The team returned to training today after the holiday weekend, as the club began preparing for this weekend’s tilt with the Kansas City Wizards.  The session consisted of possession drills as well as small sided scrimmages with specific rules.  One welcome site was Kevin Goldthwaite, who is recovering from sports hernia surgery.  Goldthwaite was being put through some running drills by the team’s strength and conditioning coach.  It looks like Goldthwaite may begin training full time in the near future, and there is a chance he will be available for selection for the match with New England on the 18th.




  1. Mentz Says:

    Season is over. Doesn’t matter.

  2. lou Says:

    I hope goldy got all that boxing out of his system. I really hope to see garcia play before the season ends.

  3. Carlos Says:

    Seeing Goldthwaite in training is not a welcome sight. The sooner he’s gone the better.

  4. emilio Says:

    Hopefully Garcia is fully fit so we can see what we have and if he is a solution for the future.

  5. Eric Says:

    Actually the NE game is on the 18th.

  6. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Goldy isn’t bad… He just messes up big time once every 12 games

    • red9fan Says:

      He Sucks, Plain and Simple, he is a Mistake, Red Card, Cheap Shot waiting to happen, it is about time for this Team to sign some quality players, Good Bye to Rojas, Goldy, Sassano, Borman, etc….

  7. emilio Says:

    Borman and Sassano are good subs and they are young so I think they need to be brought back , Borman has played pretty well.

  8. emilio Says:

    Yeah Borman has been ok, Sassano shouldnt be starting but he can be one of the guys at the end of the bench who can fill in at defensive mid or central defender. This is MLS our bench isnt going to be filled with world class players. They are good for what they are they add versatility to the squad. btw..ive been watching the games youve been watching.

  9. DS Says:

    Borman has done well in his new role as a left back. He has been an attacking player up until this year and I’d have to say that I am more comfortable with him at left back than anyone else on the team. Goldie is ok there but better in the center, when he’s not lashing out that is. If fit I think Borman should start the rest of the season at left back. He seems to have figured out the positioning for the most part, his decision making has improved and he actually has some speed on top of it, which is lacking in our defense. Pacheco is good going forward and can cross well, but he’s a liability on the defensive end, maybe put him in midfield so there is someone to sweep up behind him.

    Sassano is a decent player, could play midfield, defensive mid, right back, center back. He’s played in all of those positions, including defensive mid during last yea’s playoff run. His versatility is his best trait, especially in a roster that’s only 24 players, where we need players who can fit into different spots when necessary. I don’t think he’s a starter right now, but he’s improved in his 2 seasons as a pro and we’ll see if he can push on.

  10. emilio Says:

    I agree on everything you said. Those two players are not our problem, and Borman has greatly improved in his new role. One player who will not be back next year is Pacheco, Pacheco has not defended well and offensively he has not contributed the way he was expected to. He has even lost his starting position on his national team, the fact he has been benched by Richie is a clear indication we will not pick up the option on his loan deal. He will return to El Salvador when the season is over.

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