New York and Kansas City battle tonight at Giants Stadium as the Red Bulls play the fourth match in a five match homestand.  Coming off two straight wins, New York is looking to start closing the gap on the team directly above them in the Eastern Conference standing, as the Wizards sit on 24 points on the season.  The Wizards are coming off a 1-0 loss at DC United on Wednesday.  More after the jump.

PRE-GAME: Here is the Kansas City Wizards starting lineup:





Bench: Pardo, Morsink, Watson, McKenzie, Espinoza, Zusi, Zoltan

PRE-GAME: Here is the Red Bulls’ starting lineup:







BENCH- Cepero, Zimmerman, Petke, Sassano, Hall, Garcia, Mbuta

NOTES: Wolyniec is wearing the armband tonight.

New York has a 14-15-9 record all-time against the Wizards. At home, New York is 8-2-7. Kansas City has not won at Giants Stadium since a 2-1 win on April 19, 2000. Since then New York has gone 5-0-7 at the Meadowlands.

Walter Garcia is among the 18 for the first time for New York.

Boyens is in the starting lineup after playing midweek in Jordan for New Zealand’s friendly.

Angel is out after suffering an ankle injury last week in training.

In case you missed it, the team traded Jon Conway’s MLS rights to Chivas USA for a fourth round 2011 SuperDraft pick. This is the second keeper the team has traded to Chivas in the last two seasons, as Conway joins Zach Thornton in Los Angeles.

Also, the team inked Academy product Giorgi Chirgadze as a Home Grown Player. H3 does not count against the team’s 24 man roster. He is not able to play for the First Team this season, but is available for the 2010 season.

RBR will be tweeting the match at


1′ And we’re off…

2′ Just a side note, yesterday was Jeremy Hall’s 21st birthday.  Happy Birthday Jeremy.

6′ Neither team has really started to control the midfield yet.

7′ Kandji with a turnaround in the area that Hartmann knocks away.  Richards nearly got to the rebound, but is brushed off the ball.

10 ‘ Goal KC.  Rojas’ with a bad header that Lopez picks up for a breakaway.  His initial shot is blocked by Coundoul, but Wolff is there to put away the rebound.

13′ Oebster sets Rojas on a run, but his cross is too strong.

18′ Wolff puts one wide on an open look after a feed from Gomez left him unmarked.

24′ Coming off the week off, the Red Bulls look a little off in their passing.

26′ NY is putting themselves in good positions, but the crossing is just a little off.

31′ KC is pouring on the chances, but the NY defense is in good position to block the shots.

37′ Yellow to Stammler.

39′ Yellow to Hirsig.

40′ Hirsig with a turnover that Kandji turns into a blistering shot, but Hartman parries it out.

43′ Richards sends Johnson thru, but Hartman beats him to the ball.

45′ 1 minute of stoppage.


HALFTIME: no subs for either side.

46′ And we’re back…

47′ Yellow card to Leathers.

50′ Rojas with a shot from 26 yards that Hartman dives to save.

52′ Rojas nearly springs Wolyniec on net, but Hartman breaks up the play.

54′ Richards’ cross can’t be handled by Oebster, the Rojas eventually gets a shot off, but its wide.

58′ Coundoul saves a Hirsig header off a Red  Bull poor clearance, and Boyens is able to clear the rebound off the line.

61′ Yellow to Johnson for a foul on Arnaud.

64′ NY sub: Zimmerman for Oebster.  KC sub: Zusi for Gomez.

67′ Leathers clears one off the line on a Rojas shot that seemed destined for the back of the net.

74′ Yellow to Jewsbury

76′ NY pushing forward for the equalizer, and nearly got it but Hohlbein breaks up a cross intended for Kandji.

80′ NY sub: Mbuta for Wolyniec.

81′ Stammler’s shot from distance goes over the top.

84′ NY is earning corners, but they are limited with their ability to finish in the air with Angel out.

90′ Johnson nearly knots it up from Mbuta, but Hartman knocks it out.

90+’ Yellow to Hartman.

90+’ Mbuta’s blast goes over the top.  That could be it.

90+’ KC sub: Morsink for Lopez.

90+’ 3  minutes of stoppage.

FULLTIME: 1-0 win for KC.  Check back later for reaction.



  1. lou Says:

    Oh no, rojas is starting, we all know how that usually turns out.

