An impressive win tonight for New York over the defending MLS Cup champions and the team current atop the MLS table.  The Red Bulls hung tough to keep a clean sheet on an opponent for the first time since the Real Salt Lake game back in April.  Its now two in a row under the direction of interim head coach Richie Williams as the team heads into a bye week.  RBR went into the locker room post match to get some reaction from the home side.



54 Responses to “RED BULLS VS. CREW: POST MATCH”

  1. YaBoy Says:

    I was out there last night. The Bulls are looking like a totally different squad under Williams. Let’s ride this win streak out now.

  2. herzog Says:

    HIRE RICHIE! Forget some European coach who knos nothing of this league. He’s proved his worth as interim coach twice now.

  3. emilio Says:

    As ive been saying all season, for all his limitations Richards is a dangerous player when utilized correctly. There is no doubt he should start over Zimmerman as he provides an elemnt that can help the team.

  4. GeneralMSU3 Says:

    This looks like a completely different team. And the one thing I noticed most watching the match was what Richie refered to in this clip…..the players aren’t getting down on each other.

    It used to be that someone made a mistake and players around them would throw their hands in the air and sulk. I didn’t see that yesterday at all! It was a pleasure to notice that.

    Thank you Richie!! Job well done! Keep it up!

  5. emilio Says:

    Angel did do it a bit, he and Sinisa seem to have disagreements on the field at times. The positive thing about the team now is they keep possession and thus limit the oppositions chances, under Osorio the team was completely lost, they were without emotion and lifeless. The move should have been made earlier but at least we can go into the off season with some expectations. There was no excuse for this team to have been that bad.
    In two matches Osorio’s total of victories in 22 outings have been matched. Very telling!!!

  6. Pico Says:

    I feel for Jeremy Hall but Carlos Johnson is starting to show the stud he could be. A lot of people got on him because his early red cards, but he was a very good player in CR and his national team. I think it has taken him a while to get to know the league but his ball control, runs and service were very good. I just hope JPA had finished that cross because it would have been a textbook goal.

    I didn’t recognize Borman because of the cornrows but he had a tough customer on his side. Too many times he mistimed his jumps and the Crew striker kept turning on him, specially in the first half. Still, kept hanging on and providing good cover.

    As per Richards, that guy is going to give me ulcers. I am glad he has gained his prior year form and he is more effective in the more direct style that Williams has put in place, but you can still see the little hamster in his head desperately trying to figure what to do with the ball at his feet. I am glad he got the memo and provided good service to the overlapping Johnson, but he still has lapses when it comes to providing cover for his defenders. I still believe Zimm is the best choice for the right wing for the long run.


    • lou Says:

      +1 pico. Richards is fast, maybe the fastest player in the league, so he adds that to the team when in. However if i was going to rely on playing soccer to win a game, i would rather have zimmerman in. Richards struggles to figure out where he is going to go or pass.
      Another thing i should point out is that richards looks miles better with williams as coach, so if zimmerman already looked like a pretty good player under osorio, imagine how much better he can be with williams coaching him on the field.

    • kofix5 Says:

      +2 I was thinking the same. When he made his break last night all I was thinking was ‘Oh crap, oh crap, crap….whew! He did it’

      It was great to see him challenging Padula all night, that was a good strategy.

      I am also looking forward to seeing Zimm get in the game. And I was very impressed with Johnson’s control of the ball on turf. He has a great 1st touch and a sharp cross.

  7. Dario Says:

    No Osorio, NO problem.

    Good job Red Bull!

  8. emilio Says:

    Johnson is a very good player, he was hampered with injuries and the two red cards early on which hampered his progress. He is a physical defender and has skills in the attack, and a great cross. If healty and in form he can be one of the better outside defenders in MLS. He will prove to be a good signing. Im glad Richie gave him a chance, his play with comparison to Jeremy Hall is like night and day.

    Richards has a skill that Zimmerman doesnt have and thats speed, if you combine the two players into one that would be great, but you cant. Richards provides the ability to make one play that can lead to a goal, Zimmerman does not have that ability. Richards two games two goals, we cant ask for more, yes he will frustrate us at times, but he can make things happen, so he has to start on this team.

