Giorgi Chrigadze with Director of Academy Programs Bob Montgomery

Giorgi Chirgadze with Director of Academy Programs Bob Montgomery

The club announced that it has signed Red Bull Academy forward Giorgi Chirgadze, as he becomes the first homegrown player produced by the club.

“This is an exciting time for Red Bull with the signing of Giorgi Chirgadze. We believe Giorgi will be the first of many players to join our first team that are developed through our academy system,” said Sporting Director Jeff Agoos. “Giorgi has shown promise during his training sessions with our senior squad and we are excited to track his development moving forward.”

Chirgadze, 18, has been with the Academy program since 2005, when he joined the Under-15 squad. Most recently, the Brooklyn, NY, native helped the Red Bulls U-20 team win the Super-20 National Championship, as Chirgadze scored twice in the tournament. Chirgadze also captained the Red Bulls U-17 side that defeated the Inter Milan U-17 team, 3-1, on Aug. 23, 2008, with the forward providing two of the three goals. He attended New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn, NY.

“It has always been my dream to play soccer professionally and I want to thank the Red Bulls and the coaches at the Academy for their help in developing me as a player both on and off the field,” Chirgadze said. “I am excited to get started with the first team.”

In July 2009, the MLS Board of Governors approved an amendment to the rules governing the signing of youth academy players. MLS clubs will receive two additional roster slots that may be used to sign academy players, in accordance with current Home Grown Player rules, to Generation adidas or Developmental contracts during the 2009 season. These players will not count toward the 24-player roster limit in 2009. Additionally these players may not play in League games during the 2009 season, but can participate in training, exhibition games and CONCACAF Champions League games. These additional player signings will count toward a team’s roster upon the commencement of the 2010 season.




  1. lakaix15 Says:

    after saying about duka and kassel being the top ones, we sign him? i he better then them????

    • lou Says:

      He is different than them. With pacheco being such a bust and probibly going back to his club when his loan spell is over, hall hopefully moving to midfield next year (hopefully we let go of boyens as well), we will need some defenders. So why not sign a young, promising one?

  2. lou Says:

    This is great news, i brought the idea of signing this kid up when we where struggling to find defensive players to sign, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon. Just what we needed a big, cheap, young back with an eye for goal. Congrats Giorgi, i can’t wait to see you play at red bull arena.

    • Lou is a moron Says:

      So the article says he’s a forward but our local Soccer expert Lou thinks he should play defense, keep up the good work lou!

      • lou Says:

        again “lou is a moron” you fail to contribute anything of value. I saw the title and his face and thought it was conor lade as i said below. You mock me for being “negative” but you contribute nothing but negativity. If you want to avoid any arguements i would suggest you stop acting like a douche. I would suspect that you’ve made mistakes before. Why not get some views of your own to talk about on here instead of mocking others.

      • Cubillas Says:

        Yeah LIAM, take it easy. I can understand you might disagree about many things being discussed in this forum or some of the opinions being shared by some of us but it all starts by respecting one another.

  3. USMNT FRANK Says:


  4. lakaix15 Says:

    hes a foward

    Red Bull Academy forward Giorgi Chirgadze

  5. Alle Says:

    With our attacking options being very limited, I think this was a good move by the Red Bulls(since the arrival of Williams) – about time to be honest. He’s an academy player on top of it, great stuff! I look forward to seeing him next year.

  6. Cindy Says:

    Congrats Giorgi! glad to see us using the Academy kids. now if they would just loosen the rules regarding them a little more or give us more roster spots/bring back the reserve squads then it would look like development and not compensation.

    best of luck to him!

  7. jason Says:

    is he number 23 on the team because i was watching the preview for the wizards game and their was a 23 on the team and i didtn know whho he was

  8. Alle Says:

    Yeah that was probably him since we don’t have a 23, I don’t think anyways.

    Giorgi Chirgadze
    Pronunciation: GEORGE-gee cheer-GOD-zee
    Position: Forward
    Height: 6-1
    Weight: 180
    Date of Birth: November 23, 1990 in Tbilisi, Georgia (Europe)

    (Probably took the number because of his birthday)

    I had a feeling he was from Georgia!

  9. lou Says:

    “MLS clubs will receive two additional roster slots that may be used to sign academy players, in accordance with current Home Grown Player rules, to Generation adidas or Developmental contracts during the 2009 season. These players will not count toward the 24-player roster limit in 2009. ”

    I know the rule says that mls is granting us extra roster spots to sign these kids and that the kids taking up these extra roster spots won’t be able to play until next season, but Couldn’t we just sign him to our roster as our 24th player (Mendes is on IR) rather than to an extra academy roster spot? That way he can get some playing time this year. Is that something that is possible to do?

  10. Alle Says:

    I’ve always hated MLS rules really, too complicated. We need a real reserve system – through our academy though since they got rid of the reserve league sadly.

  11. bobo Says:

    Giorgi is fantastic player with full of energy and enthusiasm. He is attacking wide left mid or forward. Fantastic left foot and never gave up. I seen him in 2005 in the Academy and no one was giving him a chance to get to the first team. He traveled 2 hours to the each practice and the same from the practice. Unbelievable dedication for at least 4/5 years. Has been coached for long time by S.Lembryk and find by Vadim Kirillow– current Columbus Crew goalkeeper coach – previously Metro Stars/Red Bull. These two people were very influential in his development. Don’t believe stupid photos with Montgomery ( these photos does not even look real). Montgomery can’t spot a talent even if you give him a player on the platter. Giorgi was in Academy before Montgomery got to it and he was newer considered as a possible signing because he was not going to the college system that Montgomery is part of it (???). Giorgi wanted to be a professional since he was 14 and likely if he would considered playing college we would never seen him in Red Bulls. Most likely he would end up with Bruce Arena as Montgomery is good friend with.
    Giorgi represents different quality and dedication that you have never seen in MLS, and I’m sure that next season if Red Bulls will have a coach that will give him a chance, he will take It.!!!!

  12. The Sweeper: MLS Youth Development, on the Right Track? | Pitch Invasion Says:

    […] from their youth academy, goalkeeper Abdul Hamid. Last week, the Red Bulls followed suit as they signed youth academy product Giorgi Chirgadze and just this week, FC Dallas announced the signing of Bryan Leyva, a Mexico U-17 international […]

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