  2. Rooney22 Says:

    Boyens over Petke…are you serious?

  3. lou Says:

    Johnson needs to have a big game and rojas can’t suck for once.

  4. lou Says:

    ROJAS WTF ARE YOU DOING. I’m so tired of this guy, why does he keep getting playing time. Possibly a better question, why was he the last man back? Nice save bouna, to bad our defense wasn’t there to see it.

  5. Glenn Says:

    Haven’t we seen this kind of “rebound” goal somewhere before? Again?

  6. Glenn Says:

    Where’s my (uncompressed) video feed?

  7. lou Says:

    obster, kandji, stammler, borman, and bouna have all played well, but please take rojas off the field. I have a heart attack every time he touches the ball. BTW what a shot by obster, damn.

  8. Glenn Says:

    I applaud the good shot (forget the off-sides).

  9. Mark Iapicco Says:

    Boy that long Layoff helped this Team to rest and Heal up, WTF are you kidding me, Zimmermann cannot get on the Field, yet this Scumbag Rojas plays every Fi,,,,ng Game, WE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Glenn Says:

    Somebody on Facebook is asking the location /situation of Pacheco. Any help out there from RedBullsReader fans?

    • lou Says:

      I would assume he just didn’t dress for the game becuase we have hall, petke, and garcia all of which are defender and all are on the bench. Sassano could even play a defensive role and is on the bench, i think pacheco may have lost his spot. Why he lost his spot and not rojas as well, still baffles me though.

  11. Alle Says:

    Rojas has been horrible for the most part, his fault on the first goal, nearly at fault for a second. He’s clearly the team’s weakest link. As for Pacheco: I prefer Borman for now.

  12. Glenn Says:

    Thanks lou, I appreciate the detail. Hey, we always have the 2nd half. I don’t like saying that all the time, but I am still hopeful NYRB can pull it out.

    • lou Says:

      I don’t doubt we can win this game in the second half, but i think for that to happen rojas will have to be taken out possibly with zimmerman taking his place, and i would like to see garcia play but the defense is doing a good job so i don’t think that will happen.

  13. Alle Says:

    Indeed Garcia can wait for the mean time. We’ve had a good start to the second half, cross your fingers!

  14. Glenn Says:

    They’ve got the “heart.” How about the skills? Too many missed opportunities.

  15. lou Says:

    Did johnson just head the ball across his own goal? How old are these guys? That’s like the first thing you learn not to do as a defender.

  16. karbaz Says:

    Cmon john WTF

  17. lou Says:

    anyone want to take a guess as to what the attendance is? I say 3,500.

  18. lou Says:

    Johnson with another card. Oebster has looked impressive tonight with his crossing and skill.

  19. karbaz Says:

    i dont agree with this change at all

  20. lou Says:

    NOOOO don’t take obster out, take rojas out! Come on this isn’t rocket science, bad players = off the field, good players = on the field.

  21. Alle Says:

    He doesn’t deserve to come off, Rojas does! Unbelievable.

    • lou Says:

      best part is zimmerman isn’t a wide player, he is a central player that was forced to pla wide becuase of our lack of quality wingers. Now we have what looks to be a good wide player (obster), and a crappy central player (rojas), and instead of taking rojas out to make the formation ideal we essentially just replace good for good and we are back where we started from.

  22. Alle Says:

    Rojas on the left, now we’re just waiting for the self-destruct button to be hit. He should’ve scored just now! Atleast Zimmerman is in the center – where he belongs.

  23. karbaz Says:

    After Rojas ef’ed up he’s been playing good, he doesn’t need to come off.

    • lou Says:

      yeah but obster had been playing well the whole game, not just the second half like rojas. So why should obster be coming out? Especially since now we have to move rojas to the wing, and we all know how that usually goes.

    • Alle Says:

      You have to admit though, if you had to take him off or Obster, there’s an obvious choice there!

  24. karbaz Says:

    We need a goal, Rojas is trying, John ef’ed twice in the box, one he couldn’t run fast enough because he’s a slow as an iceberg, two his awful touch let him down. If anyone needed to come off it’s Stammler, not because he’s playing bad but because we need goals and he’s not gonna get one.

    • lou Says:

      but since celadas is hurt, who could possibly replace him as an attacking option? If we had put zimmerman in for stammler and paired him with rojas that just means the other team is bound to score a goal.