    • lou Says:

      “Richards has a skill that Zimmerman doesnt have ”

      Richards has that “skill” over anyone on the team, not just zimmerman. It’s not like he is only faster than zimmerman and no one else. We could put anyone on the wing even someone like dilly duka and you could still say richards has a skill that duka doesn’t becuase he is faster.

      zimmerman has a skill that richards doesn’t have. Actually he has many skills that richards doesn’t have. First of all he is an actual soccer player that can read the game, secondly he has a crazy long shot with either foot (something no one on the team has), and i’ll take a zimmerman cross over a richards cross anyday. Richards has speed and that’s it, and even though he is an improved player under coach williams he still manages to give me heart attacks. I richards is this much better under richie williams’ care, than i can only imagine what zimmerman will do.

  9. emilio Says:

    We are comparing a rival at his position, im not comparing him to the goalkeeper or the central defender. I dont undertand how you can not understand what i am saying? I thought it would be very simple to understand what I was saying.
    Players have to fit into coaches systems and Richards provides an attribute which is speed that flourishes in a dorect style and in the counter-attacking game, Zimmerman does not have that speed or ability to take on defenders, thats why he is not starting. Thats a fact.
    Richards is a better winger than Zimmerman and I dont think any knowledgeable soccer fans would disagree. Having pace and ability to take on defenders are charecteristics needed to play that position. No one is saying Richards is better than a world class winger but he is better than Nick Zimmerman, much the same way that Carlos Johnson is better than Jeremy Hall.

    • lou Says:

      Emilio i understand what you’re saying perfectly, but that doesn’t make your arguement right. Zimmerman doesn’t have speed like richards, you always says this, but if we are talking about selecting the best winger than zimmerman is that guy. Speed is only one part of the game, zimmerman may not have as much, but he has enough. Like i said before, the ability to shoot from outside is extremely valuable and zimmerman brings that to the table with either foot. And yeah richards may break a long run and occasionally score (hardly ever though), but for everytime he does that, he might also give the ball away in a costly position which could result in a goal. Playing zimmerman is much more conducive to playing simply soccer which is what coach williams has said he is looking to do. Richards looked like complete shit with osorio as coach, now he looks like a slightly better player, so i don’t see why the same won’t be true about zimmerman when he plays. He was playing better to begin with so i can only imagine that he will play even better with richie williams coaching him.

      “Richards is a better winger than Zimmerman and I dont think any knowledgeable soccer fans would disagree. Having pace and ability to take on defenders are charecteristics needed to play that position.”

      That is clearly just your opinion, because it seems every other person on this site besides yourself believes zimmerman is the better winger and player. So either you’re wrong, or we are just not “knowledgeable soccer fans” as you put it. Yeah pace is something you need for that position, and zimmerman has that, just not as much as richards. But as i said before, shooting, crossing, retaining the ball, are all things you also need for the position and nick zimmerman is the one that has that.

      “As far as Duka, until we see him at the professional level we dont have a clue on if he will or will not be able to compete at this level. I hope he can.”

      No one said he would succeed at the professionial level, what i said was that you could still say what you where saying before about zimmerman being slower than richards and lacking that “skill” about duka, but that doesn’t make duka worse than richards.
      Even if what did just say was brought up in this conversation i still would disagree with you because we have seen him against professionial competition. Maybe not against the same players our team plays against everyday, but i’m sure he plays against more than his share of quality professionial players at the u20 level and since he is on our nationial team, i would assume he does well against them. And every reporter who has reported on our team in training has said duka has looked like one of the best players when training with us.

  10. emilio Says:

    As far as Duka, until we see him at the professional level we dont have a clue on if he will or will not be able to compete at this level. I hope he can.

