One early blunder set the Red Bulls behind, and despite several quality scoring chances, New York could not find the equalizer as the side’s modest two match winning streak was snapped tonight.  Playing without Juan Pablo Angel, the Red Bulls missed his presence in the air and dropped their first match at Giants Stadium to Kansas City since 2000.  We got post match reaction from Andrew Boyens, Nick Zimmerman, Mac Kandji, and Richie Williams.




  1. karbaz Says:

    Unfortunate loss, doesn’t really mean anything we can still have a run of a few good games. Overall I thought we actually played well, I think some of yo guys are focusing simply on the mistakes than where we looked good. We did look good regardless of what some of you think, I re-watched the game when I came back from work this morning and saw some great moments we never saw under Osorio, but of course some problems are still there. We have to keep in mind that right now we aren’t gonna do anything of worth in the league aside from give ourselves confidence for next season, we are rebuilding this team, that’s the state we are in.

  2. lou Says:

    Boyens really did play solidly, as did borman (except for the play where they scored becuase he didn’t track back), and so did obster. Kandji needs to work harder and think faster, and if petke was out there i bet he would have. Krupnik played pretty well but like borman he could have tracked back. Stammler was his usually solid but not overly impressive self. I wasn’t really wowed by anything last night, but i wasn’t screaming at the tv either for the most part so i guess that’s good

  3. Alle Says:

    Exactly, we weren’t horrible despite the score. To hear the guys over at FSC say “not surprisingly” at our loss makes me want to send them a tape of the match.

  4. Allegre Says:

    Hey guys. Off topic. How about getting the Red Bull Arena Webcam back up?

  5. Believer Says:

    Osorio has clearly set the team back a year and I think Richie has done a great job getting the most out of the guys. The KC game was going to be a tough one for us without both of our leaders, Angel and Petke. I think we need to start building for next year at this point and giving more of our young guys minutes in these games that are really only for pride. All is not lost for next season and with the right kind of off-season I think we can really catch a lot teams by surprise. Let me know if you agree or disagree.

  6. nelsondny Says:


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