The Red Bulls take on FC Dallas today at Giants Stadium in the first game for interim head coach Richie Williams.  One side note for this match is that the last time the Hoops played at Giants Stadium, it was the first match for FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman.  In case you are unaware, Juan Carlos Osorio resigned from his position on Friday.  As always, RBR will provide a running commentary of the match.  More after the jump.

PRE-GAME: Here is the FC Dallas starting lineup:


Shea——–van den Berh ——–Ferreira——Harris




Bench: Burse, Torres, Wagner, Avila, Guarda, Rocha, Marosevic

PRE-GAME: Here is the Red Bulls’ starting lineup:





BENCH- Coundoul, Zimmerman, Pacheco, Rojas, Johnson, Krupnik, Kandji

NOTES: Ernst Obster will not be available as he is still in Austria with his newborn daughter.  Mike Petke is also unavailable as he sits out a one match suspension for caution accumulation.

The team trained on grass at MSU during the entire week..

Juan Pablo Angel had a full week of training and is ready to go for Sunday. Angel had not been heading the ball, however, so that will be something to watch. He will be paired with John Wolyniec, who created several chances last week. This was the tandem that the Red Bulls used in their MLS Cup run.

Angel is just one goal away from tying Giovanni Savarese’s club record for regular season goals scored (41) and two away from tying Clint Mathis for goals scored in all competitions (45).

Sinisa Ubiparipovic, fresh from a one-game suspension for a red card against Colorado on July 25, will start on the left side of the midfield. This is not the first time that he has played on the left hand side, though it wouldn’t be surprising if he cut in since he is right footed.

Andrew Boyens takes Mike Petke’s place over Leo Krupnik. Boyens will soon be preparing with the New Zealand national team for their World Cup Qualifying series against either Bahrain or Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Danny Cepero is back between the posts.

Macoumba Kandji participated in training this week (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday) and looks ready to contribute off of the bench after missing the last three matches with a hamstring strain.

RBR will be tweeting the match at


1′ And we’re off…

2′ Cunningham frees Shea with a long ball, but Shea puts it well wide from the top of the area.

3′ Wolyniec nods one just wide off a great cross from Borman.

4′ GOAL NY!!  Angel chips Sala after a through ball from Celades.

6′ The goal ties Angel with Gio Savarese for the top spot in MLS games on New York’s scoring list.

12′ The teams have settled into the midfield, with both teams trying to establish possession.

16′ Angel with a free kick from distance that almost is deflected past Sala, but it goes wide.

19′ Goal FCD.  Cunningham takes advantage of a defensive miscue, and sends a cross to McCarty, who heads it past Cepero.  1-1.

24′ The goal seems to have deflated the Red Bulls somewhat, as FCD hsa garnered the better of the possession since.

27′ GOAL NY!!  Richards finishes off a Wolyniec cross.  Celades fed Wolyniec, who made a nice move to get free to pass to Richards.  2-1 NY.

33′ Drew Moor nods away a Richards cross destined for Sinisa, who was in prime position to put it away.

38′ FCD sub #1: Rocha for Shea.

42′ FCD continues high pressure, getting called for at least their third offsides of the half.

45+’ 1 minute of stoppage.

HALFTIME: 2-1 Red Bulls.

46′ And we’re back…

46′ No changes for either side at the half.

46′ Harris gets off an early shot, but Cepero corrals it.

51′ Wolyniec gets a yellow card.

56′ Wolyniec runs onto an Angel chip in traffic and turns on it to get off a good shot, but Sala punches it away.

56′ Yellow to Ricchetti.

57′ Angel puts it into the side netting on the restart.

60′ Goldthwaite gets a red card for an elbow on the corner.

62′ Stammler slides back to cover Goldthwaite’s position on the back line.

66′ NY sub: Krupnik for Celades.

67′ Krupnik’s entrance slides Stammler back to midfield.

70′ FC Dallas has earned a series of corners as the Red Bulls bunker.

71′ FCD sub #2: Avila for Davies.

72′ Goal FCD.  van den Bergh with a left footed blast from just outside the area to the back post.  2-2.

75′ Angel with a half-break but he puts his shot over the top.

78′ NY sub #2 and #3: Kandji and Rojas for Wolyniec and Sinisa.

83′ NY earns a corner.  They are still generating chances with 10 men.

86′ Yellow to Hall for shirt tugging.

88′ GOAL NY!!  Angel cleans up a rebound on a Kandji blast.  3-2 NY.

88′ Angel’s 44th MLS goal is a team-record and ties him with Clint Mathis for the all-competitions lead.

90+’ 2 mintuts of stoppage.

90+’ Yellow to Stammler.

90+’ Yellow also to Kandji

FULL TIME:  3-2 win NY.  Check back later for post match reaction




  1. Lou Says:

    If we hope to win this game we are going to have to implement the offside trap to compensate for boyens who is slow as (deleted), and kandji is gonna have to play and play well. It sucks that obster isn’t playing because he has shown promise and now craptastic Richards has to play. I hope zimm sees substantial minutes.

  2. Lou Says:

    Where is walter Garcia?

  3. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    Walter Garcia is not in the 18 as he improves his fitness level.