  11. Alle Says:

    I was pleased with the way we handled the Crew last night. When I saw Richards go through on goal, I was thinking “Damnit, you better score or else!” and thankfully in the end he did, even if he had an open player to his right (it went by so quick, it was Rojas wasn’t it?). Shepp is right when he says Richie is auditioning, not only for this job, but for the new clubs coming in as well – should he decide to move on that is. I know saying “hire Richie” might seem early to say seeing as it’s only been 2 games under him, but I think it’d be in our best interests to have him stick around. He knows the club, he knows the players, and he knows how it works here in Jersey. Why not? If we don’t offer him a contract, it’d be one of the biggest mistakes we can add to our existence really.

    Keep it up guys, looking forward to the next match (I think it’s been a long time since I’ve said that!).

    • Alle Says:

      Regarding the Richards vs. Zimmerman posts above – I say Richards can keep his spot for the moment. Besides, Zimmerman belongs in the center, you can’t really compare the two – even if we have seen Zimmerman in his positions a few times.

      • lou Says:

        i would keep richards in now only because he is on a “hot” streak at the moment. The minute he stops scoring goals and starts to look like crap again (well he never really stopped looking like crap, he really always plays pretty badly, only now he is managing to score) we should take him out and put zimmerman in. I only say zimmerman should be played over richards becuase no one else can be used in that position at the moment. Ideally i would like to see zimmerman in the center or even at forward once, but since the center is loaded with players that doesn’t seem likely, so the wing seems like the best option. I think zimmerman even though not a natural winger, is an upgrade over richards.

  12. emilio Says:

    Zimmerman at forward, seriously are you his agent? Zimmerman does not have any characteristics of a forward, the more you post the more your credibility diminishes. Maybe he should be tried at goalkeeper, what do you think Lou?

    • lou Says:

      The more i post the more my credibility diminishes? Well than The same could be said about you. You basically want to put a completely one dimensional player on the wing simply because he is faster than the other candidate. Nevermind the fact that he turns the ball over constantly or doesn’t create anything for anyone else, all you care about is his speed. Maybe you should be richards agent, than you can take him out of soccer and put him in track and field.
      He should be tried at forward because last time i checked we only have three forwards, one of which is always injured, the other is aging, and the third is a super sub at best. Zimmerman has the best shot on the team, not only that but he is big and strong, he has held the ball up in the midfield for other players many times so why couldn’t he do that at forward? Is that what you consider havng no characteristics of a forward? The kid is better than quite a few players on the field, so whatever can be done to get him some playing time should be done, if that means playing at forward than why not? He can’t possibly be worse than some of the other players that have played for this club at forward.

  13. emilio Says:

    Zimmerman this, Zimmerman that, the team has won two straight games, with Zimmerman receiving no playing time and thats all you talk about. I have nothing against Zimmerman, I hope he develops into a solid central midfielder, thats what he is, but the more you say outlandish things about him makes me resent him, just because of your silly comments.

    • lou Says:

      You have nothing against zimmerman? You seem to tell me all the time how he hasn’t been one of our most consistent players (even though you name no one more consistent than him), you tell me how he won’t improve, or how he isn’t a good winger. You seem to always push richards down everyone’s throught. What ever i’m guilty of when referring to zimmerman, you are when referring to richards.
      Yeah the team won two games with richards, you know what, how many games did the team lose with richards? I’m guessing alot more than two.
      The wins have to do with richie williams being the coach, and his ability to take a one dimensionial player and make him effective for at least one or two plays a game, not with richards great playing and superior wing play.

  14. emilio Says:

    1. Zimmerman isnt a forward and never will be considered a forward.
    2. Richards is a better winger than Zimmerman.
    3. Zimmerman is a central midfielder.

    I know that Richards is a very flawed player, if you would read what I wrote you would see that I said that, but he provides a dimension which is effective if utilized in the correct system, and yes over the last two years prior to this one, Richards play was responsible for a high percentage of our goals thats a fact. I dont know what this Zimmerman infatuation is all about, I hope you get over it.

  15. emilio Says:

    I only responded to your comments, he is a central midfielder who in time may improve, should be start for our club now, NO. If we had a better player to play Richards position than fine, replace him, but currently we dont. I want Red Bulls to win, not Dane Richards or Nick Zimmerman.

    btw.. your right Richie Williams scored the goal, your ridiculous.

