A gut-check win for New York today, as the team overcomes not only playing the last half hour a man down, but also scores a late goal after giving up the lead.  And to top if off, Juan Pablo Angel scores a brace to move into the top spot on the franchise all-time scoring list.  We captured post match reaction from Angel, Wolyniec, Richards, and interim head coach Richie Williams.




  1. jason Says:

    did you guys watch the post match it was talking about bringing a new player like a super sttAR IN 3 YEARS OR SO

    • lou Says:

      3 years? why that long, i would think they would be bringing a super star in for the opening of red bull arena.

  2. Matt Says:

    I’ve been critical of this club all season long, but this was a very good performance today. Congrats all around to the players and I left the stadium a happy Red Bulls fan, finally,

  3. Cindy Says:

    yeah Angel looked sharp and like he used to be and Dane Richards was hustling and even Andrew Boyens looked calm and played solidly! go job on the win boys! let’s keep em coming and pull ourselves out of the gutter!

  4. Cindy Says:

    Stover in the post match interview was talking about Agoos staying on with RB which i’m hoping was him just talking about til season’s end. while i respect Osorio for stepping down, it’s not enough Agoos most definitely needs to go too!!

  5. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Good job Juan Pablo!

  6. Jason Says:

    that would be a smart thing to do Lou

  7. Metro boy till da day i die Says:


  8. Mr. Fish Says:

    The team showed a lot of pride Sunday, especially after vDB tied the match at two. Happy for Richie, for the players, and for the whole organization after this horrible run.

    Hopefully Kandji’s return will help RBNY play the role of spoiler over the seven remaining matches. Sorry to see Goldie get the Red, but Krupnik played well on the backline and hopefully will play well next week.

  9. Frog Says:

    This does not solve anything, fire Agoos and sell the team.

    • Mentz Says:

      Way to keep it positive bro.

      • lou Says:

        No one is saying the team is perfect frog, its obvious that the team needs to clean up some loose ends and fire some people but the team showed more heart last night than they have all season because of richie williams.

    • vic Says:

      I agree. we beat one of the league’s bottom feeders. this is one of the teams that we SHOULD beat. let’s see how Richie inspires the team for these last few games. but the problem remains that we need a good replacement for Agoos who can put together a squad that will take home the Cup. RBA and RBNY’s fans deserve nothing less than a winning team. the tri-state area is one of the mecca’s of american soccer and thus should be treated like so.

      If I were to judge off this game alone, I’d say hire richie full time and find the smartest GM money can buy.

  10. YaBoy Says:

    RBNY showed some real determination out there. I agree with Mr. Fish, Krupnik made some key plays on the line that may not have been made a couple games ago. They were also getting the passes out into space so that the midfielders got a good release.

    I’d love to see Ubiparipovic out of the starting 11 in favor of Kandji as an attacking midfielder to help get more chances along with Woly and Angel up front.

  11. Dario Says:

    A win, Richie has half the wins Osorio has now…in one game.

  12. lou Says:


    This lineup would give us our best chance to win, it has the right mix of veterans and youngsters and has competent players on the wings that can cross and shoot from far out. Garcia replaces petke or boyens and brings more speed to the back 4. Celadas creates and stammler destroys (other team obviously).

    • vic Says:

      without a doubt +1 though after seasons end we must find a replacement for Goldy. he’s one of our more solid defenders, but his mental lapses that lead to reds are unacceptable. yesterday against FCD was not just the first time.

      • lou Says:

        I would actually like a complete upgrade in the back. I don’t think any of them are good enough to start on a championship team, goldy looks good enough to do that at times but at others he just has complete mental lapses. Maybe garcia will be a stud in the back, who really knows. We are also going to need more forwards, and a stud attacking mid preferably camel meriem of the french nationial team who is a free agent. The goalie position could be upgraded but i’m not sure it’s an absolute nescessity. Someone to play on the right wing would also be needed because zimmerman isn’t a winger.

    • Alle Says:

      I agree with the lineup – except since Goldy is suspended, we’ve got Krupnik for that position.

      As for Meriem, you can forget about him now, he could be on his way to Lens (Ligue 1) in a few days time. He wasn’t really a realistic option anyway because, if you think about it, I’m sure no one has ever heard of him in the office. Would’ve been a nice catch though.

      • Lou Says:

        Perfect so another great player slips away. I know he isn’t a household name but a soccer organization should known of hi

  13. 505anthony Says:

    What I like most about yesterday’s performance was the courage and determination we showed when going a goal down. We didn’t put our heads down or look frustrated–as we have every game this year–but got down to the business of getting back in the game. We kept it simple and that seemed to do wonders. The scrore was 3-2, deservedly, but it could have so easily been 5-2. Even had we lost yesterday, I would have still said our performance looked a million times better. Also, it was good to see Angel really taking charge on the field; he looked possessed all night. If that’s all Ritchie, then I like what I see.

    This, however, does not change the fact that all of us are waiting to hear from Red Bull about what their plans are for the future, as well as a “Mea culpa” for this season.

  14. Alex Says:

    RedBulls Forward Macoumba “MAC” Kandji called up for the senegalese national team to play against Angola on September 05, 2009 in Lisbon, Portugal

  15. emilio Says:

    Ive been a fan of Goldthwaite the last two years, he has talent and at times looks very good, but he has many mental lapses and picks up stupid cards. Yesterday he let the team down as he did many times last year. Also,, he makes huge blunders at innoportune times. Lets try out a Krupnik-Garcia back-line and see how that works.

    • Lou Says:

      Agreed. It’s a shamf because goldy has enough talent and athleticism to be one of the top defenders in the league

  16. jason Says:


  17. Alle Says:

    ALEX where’d you get that news about Kandji?! I never saw that on seneweb! Then again, they’re slow when it comes to news..

    • Alex Says:

      magazine stades.i can forward you that if you provide me an e-mail

      • lou Says:

        That could end up being a bad thing, i mean congrats to him, but if he plays well he will get european interest and than he’ll leave the club after playing barely any games for us because of his injuries.

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