Richie Williams takes over as interim head coach

Richie Williams takes over as interim head coach

The Red Bulls got back to work today preparing for tomorrow afternoon’s 3:00 p.m. home match against FC Dallas following yesterday’s resignation of Juan Carlos Osorio.

Richie Williams led his first training session of the club after a team meeting. The club worked out for 90 minutes at Montclair State and the mood was different. Following training, the players spoke to the media about the change as well as their support for Richie Williams.

“Richie has the full support of the team,” said captain Juan Pablo Angel. “We have to play hard for him. It is an important game tomorrow at home. In order for us to avoid being the worst team in MLS history we have to win.”

“It was impressive,” said Seth Stammler, who was with the team in 2006 when Williams served as interim head coach before. “He stepped into the role well. The thing that I remember was that he had a set routine week after week. Guys could count coming into training know what we would be doing.”

Williams, who enters his second stint in an interim role, is ready to lead the club for the remainder of the season.

“I am happy to do it and to lead the team,” Williams said. “It’s a great experience for me to do that and I welcome the opportunity.”

Then he recounted his previous experience as the leader of the team.

“Once you become the head coach, all the responsibility come rights to you,” said Williams. “Ultimately, you are the person with the final say. You get busy real quick. You have a lot of responsibility and that goes to the players on the team, organizing trainings, and getting the team ready for game. So I do remember that from the past and went right through it yesterday and today.

But most important, Williams is focused on tomorrow and FC Dallas.

“I am just thinking about tomorrow,” after his first full day on the job. “It’s an opportunity to show our fans that we are still good soccer players and we can play as a team. And, that we can perform and get results. We have eight games left and we’re going to try and win every one of them.”



  1. lou Says:

    Seth Stammler says, “He stepped into the role well. The thing that I remember was that he had a set routine week after week. Guys could count coming into training know what we would be doing.”

    As opposed to what? So in other words, JCO didn’t have a routine when he coached and the players didn’t know what they were doing in training? That may be why we continued to get our asses kicked week after week, don’t you think?

  2. Dario Says:

    good point lou.

    6 Coaches in Seths time. …that tells any outsider who does not know the team
    all they need to know.

    Well best of luck to Richie, hopefully we win a few games in his tenure.

    In our 8 games I say we go 2-5-1.

    • lou Says:

      I agree Dario, I don’t expect him to do to great, but i do think we will see a difference in the way our team plays on the field. Hopefully kandji is healthy enough to play and maybe walter garcia gets some playing time, who knows maybe richie will play zimmerman up top (that I would like to see).

  3. Karbaz Says:

    Honestly, no pressure Williams, we have nothing else to lose this season because we lost everything we could already. We just want to see some solid playing that could give us something to look forward to next season.

  4. Alle Says:

    I have confidence in Richie, and I think if he does well with the games we have left, he should stay. After all, he HAS been here long enough!

  5. Alle Says:

    For anyone who didn’t see this:


    MLSNET: A published report on Tuesday said the club had decided that Osorio and AGOOS were not going to return for the 2010 season. While Agoos’ future remains in doubt, Osorio ended all speculation by calling it quits Friday afternoon, two days before the Red Bulls take on FC Dallas at Giants Stadium.

    Well, that gives us hope.

  6. Claude Says:

    Good luck Richie.

  7. Alle Says:

    Oi RBR, didn’t I make a post here a while back? Why was it deleted?! Freedom of speech mate! Besides, it was nothing harmful at that!

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