    • lou Says:

      Yeah richie williams scored the goal, that’s what i said right emilio. You’re the only rediculous one. Everything you say is simpl your opinion, yet to state it like fact.

      • emilio Says:

        “The wins have to do with richie williams being the coach, and his ability to take a one dimensionial player and make him effective for at least one or two plays a game, not with richards great playing and superior wing play”

        Thats what you said.

  16. emilio Says:

    Consistent in what, no one has been, were 4-16-4 consistency of what mediocrity. Richards has played poorly most of the time thats a fact, but he is still a better winger than Zimmerman. Richie puts who he thinks can help him win, and he thinks Richards is a better option and he has been in these two games.

    You probably were rooting for him to miss the goal so you could tell us about how great Nick is.

  17. emilio Says:

    how do you make a player effective for one or two plays a game, im really curious?

    • lou Says:

      Williams knows how to use richards, richards has gone from being completely non existent on the field to doing a few good things here and there. That is becuase of williams as a coach, and the only reason why he is only effective for one or two plays a game is becuase every other time richards makes a poor decision. The few times he doesn’t make a mistake and actually listens to what williams has told him to do, it ends up being effective.

      “You probably were rooting for him to miss the goal so you could tell us about how great Nick is.”
      I don;t have to root for richards to miss the goal, because he misses plenty on his own. And you where probibly waiting for richards to score so you could come on here and tell everyone how he is a superior player.

      “1. Zimmerman isnt a forward and never will be considered a forward.
      2. Richards is a better winger than Zimmerman.
      3. Zimmerman is a central midfielder”

      That list you made is just your opinion. I’m not sure why you feel that making that list proves your point, all it does is organize what you have said over and over and over and over again about richards. You say i push zimmerman or whatever, but i honestly wouldn’t be saying anything about zimmerman right now had it not been for you. If i didn’t feel like I had to justify my opinion, than i wouldn’t be saying anything about zimmerman. I think i’ll make a list of my own.

      1. Richards is not a soccer player, he simply is a fast runner with a ball at his feet.
      2. Zimmerman is a better shooter, passer, crosser, player than richards.
      3. I’m not saying either of them are solutions, and i’ve never said that before, if we find better players next year than we can play them but that isn’t the case right now.
      4. We’ve won two games so far with richie williams as coach, you seem to want to attribute the wins to richards, but i still say williams is the one that knows how to use him. That is why he has been playing better lately, because the coaches have switched and williams is simply a better coach than osorio.
      5. In ten years or so when both player’s careers are over, i can guarantee you that zimmerman finishes as the better of these two guys, whether he plays on the wing or not, he is just better.

      I’m really done with this arguement, you continue to say the same things about richards all the time. You can think whatever you want about richards and zimmerman, just remember the next time richards is in and whiffs on the ball, or misses an easy tap in, or takes a man on himself instead of doing the easy thing, that you wanted him out on the field over zimmerman.

  18. emilio Says:

    I cant make any guarantees, I didnt attribute the wins to Richards I attributed them to a new mindset, new tactics and a system that is more suited to our players. The new coach deserves most of the credit. Im glad Williams is making the decisions on who to play and puts the best players out there not the ones he is infatuated with. Thats all.

  19. emilio Says:

    Of course Richards is gonna make mistakes and play poorly at times and the same can be said of Zimmerman.

  20. emilio Says:

    Me wanting him on the field over Zimmerman is based on the fact that he is a winger and Zimmerman isnt, Zimmerman cant do the things Richards does much the same way Goldthwaite cannot make the plays Cepero makes, Goldthwaite isnt a goalkeeper and Zimmerman isnt a winger who can take people on. its simple.bye.

  21. DS Says:

    Lou, Zimmerman might become a good player, but right now he is not a starter on any MLS team. You say Zimmerman can shoot with both feet, but he has yet to score a goal; you think he is so great to have on the field be he has yet to even win a match. In his 10 matches (7 starts) the team has earn 1 point. Stop talking about Dane as being the worst soccer player and Zimmerman as being this unused talent. He is a 22 year old who has yet to make any sort of a name for himself. I agree that he has potential, and he has an eye for the long distance shot, but until he actually scores on one, he is not a better offensive threat than Richards.

