The Red Bulls host Columbus on Sunday at 6pm in the final meeting of the season between the two 2008 MLS Cup Finalists.  New York, in its first match under interim head coach Richie Williams, got its first win in awhile last week with a 3-2 win over FC Dallas that also saw Juan Pablo Angel become the franchise’s all-time leading scorer.  Columbus is coming off a 5-0 thrashing at the hands of Cruz Azul in Mexico in CONCACAF Champions League play on Wednesday.  The Crew used pretty much a full strength starting XI in that match, so who they put out on Sunday is an interesting question.  RBR spoke with John Wolyniec and Andrew Boyens earlier this week to get their thoughts on the match.

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  1. Alle Says:

    Hopefully Kandji will be fit!

    Come on Red Bulls.

  2. lou Says:


    This lineup would give us our best chance to win, it has the right mix of veterans and youngsters and has competent players on the wings that can cross and shoot from far out. Garcia replaces petke or boyens and brings more speed to the back 4. Celadas creates and stammler destroys (other team obviously).

    Hopefully everyone is good to go for the game. Goldy is out so i guess it would have to be krupnik or something. Any word on garcia, like how he looked in practice or if he is fit? Is obster back and fit?

  3. jason Says:

    that would be a great line up lou but a few questions about garcia if he is ready or not

  4. lou's an idiot Says:

    Sorry for the prolonged absence buuuut once again Lou, you prove why you are an idiot. Goldy can not start due to the red card he received last week and garcia hasnt been in the 18 and has not played a competitive game in like what a year? and u want him not only in the 18 but starting 11 against the defending champs?

  5. NJMetrostars Says:

    uhh idiot guy he said in the other paragraph that Goldy is out. Read next time k? Thanks

  6. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Lol Lou isn’t the idiot . YOU are lol. Your so focused in trying to find something wrong when he posts that you don’t even finish reading whole post. Negative bastard

  7. lou Says:

    “Sorry for the prolonged absence buuuut once again Lou, you prove why you are an idiot. ”
    Once again? When was the first time i proved to be an idiot? It seems you’re the only one that continues to look stupid.
    I acknowledged the fact that goldy isn’t going to be in the lineup. What I said was that when healthy, just like with garcia, he gives us our best chance to win. I didn’t say garcia was good to go, how could i know if he is if there have been no reports on his fitness level? Like you said, he hasn’t played in a year so I asked how he is looking in practice, with the hopes that when healthy he can become a productive starter for us.

    My second paragraph reads
    “Hopefully everyone is good to go for the game. Goldy is out so i guess it would have to be krupnik or something. Any word on garcia, like how he looked in practice or if he is fit? Is obster back and fit?”

    Maybe you should worry about your own posts instead of mine all the time. I’m not an idiot, I made perfect sense, the fact that you can’t understand something so simple means you’re the idiot and you’re not funny either so why not just give it a rest.

  8. lou Says:

    Since no one at RBR has said anything on garcia, i went to a different the nypost’s website and according to brian lewis garcia isn’t close to being in shape ( he estimates it will take him at least a month to get up to game speed).
    Dilly Duke also practiced with the team so that he can stay in shape for the u20 nationial team, and apparently he looks very good (garber needs to change that rule, we need to sign this kid). Celadas sat out of practice and angel has his wrist bandaged up because apparently he fell on it. No word on obster’s status either.
    And since goldy is out i guess that means the back line would be something like

  9. Alle Says:

    I agree with the lineup, except don’t be surprised if we do see Ricards on that right hand side. I think if anyone can change that guy back to the way he was, it’s Williams. We’ll see how that goes.

  10. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    I actually think Richards played a gg against Dallas. Yea he still holds on to the ball a little to long but at least be was passing it better… I want to try this for the mid … Starting from left mid… Obster , celades, Zimmerman, Richards … I’ll play stammler as cb cuz petke n krunpik are way to slow… Around the 60th minute I’ll sub obster out for rojas.. Rojas is sharp ONLY when coming in after the half. A sh!t starter but very effective when subbed around the 60th…. Maybe because by that time the gameplay speed is his level. But everytime (been like 3, maybe 4 times this season) he comes in at 2nd half , he looks way better than when he starts.

    • lou Says:

      +1 i think that would be a good lineup. Zimmerman isn’t a winger so any lineup that allows him to get away from the wing is a good lineup ( I would still prefer him over richards on the wings though). I would really like to try zimmerman up top when angel is banged up, because he can utilize his long shot as a forward.

  11. jason Says:

    hopefully agoos wil start zimmerman he one of my favorite players on the team

  12. Alle Says:

    If Agoos was a manager, I’d pull an Osorio and leave the building.

    • lou Says:

      this is off topic, but isn’t jerome rothen looking to get out of psg? I heard blackburn want him, but the clubs can’t reach a deal. Maybe we can sign him with our second dp slot next year.

  13. Dario Says:

    I really hope we win because…if we do we equal Osorio’s win total in 2 games.


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