  25. karbaz Says:

    Should have left Obster out wide and Rojas and Zimms in the center.

    • lou Says:

      than that means we would have two mids that only like to go forward and have no interest in defending, than we would probibly get caught on a counter which has happened so many times in the past.

      • karbaz Says:

        That’s what happens when your down a goal, you gotta attack, and especially in own position so far this season we have nmothing to lose.

  26. lou Says:

    Can’t we put giorgi chigadze on our 24 player roster since we have a spot open (Mendes is on IR), instead of signing him to one of the two extra academy players spots? Than we could use him this year rather than next, whether he is ready or not to play forward in the mls, he still would be faster than old man woly.

  27. Alle Says:

    I highly doubt it, or else they would’ve done this already – you gotta thank the MLS really..

    • lou Says:

      this league makes absolutely no sense sometimes, a large portion of the rules actually hurt the growth of the league. I hope some changes are made next year, like a roster expansion or a salary cap raise.

      • Alle Says:

        I wonder if Don Garber ever thinks about these things…

        Mbuta on for Woly, good stuff.

      • lou Says:

        m grandma on for woly would be good stuff. He is to slow to be playing anymore. I love what he has done for this club and his determination, but he really shoudn’t be paying anymore, he should have scored on those earlier chances. Oh and second time tonight that there is a blatant foul on a red bull player at the edge of the box that is waved off.

    • lou Says:

      I don’t think he seriously considers changing these rules, because it seems to be hurting the red bulls more than any other club, and he has proven many times in the past that unless your team’s name is LA galaxy, he really doesn’t give a flying f about you or changing stupid rules to benefit you.

  28. Glenn Says:

    I missed a good portion of the 2nd half (sorry). However, I got caught up by reading all your posts. I appreciate the heavy activity on this site. Keep it up!

  29. lou Says:

    Borman as played really well tonight.

  30. Alle Says:

    Will do!

    @Lou: It’s a shame because this league can go forward if he takes a more laid back approach to certain rules, but sadly that hasn’t been the case.


  31. Alle Says:

    3 minutes of stoppage, let’s go guys.

  32. karbaz Says:


  33. karbaz Says:

    Wow Boyens take your sweet ass time why dont you.

  34. Glenn Says:

    Target/Focus Mbuta’s power and he will be hard to stop.

  35. karbaz Says:

    MOVE!!!! IT!!!!

  36. lou Says:


  37. Alle Says:

    Corner kick, Bouna up!

  38. karbaz Says:


  39. Alle Says:

    Damnit, that’s it.

  40. lou Says:

    DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!

  41. Alle Says:

    Johnson red card too, come on man…

    • lou Says:

      HAHAHA, this is rediculous. I’m guessing that means that garcia will have to play next game. Osorio’s signings are still haunting us even after his departure. Johnson with his boneheaded moves, rojas with his… well with him being rojas, and pacheco not even making the bench.

  42. lou Says:


    richards (hot and cold all game)

    johnson (headed a ball across his own goal)
    woly (easy chances missed)

  43. Alle Says:

    Bouna getting into it with Arnaud, Bouna looks pissed. He was good tonight though, there’s no way you can fault him on the goal.

  44. emilio Says:

    Obster was awful today, he did not contribute anything at all, what did they see in him when they signed him? We need a major overhaul, Kandji has talent but he doesnt know what to do with it, he makes some awful decisions, holds on to the ball too much, he was awful today, we need a new second striker. i was hoping Kandji could be that but he isnt. We need new players.

    • lou Says:

      I don’t know if i agree with that assessment. If obster was awful, than almost everyone else on the team were atrocious. He did beat his man several times, and I saw him come back on defense more than any other midfielder except stammler. He also had a few nice crosses that no one capitalized on, and a rocket of a shot that went in but was called offsides. He mights not have been that great tonight, but he definetly wasn’t awful.
      I agree with what you said about kandji though, he takes way to long to decide where he is going, and it doesn’t seem like he knows where to position himself on crosses or counters.
      Rojas played so bad that i almost can’t phathom it. Besides those two balls he gave to woly, he didn’t do anything. Not only did he not do anything, but he managed to gift wrap a goal for kc. And than instead of coming out of the game, richie takes obster out, and leaves rojas in on the wing (where he usually sucks).
      We definetly need new players, but i’m not confident that the next batch of players will be any better than this batch. The mls teams are working with such a small budget, so it makes it nearly impossible to attract good talent. Hopefully the salary cap will go up to around 3 million for next season.