    You say that emilio has been stating opinions, well these are the facts: no goals, no assists, no wins, and 1 tie from Nick Zimmerman’s entire career as a professional. Dane has 2 goals, 1 assist, and 2 wins in his last 2 matches.

    • lou Says:

      “You say that emilio has been stating opinions, well these are the facts: no goals, no assists, no wins, and 1 tie from Nick Zimmerman’s entire career as a professional. Dane has 2 goals, 1 assist, and 2 wins in his last 2 matches.”

      Ok and what is our record with dane richards all time? I’m guessing something like 40 losses 17 ties and maybe 15 wins. Dane has also played how many more minutes than Zimmerman, taken how many more shots than zimmerman, and has been playing professionial soccer for how much longer than zimmerman? So his stat of 1 assist and 2 goals in 2 matches which is just about all he has done all season isn’t really that impressive.

      “I agree that he has potential, and he has an eye for the long distance shot, but until he actually scores on one, he is not a better offensive threat than Richards.”

      How do you expect him to score from the bench? If he isn’t playing he isn’t going to score, and the few games he did play in no one on our team scored, not even the almighty dane richards, so if dane is now scoring than maybe zimmerman will be. It seems like everyone is playing better now, so it’s only logical to assume zimmerman would be playing better.
      All i was really trying to say earlier was that just because richards is faster, that doesn’t make him better, becuase there are many things he can’t do. Like i said before, richards may be up for a long run down the field that may or may not result in a goal, but for every oppurtunity like that there is also another play where dane will just cough the ball up for no reason. His goal to turn over ratio can’t be to great that’s for sure.

      • DS Says:

        You’re right, he can’t score from the bench, but he hasn’t shown any reason why he should start over Richards. No one has done anything all season, so you can’t claim that Richards is the only one to blame. He has stepped his game up recently and deserves his starting place on the right. You even say Zimmerman isn’t a right winger, and you have always been a big fan of playing people in “their position”. Zimmerman should be given a chance, but as a sub. Once he proves that he can make things happen then he can earn a start. Right now he is not a starter. Richards hasn’t been the best this season, but neither has anyone else so there is no point in holding that against Richards only. Richards is our second leadinig scorer now, so despite the aspects of his game which are lacking, he has produced more than almost the entire team. Richards does lose the ball, but I doubt it’s any more than the rest of the team. You say he doesn’t have a good goal to turnover ratio, but I bet it’s pretty competitive with the rest of this team. And that is what you have to compare him to. He isn’t near the best in the league, but he is the best option we have on the right wing at this moment.

      • lou Says:

        I suppose i can respect what you’ve said, neither of them are ideal wing prospects but i think zimmerman is to good to not get used. I am a fan of playing in position, however If him playing means he has to play out of position on the wing than so be it, game time is the only thing that will make him a better player. Yeah he hasn’t scored goals or assists, but to say he hasn’t done anything to warrant playing time is a little rediculous, because no one on this team has really done anything to warrant playing time so by that logic everyone should be on the bench.
        Richards has produced more statistically but with far more time, and yeah until zimm proves himself he shouldn’t be starting, but earlier in the season richards had completely lost his starting spot to zimmerman and than all of a sudden won it back without doing anything on the field to desserve it so i guess williams believes in second chances.

  22. Scott Says:

    I love Richards. Sunday he put a hard tackle on some crew player defensively. He goes out for a minute, comes back on. And when Heyduk drags Stammler(?) to the ground Richards comes from behind both of them to outrun everyone over half the field, then has the composure to slide it past the keeper.

    It is not like that was a set piece or part of some long build up, it was an individual effort, one that could not have been matched by another player on the team.

    Richards isn’t big enough to be in the box on corners but he is always ready as a threat on offensive or able to slow the pace of an attack on defense.

  23. red9fan Says:

    All you Dayne Richards Lovers have lost your Minds, on a Good Club he would NEVER see the Field, one Dimensional U 12 Kick and Run Type Player, can’t cross or Pass, and he has had ALOT of Playing Time, if he Starts for this Club next Season this Team is in Trouble. NOT A TEAM PLAYER!

