring hearing people say how bad Rojas is. Rojas is a good player. The guy has at least one or two laser shots from distance every game. Would be a good move to keep him if we can on the cheap.

    • lou Says:

      Pacheco might be a good player, but not here, and if our team is going to keep around players who aren’t proving themselves than they would be bigger fouls than you seem to be right now. Also pacheco had requested that his loan deal be terminated a month before it actually happened. Lastly rojas is anything but good, he is by far our worst player yet starts consistently. Where were his two laser shots last game? And do good players head the ball aimlessly into the air? He loses the ball all the time, he is way way way past his prime, and for the kind of money we are paying him we could get someone a lot better.

      • C. Says:

        First of all you’re an idiot for calling someone a “foul” for their opinion on a player. And look at the highlights. Rojas had 3 good shots and provided our most dangerous chances. He had 2 good shots from distance and a full volley late that could have easily been a goal. You call him our worst player? Really now, who is the fool? Guess you’re not accustomed to Andrew Boyens.

      • emilio Says:

        Rojas is not a good player for us, he has been a huge dissapointment, having a “laser shot” every so often does not take away from the fact he constantly loses the ball, and makes innefective passes. He has been one of our worst players this year, I dont think anyone who has watched this team consistently can disagree with that, there is a reason we only have 19 or 20 goals, and Rojas is one of the main reasons for that. Rojas has been poor, im sure he wont be back next season.

        Andrew Boyens played poorly in the early part of the season but the last 3 games he has been very good. We lost last game because of the lazy play of Rojas. I dont like how people defend players just because of their “ethnicity”, call a spade a spade.

      • lou Says:

        Boyens had a hell of a game against kc. You’re going to tell me he is our worst player? If i remeber correctly, rojas did something that resulted in a goal for the other team, while boyens had his best game of the season. Neither of them are good enough players to be starting in the mls, but boyens is definetly close to that than rojas will ever be.

      • lou Says:

        And yea C. i spelled the word fool wrong becuase i’m typing this on an ipod, but you just said that rojas has been a good player which is completely idiotic. So what’s your excuse?

  28. nelsondny Says:

    Ramon Sanchez he is salvadorian he is in San Jose Earthquakes he is doin good beter than othere players on the leage witch mean rb neva had a great coach ….ramon he is the man in earhquake keep doin great papa jejej

  29. nelsondny Says:

    sanches got that
    hight ligth ..echa ganas lol

    • emilio Says:


    • DS Says:

      wait, because one Salvadorian player is doing well it means that we had a bad coach? Does that mean I would do well in the English Premiere League because Brad Fridel plays well there?

      You will now say that Pacheco and Sanchez were both good in El Salvador so they should both be good here, well that’s not the case at all. Andre Rocha on Dallas is best friends with Kaka and grew up together in Brazil, Rocha is an average MLS player where Kaka is one of the best in the world. That comment about Sanchez means absolutely nothing. All it does is prove that you are from El Salvador and only read this blog because Pacheco is from El Salvador.

      Like emilio said, just because you are from the same country as someone does not mean you have to defend them.

  30. nelsondny Says:

    so yea look at dis mls team are geting beat up by mex team and ur think ur beter plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so is red bull lol i think mex teams are above mls

  31. nelsondny Says:

    nojodas way lol

  32. nelsondny Says:

    y you rb buy kaka he may help

  33. nelsondny Says:

    is all bouth la selecta arturo alvares u got fan here earthquake fan lol sanchez rb are curse no bengas paca

  34. emilio Says:

    Yes Mexican teams are overall better than US teams, although in Super Liga they competed and beat them at times. And Yes American teams are better than Salvadoran teams, everyone knows US Soccer is better than Salvadoran soccer, the best in this region are Americans and Mexicans everyone knows that, I dont understand what your trying to say. Pacheco didnt work out, he wasnt good for us, we dont have to make up excuses or make silly statements that Salvadoran soccer is better than American, everyone knows thats not the case.e

  35. nelsondny Says:

    1-0 NOT GOOD

  36. nelsondny Says:


  37. Chill Says:

    Salvadoran soccer is not far from MLS level. MLS is a little faster,but that is due to the great infrastructure it has. Besides, players are treated as humans and professionals, and that makes a difference in aplayer’s mind, ergo his performance.
    When Pacheco joined RB, his psyche was just fine. He was joining a team which would treat him for what he is: a pro.
    IMO, Pacheco is a player who has a one track mind and that is winning. (he even makes some stupid desicions when frustrated by losing)
    Let’s be honest, RB was in a pretty bad shape early in the season and the team was playing with no heart. That may have caused Pacheco’s decreased performance. As Cindy said earlier, he looked golden in his first games. The team could not function in the collective aspect. I can still remember Pacheco making very good crosses and Angel messing it up pretty bad. He even said in an interview to a local paper that he missed winning with FAS (his team in ES) Even now Pacheco or no Pacheco, Osorio or no Osorio, RB is still a heartless team. There’s talent,
    but nobody’s had the ability to make them work…that’s gotta suck.

  38. nelsondny Says:


  39. nelsondny Says:


  40. nelsondny Says:


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