When the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer make their first run on goal in the new Red Bull Arena in March 2010, they will count on Panasonic to help enhance the fan experience with the latest multi-media and electronics system solutions. The technology partnership agreement calls for Panasonic to provide the Red Bulls with large screen displays, digital signage and a range of additional electronic equipment for use in the new Red Bull Arena, and designates Panasonic “Official HD TV Supplier” of Red Bull Arena.

“This partnership with the New York Red Bulls further demonstrates Panasonic’s unique ability to integrate the diverse range of products we offer into a comprehensive system solution,” said Joseph Taylor, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Panasonic Corporation of North America. “The combination of products provided by Panasonic to the Red Bull Arena will enhance the fan experience with cutting-edge digital signage, display and A/V technologies as well as those systems deployed behind the scenes to help streamline operations and maximize efficiency. It’s a total system solutions approach that defines ‘the Panasonic experience’.”

“Panasonic has a system solutions model that addresses all of our technology needs, and fulfills our commitment to the fans who are truly the foundation of our business,” said Erik Stover, Red Bulls New York Managing Director. “Our technology objective is to deliver the best fan experience possible when they visit Red Bull Arena.”

The announcement is another step in a growing relationship between Panasonic and Major League Soccer (MLS). In February 2009, MLS announced a three-year partnership extension with Panasonic, renewing the company’s status as the Official Consumer Electronics partner of Major League Soccer.




  1. John Cloidt Says:

    The stadium is really shaping up. However, looking at the webcam, it doesn’t look like there is going to be much parking. Have they started looking at parking solutions? Those of us coming from the northern NY suburbs have to drive in.

  2. francis Says:

    Harrison is begining to look like the mecca of American professional soccer club stadiums. If the club plays well in RB arena, harrison could one day be as historical as manchester England is to professional soccer.
    Time will tell the tail.

  3. Richard Says:

    True John… Northern NJ suburb folks would prob find it easier to drive in too… No need to make it complicated and prob pay more money just to take a path in.

  4. kofix5 Says:

    This is great about Panasonic at RBA. I have a Panasonic plasma and I love it! Fantastic picture quality.

    BTW- Anyone read on BAS how Osorio is trying to take credit for Richie Williams success in the last 2 games? Class act.
    For the players and the new head coach, the fans know the whats up and we can see the difference he’s made since assuming leadership of the team.

    Go RedBulls!

    • lou Says:

      yeah what a nice guy osorio must be, he selflessly sacrificed his job knowing it would instantly result in wins for us. We should call him saint osorio.

  5. Cindy Says:

    this sounds awesome! i hope we get updated pictures of the arena soon!

  6. Metro boy till da day i die Says:

    yea, this should be great and our entertainment part of the stadium is now gonna be that much better caNT wait for stadium to open…anyone watching open cup??? josh wicks is dirty

  7. Metro boy till da day i die Says:

    freaking dc scum bags

  8. redbull4ever Says:

    Wicks is a good goal keeper, but that delibrate foul is a big no, no. What made it worse was he gave the ref a hard time and also the fourth official. He deserved that red card even though the ref didn’t catch it at first. MLS needs to to suspend him for the rest of the season. Thoughts? comments?

  9. DS Says:

    Wicks won’t get any suspension. Last night was the US Open Cup and there is no correlation between cards/ejections in the Cup and in the MLS. Blanco punched someone in the face last year and was only suspended in the cup, not the league.

  10. Canon EOS 1100D Says:



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