  24. Pico Says:

    Well, my daughter said Zimm is better looking (she actually said prettier) than Richards. She had her picture taken with Nick during the pre-game activities. I think that pretty much settles the discussion.


  25. DS Says:

    I guess we’re all going to have to go with Zimmerman now. Prettier trumps speed any day.

  26. Alle Says:

    According to French transfer site Mercato365, Patrick Viera is being linked with us! They say that the New York Post has stated that the club is interested in the player. Over a few days now, L’EQUIPE has been talking about him and his possible decision to take up a last challenge in the States before retiring, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened – which would definitely be in the form of a DP (his contract going up to June 2010 with Inter).

    At 33 years old, I dunno really. I’ve liked Viera since his Arsenal days, but I don’t know if he’d cut it for us here – and he’d retire after a season or two surely. We’re better off going for a younger player, but if the club brings him then at least I’ll be able to see him face to face. We’ll see.

    • Alle Says:

      Confirmation on the New York Post blog:

      “OK, so by now we all know that France National Team midfielder Patrick Vieira has said he plans to leave Inter Milan at the end of this Serie A season, and said he’s been convinced to try MLS in 2010. It begs the natural question of could he be coming to Red Bull?

      Well, I can tell you the club does indeed have a wish list put together of potential Designated Players, and an industry source confirmed that Vieira is definitely on that short list. But the source also cautioned that Red Bull hasn’t had any talks _ advanced or otherwise _ with the Frenchman.”


      • lou Says:

        Yeah they’ve been talking about this for awhile. I’m not really sure if viera is good enough to be a dp anymore. Maybe just under dp status but he would never go for that. I would like to get someone like clarence seedorf who was linked to the mls earlier this year, or like i’ve been saying, someone like camel meriem.

        “Well, I can tell you the club does indeed have a wish list put together of potential Designated Players, and an industry source confirmed that Vieira is definitely on that short list. ”

        I’d be more interested to find out who these other players on this short list are.

  27. Dario Says:

    Viera would be a bust here. I dont think he is the right choice for the R. Bulls.

  28. emilio Says:

    time will tell.

  29. emilio Says:

    It could work out if he is surrounded by a good team around him. I think we all should have learned by now that it takes more than just a name player to be good. The Galaxy were awful the first two years with Beckham because they had a poor TEAM. If the team drafts well, acquires good mid-range salaried players and signs a motivated “star” it could work out, if not ONE player will not change the teams fortunes.

    • lou Says:

      ” If the team drafts well, acquires good mid-range salaried players and signs a motivated “star” it could work out, if not ONE player will not change the teams fortunes.”

      Any big name designated player, not just viera, would do well If the team signed good mid range salary players, does well in the draft, and surrounds him with good talent. Viera just isn’t the answer, especially if he comes in at a DP price. He is getting up there in age, and he really isn’t playing anymore for inter, nedved said he retired so he is out of the equation, figo would be similar to viera in that he would be good only if he came in for less than dp money, so i think a succesful dp would have to come from elsewhere.

  30. YaBoy Says:

    Seedorf is a beast, he would own with the Red Bulls. He’s physical so his style translates right into MLS.

  31. emilio Says:

    We have to realize not many top European players who get playing time in Europe are willing to come to MLS. Angel came because he wasnt getting playing time at Aston Villa, Id like Seedorf, but I dont see him coming next year.

    • lou Says:

      seedorf is more of a stretch just because he has been playing so well for ac milan (one of their best players at the moment), but he has expressed a great deal of interest in coming over to the mls next year. Finding players that want to come here that are still playing in europe are harder to find you’re right, and since seedorf is one of those players we should try to go after him.

  32. emilio Says:

    That would be great, I always liked him as a player.

  33. jess Says:

    i see christian vieri is also in NYC at the moment.
    i think vieri would be a great choice of striker for 1 year. he is a big name, albeit his best days are behind him, vieri is still good enough for MLS.

    sign him up!

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