  4. anon Says:

    At least we’re back to 4-4-2 – the last time RBNY started with this formation, they won.

  5. Lou Says:

    Garcia is a centerback so hopefully he will be an improvement over boyens when he gets fit. We definetly need more speed and an overall upgrade in the center

  6. Lou Says:


  7. Karbaz Says:

    Celades is cutting this team in half.

  8. Karbaz Says:

    I can’t wait to never see these gridiron lines ever again.

  9. Alle Says:

    I totally agree, I hate that crap.

    As for the team: I missed the first gopal, but wow what a match so far. These guys look like they have new found hope in them already! Let’s keep this up in the second half.

    Kandji on the bench, we could see him in the second half!

  10. Karbaz Says:

    Ubi needs to get off the field, he’s done nothing all game.

  11. Alle Says:

    Goldthwaite red, damnit…

  12. Karbaz Says:

    Good job Goldy, what a moron. I didn’t see him actually hit the guy, it looked like he missed but that’s no excuse. This isn’t the first time he got himself thrown out of a game for being stupid.

    • Lou Says:

      If the ref was fair he would have given the fc Dallas defender a red for the blatant hand ball that broke up a scoring opportunity.

  13. Karbaz Says:

    VDB you bastard.

  14. Lou Says:

    Dammit. (deleted) goldy screwed us over

  15. Alle Says:

    Poor defending on the Dallas goal, Van den Berg got us back..

  16. Alle Says:

    KANDJI is back!

  17. Alle Says:

    ANNNNGGEEEELLLLLLL SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT A SHOT BY KANDJI, ANGEL WAS THERE! GET IN! YYEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Karbaz Says:

    YES!!!!!!! That’s the old Angel.

  19. Alle Says:

    WE CAN’T let this go, we can’t!

  20. Karbaz Says:

    2min cmon PLEASE!!!!!

  21. Karbaz Says:

    Kandji why didn’t you hold it up.

  22. Karbaz Says:

    HOLD THE (deleted) BALL!!!

  23. Alle Says:


  24. Alle Says:

    Take your time ANGEL!

  25. Karbaz Says:


  26. Alle Says:



  27. Cindy Says:

    EFFING BRILLIANT!! good Lord! my boys playing with heart again! i love it!!!

  28. Karbaz Says:

    Now time to watch Barca pick Bilbao apart. Thank you Bulls for making my day.

    • lou Says:

      what channel is that on karbaz, i couldn’t find it

      • Karbaz Says:

        I’m watching it here

        http: // www . justin . tv / justin _ hd

        No spaces of course and Messi just scored 1-0 Barca.

      • lou Says:

        Barca is going to win the champions league again this year, but juve and chelsea are going to be right up there with them.

      • Karbaz Says:

        I can’t see anyone playing better than Barca, there passing is ridiculous. I can only see Chelsea shutting them down like they did last year and they still got the away in stoppage time.

      • lou Says:

        I personally hate chelsea, I’m not really a fan of english football. With messi, iniesta, ibra, and henry, no one is shutting down barcelona. Madrid spent so much money but the team has to much ego, the players aren’t going to work together and even if they did i still think barca has more talent. Juve is stacked though with iaquinta, del piero, giovinco, and diego so they will be good this year.

      • Karbaz Says:

        I don’t know if you got my reply up top but I said I think Juve will win the Serie A this year. Both Milans didn’t impress me today. I think Juve should focus on the league rather than the CL, to me, the Serie A title is ripe for the taking.

        As for Real Madird, they can spend all that money for attacking players but in the end there defense is crap.

        I’m kinda with you about English football. I think sometimes they play negative football but I still enjoy the games for the most part.

      • lou Says:

        No i didn’t see your comment above, but anyway we’re on the same page so it doesn’t really matter. It’s sad to see the state of the serie A right now with all the betting scandals, decaying stadiums, decreasing attendences, and the flight of some of it’s best players to other leagues. I hope for world soccer’s sake, that the serie a makes a resurgence in the next few years.

  29. gigi Says:

    IM so happy i could cry right now- finnaly.good subs by richie, good lineup. Cant wait for next game, didnt think I would say that this season.

  30. lou Says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. Richie has led us to a win with no petke, and a man down for the majority of the second half.

  31. Kahlva Says:

    Wait – red bulls WIN?

    Is that a typo? 🙂

  32. lou Says:

    thanks karbaz.

  33. Erik Says:

    Let the rebuilding begin!! Good to see Angel finding his form again. Kandji and Rojas as super subs not a bad idea either, think that’s the first time this year a RBNY coach makes some good decisions. Would love to see Zimmerman instead of Richards but hey! a good start for the new coach!

    • lou Says:

      yeah that was my only complaint with the lineup, i wish zimmerman was in instead of richards because richards made some very poor decisions. Ubi wasn’t really that great either so i would have been happy with zimm coming in for him. I’m interested to see how garcia plays, hopefully he will improve our defense and add some speed back there, and we didn’t even have obster today so this team wasn’t even at full strength.

  34. jason Says:

    angel is back this was a great goal almost everybody did great so good

  35. Alle Says:

    Hey Lou, atleast Richards scored!