  45. Scott Says:

    What!? How did Johnson get a red card I was there and didn’t see that?

  46. Alle Says:

    During that last corner, he and the Kansas City guy got into it and I think he received it once the whistle was blown.

  47. emilio Says:

    Oebster was one of the worst players out there today along with Rojas, he didnt beat any one, he constantly lost possession and didnt provide anything. Our midfield was atrocious.

  48. emilio Says:

    If other teams can improve their team we have the ability too if we hire the right decision makers, the salary cap is not an excuse, we all play under the same rules. Seattle is doing it with an expansion team its a cop out to blame the mls rules.

  49. karbaz Says:

    I don’t know what you saw emilio, obster played well, his crosses were met by people who don’t know how to handle them, we missed Angel in that department.

  50. lou Says:

    Those are a lot of IFs. IF other teams can do it so can we (only a few teams have been able to field consistently good teams), IF we hire the right people (we usually don’t), IF we have the right decision makers (we don’t).
    Finding 11 new players (since we agree that’s basically what we have to do) that can go out and play well together in a new league, for under 2.5 million, and dominate other teams, is going to be extremely difficult. You say that if other teams do it so can we, but how many teams pick up 11 new players as well as new management and than go from being the worst team in the league to one of the best the next year? The answer is none, that’s because it’s never happened, and that’s due largely to the fact that the league rules for the most part are asinine adn are hard to manuever around. The cap has to be raised if we hope to see the quality of play raise in the league, and the higher the cap gets the better it will get for teams like us that have billionaires running the club and can afford to splash the extra cash.

    Obster beat his man twice with a scissors move both times, and he ripped a shot that went right past hartmen but was called offsides. You can’t possibly group him together with rojas as one of the worst players yesterday. Rojas gave the other team a goal and plays like a rec league player. If you’re going to say that obster was one of the worst players last night along with rojas than you’re going to have to include richards (who was invisible last night), kandji, woly (missed two easy chances), becuase all of them did either just as much or less than obster.

    • DS Says:

      It’s not just the salary cap, but the allocation system that hampers us and other MLS teams. You say that we have billionaire owners but they can’t spend any of their money on players. Only allocation money can be used, and that is doled out by the league based on some system that I have never heard explained. We did not get the $10 mill from Jozy, most went to the league and we got some allocation money. That is the main reason why we can’t overhaul the roster. No team has enough allocation money to bring in all new players. Expansion teams get much more allocation money as well as being able to seal 10 players from other teams in the league, that is why Seattle was better positioned coming into the season to build a good squad more so than any other MLS team.

      • lou Says:

        whatever the reason is, saying that blaming it on the league is a cop out emilio, is completely rediculous.

  51. Cindy Says:

    can anyone tell me why Johnson got a red card?

  52. Alle Says:

    As stated above: He got into a little fight with one of the KC guys on the last corner kick.

  53. emilio Says:

    If Oebster is gonna be a consistent starter for us we are gonna continue with our problems, what do you guys suggest stand pat and do nothing? NE has consistently been good, Houston the same and they have done it primarily through the draft. I saw the same game you saw a game were our midfield was non-existent, No Oebster did not play well.

    • lou Says:

      I think he did just as mutch as any other player on the team if not more, there are quite a few players that i would have pulled out before him. And yeah New england and houston are consistently good, but what’s the common denominator? They are both competently run clubs and are both well coached. We have neither of those things right now, and it will be nearly impossible for us to sign 11 new players by next year and somehow manage to be a good team at the same time.

  54. emilio Says:

    Listen I dont aacept the team going 4-17-4 again next year when all teams have the same salary cap and same rules, we didnt draft well, didnt sign the right players or have the right coach. If Seattle with an expansion roster can win a title we should expect more, blaming the rules, which are the same for everyone is A COP OUT. Yeah they goyt 10 players the teams didnt protect.

    • DS Says:

      Did you read my earlier post, do you understand what it takes to overhaul a roster? We have this team from over the last 5 years of bringing in players and losing the better ones. It was not just Osorio and Agoos, it was a culmination of however many years it took to put this team together, starting with whenever the longest serving player was signed.

      Of course this team isn’t good enough, and we should not stand by and be happy with how things have gone this season, or for the past 14 years, but everyone really needs to stop using Seattle as an example for everything. They aren’t the first expansion team to succeed and they won’t be the last. If NY only had 2 other pro teams then we would also get 30,000 fans a match. Stop talking about Seattle, if you like them so much stop coming on here, stop coming to matches, stop following the Red Bulls, and start following Seattle.

  55. emilio Says:

    what are you talking about, I was making an example of that if we acquire the right players in the draft, have a coach with an adequate system to fit those players, sign a few solid foreigners that we can improve this team. I didnt talk about fans or anything of the sort, my response was to people who said we are where we are because of the rules, thats not the case, all the teams play under the same rules. If Nichols and Dom Kinnear can form consistent winners under these rules there is no reason why a New York team cannot do the same. I expect and want NY to hire the right coach and Gm and draft and sign the best players they can under these rules, and make the best of what we currently have.

    • DS Says:

      You did mention Seattle being an expansion team, and I read people, not just you, talking about how amazing everything about Seattle is, so that part was not just directed at you.

      And I think we did draft well this year, our rookies have done very well on this team and have been some of our better players. Also, some of the other draftees over the past few seasons have done well, such as Cepero and Jozy. Drafting is not our issue. You say we need to do all these things like you have it all figured out. I think the team knows that they need a good coach and a good system, to draft good players, to bring in good foreigners, and to make the best they can out of the rules. That is not a novel idea which will help push us forward. We need to find the right coach and GM. That is most important. I think Richie could be the right man for the job if the team can find the right GM for him to work with, and neither Agoos nor Stover are the answer. Stover is fine on the business side, but not the soccer side. There needs to be another soccer mind running the show. Once that decision is made, then the staff can start moving forward with figuring out how to improve the team.

      And I completely disagree with your assessment of Oebster, I thought he played well, worked hard, tracked back, but he didn’t look fit, and was getting sluggish before being taken off, and I think that’s why he was subbed instead of Rojas, who had probably his worst performance for us.

  56. emilio Says:

    If you look at our history generally we have not drafted well and we have failed miserably in bringing in mid-range salaried foreign players. Look at the foreigners brought in under Osorio most have failed miserably. If things are done correctly the team can be turned around.

    The rules are not our problem, our problem is making the rules work for us like other clubs have done.

  57. emilio Says:

    Our biggest needs are an attacking midfielder, a second striker, a wide midfielder and another defender.

  58. emilio Says:

    I dont have anything figured out except the fact that we need to upgrade our talent and bring in a coach who knows MLS and has a system in place and knows how to make it work.

    • lou Says:

      So basically we need a whole new team and system, which as stated before is going to be extremely hard to do under any circumstance, and will be even harder with the mls rules that are in place.

  59. emilio Says:

    No, Toronto has managed to improve their team, Los Angeles has managed to improve its team,etc. all under the same rules, if they acquire 3 or 4 young americans via the draft or trades, 2 or 3 solid foreigners, and with what we have and a coach who can make it worth, we should at least be competitive, what we are this year is one of the worst teams in league history.

    • DS Says:

      That’s the same for every team, bring in a few good players from the draft and a few from other teams and over seas. The problem is that you never know how well these players will really be or fit in to MLS or their respective teams. Coming into this season we thought we had done that. Everyone thought we brought in good players to build on the success of the playoffs and it clearly didn’t work. There is no magical system. Of course the team is going to try and improve the squad and bring in better players, but there’s no guarantee that whomever is brought it will actually work out. Some coaches are better at finding talent than others, but I bet Nicol and Kinnear have brought it just as many busts, we just don’t know about them cause we don’t follow their teams as closely. Of course it is possible to improve a team, but as we have seen for 14 years, that isn’t how things always turn out.

  60. emilio Says:

    Yeah nothing in life is certain, but you still have to try. We have to get to a point where we make more positive moves than negative moves, thats how a team is successful. It starts with performing effective due dillegence in hiring the management team (GM,Coach). Im by no means saying we will win the MLS next season, but if we make shrewd decisions at least we can compete.

    We cant accept that we arent gonna get better, we have to get better.

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