    • lou Says:

      yeah that was a good team effort on that goal, so i can’t hate on him to much, but still i really don’t like his decision making and i heard he is a bit of an (deleted) from quite a few people that know him.

      • Erik Says:

        Yes we have to give credit to Richard for scoring a nice goal today. But more important is how this team became the worst team in the league. One of the many reasons is that there are/were just to many players with not enough basic skills. Unfortunately Richards is one of them. So I would love to see young guys like Zimmerman get playing time. Him, Kandji, and hopefully Duka are the future of this team and that is what the new coach needs to look at now.

      • lou Says:

        We will have a very young team next year, we have two first round picks and a second round pick if i’m not mistaken, plus when you look at young players like kandji, zimmerman, obster, and hall, it looks like we may be one of the youngest teams in the league. It’s imperitive that this organization signs and academy player before they move on to europe, we simply have to much youth talent to ignore.

  36. lou Says:

    ha bojan just scored a nice goal for barca, he pretty much rubbed it in the goalies face.

    • Karbaz Says:

      I like Bojan, he’s like a second Messi, not as good but still a great player.

      • lou Says:

        I think iniesta is their best player, i know that most people woudln’t agree with me but he has so much pace, skill, and he has great vision. Most importantly he is clutch when it counts, and he loves playing the sport he doesn’t do it for the money. Messi is a close second though. I’ve heard that barca have a third messi type player in their youth ranks, a kid by the name of gai assulin from isreal, his highlight videos are pretty impressive.

      • Karbaz Says:

        No dude I actually completely agree with you, i have been telling people that for the past 2 years that he’s in the top 3 best players in the world. I love passers (although my favorite player ever is R9 Ronaldo, weird) so he became an instant favorite of mine.

      • Karbaz Says:

        Barca’s youth system is why they will always be better than Real Madrid IMO.

      • lou Says:

        Yeah, their youth system is the envy of every other team, they just seem to manufacture great young players, one player leaves and another takes his place. Real madrid for some reason traded david moreno, one of their most promising youth players to almeria, he is almost a carbon copy of messi, and it’s trades like those that are going to keep madrid behind barcelona.
        The red bulls have a loaded academy system, by far the best in the country, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be calling these kids up on a consisten basis. If we ever want to dominate the mls we are going to need to start rellying on our youth to sustain our club, eventually we can become self sufficent like barcelona is.

      • Karbaz Says:

        You know I was gonna write about the Red bulls youth system. we really should be the Barcelona of MLS as crazy as that may sound to some people. i just think for some reason the league is against us. I know that too conspiracy theory for some people but I do believe that. We tried to sign a kid some time ago from our youth ranks but the league said no, i forget why but I think it was some stupid reason. Not only is that bad for us the red bulls, but it’s bad for the MLS, they should be pushing for more young american player exposure to help grow the league, instead they go off to europe somewhere where they might not get any playing time.

      • lou Says:

        they wouldn’t allow us to sign dilly duka becuase he played college soccer before he player for our academy or something stupid like that. It’s obvious that the league favors other teams before us (galaxy). I mean think about the kids that have come out of our youth ranks- ferrari, kassell, bernardo, duka, agudelo, exantus just to name a few, and not one has played for us. New Jersey is the most talented state in the country for soccer bar none. Some could argue that california produces more stars but I mean just look at the players our area produces.

  37. Mastro Says:



  38. emilio Says:

    Your right Lou, Iniesta is their best player, he isnt flashy so he doesnt get the credit he deserves but he makes the team click and Xavi isnt far behind. Iniesta is clearly one of the five top players in the world.

    • lou Says:

      since you mentioned top five players in the world, If i had to rate my top 5 favorite players i would definetly say
      1. Del piero
      2. iniesta
      3. messi
      4. fernando torres
      5. and just so i can throw a defender in there i would say sergio ramos because of his age, potential, and talent.

      ribery, rooney, and donovan are all close behind.

  39. emilio Says:

    del piero? you must be joking and Donovan and rooney in top ten, where do you get that?


    • Lou Says:

      Yea favorite not best. Del piero has been class his whole career and he still is at the highest level even at his age. He had the skill, speed, and free kicks, he definetly a legend. Iput donovan in there because of his speed and work rate I.e. Playing in Mexico with swine flu.

    • Lou Says:

      Oh I forgot about kaka and diego forlan. Aguero is up there to.

  40. emilio Says:

    oh ok your saying favorite, not best.

  41. emilio Says:


  42. Alex Says:

    RedBulls Forward Macoumba “MAC” Kandji called up for the senegalese national team to play against Angola on September 05, 2009 in Lisbon, Portugal

  43. emilio Says:

    Good for him if thats the case.

  44. Brookdalepark Says:

    Does anyone yet know why Mr. Ricchetti did not receive a red card for the blatant intentional hand ball that prevented a breakaway?

  45. warner.rem Says:

    Nice Commentry… keep it up

  46. Kids Football Shirt Says:

    I know that too conspiracy theory for some people but I do believe that. We tried to sign a kid some time ago from our youth ranks but the league said no, i forget why but I think it was some stupid reason.

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