The Red Bulls announced today that head coach Juan Carlos Osorio has resigned from his position, effective immediately. The team also announced that assistant coach Richie Williams will serve as the interim head coach for the remainder of the 2009 season. The search process for a new head coach will begin immediately.

“It has been a difficult season for Juan Carlos and he felt that it was in the best interest of the team to step aside,” said Red Bulls Managing Director Erik Stover. “I want to personally thank Juan Carlos for his efforts with the Red Bulls organization. It was under his leadership last season that the team won the Western Conference Championship and reached the MLS Cup Final for the first time in franchise history. We wish him well in his future endeavors.”

“I want to apologize to the fans for the results this season,” said Osorio. “I want to thank the players for their hard work. I would also like to thank the club for the opportunity to coach the team for the past two seasons.”

Williams, 39, takes over as interim head coach for the second time in his career. Currently in his fourth season as an assistant coach with New York, Williams also served as the Red Bulls interim head coach from June 27-Aug. 12, 2006, taking over for Mo Johnston. Williams went 4-3-2 over that stretch.

Osorio joined the Red Bulls as head coach on December 18, 2007. In his two seasons, he led the team to a 12-27-13 record and an appearance in the 2008 MLS Cup Final.

The Red Bulls next match is Sunday, August 23 when they host FC Dallas at 3 p.m. at Giants Stadium (TV: MSG, Telefutura; Radio: WQBU 92.7 FM).




  1. Choclo Says:

    NY Red Bulls:


  2. lakaix15 Says:

    it is the sadest day he was a great coach….


  3. Red Bulls Soccer Says:


  4. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    This is best news ever.

  5. emilio Says:

    Thank You Juan for doing the right thing. Thats what we needed, now lets evaluate what we have and move on. He saw the handwriting on the wall with the stories that had been written recently and realized it was over, im glad. Now we can properly evaluate the players we have and stop playing players like Rojas, Petke, etc. players who wont be back next season.

  6. 505anthony Says:

    I hate to see a decent guy lose his job, because I do think Osorio is a decent guy. And I wish him all the best and hope he gets his career back on track. But really, he shouldn’t have had to resign: he should have been dismissed months ago by RED BULL CORP. It’s ridiculous that this saga has even gone on this long, and the fact that he’s resigned rather than been let go (and not even along with Agoos) only shows how little this company cares about our club. They still have not acted ! WTF are they doing? Where are the answers? They can take their new stadium and shove it if they’re going to continue treating us like this, giving us the silent treatment and acting as though they don’t exist. They’ve had the power to solve this problem (or even just address it) for months and have not done a single thing. Honestly, it’s a disgrace–I feel ashamed to even wear a jersey with their f***in’ logo on it. Even NJSEA treats us better than this. It’s a joke. WE ALL DESERVE AND SHOULD DEMAND AN APOLOGY.


  7. emilio Says:

    12-27-13 WOW!! 49 out of a possible 156 points, thats as bad as it gets. It was amazing he kept his job this long, he was probably convinced he was coming back next year until this week and the stories that came out.

  8. emilio Says:

    emilio Says:
    August 21, 2009 at 10:26 AM | Reply
    I know this is off topic but….

    Looking at was has transpired this season and within the last few weeks with Osorio and Agoos, it sheds light on the makeup of these two individuals, at least with regards to there job performance this year. Now that it appears that both men will lose their jobs (although Agoos will be retained at a different capacity), one is still working at trying to improve the club while the other is trying to throw the other under the bus. Agoos hasnt given up, he signed Krupnik and Garcia (who has a better track record than any of Osorio’s signings), while Osorio has been stating that he gets blamed for decisions that arent his. Agoos major mistake was giving Osorio liberty in player selection, Osorio not Agoos went after Rojas, Cichero,Pietravallo, Oduro, Khano Smith, Pacheco, etc., yet now he says he gets blamed unjustly. Krupnik may or may not be the answer but he is a player with experience who should be given playing time to see if he can help in the future, since what we have had has failed miserably, yet Osorio wont play him to make a point, since he isnt his guy. Osorio’s comments on not knowing Garcia also indicate he does not want to give the player a chance to prove himself, since he isnt ”his guy”. With 8 games left we should be looking to see if we have any players left that can contribute next year. Osorio is only concerned with himself and how he looks not the team. He needs to be fired immediately.

    Earlier today I had made those statements, it is embarrasing that management didnt do the right thing and fire him and he had to resign.

  9. emilio Says:

    Now lets support the team, we dont have to fear that if the Red Bulls win a few games management will start to think Osorio should be back next year, we can have the assurance we wont have to deal with him as our coach, that should be a great weight lifted off all of our shoulders.



  11. Frog Says:

    One down, Agoos and the Red Bull name to go next please. FIRE AGOOS AND SELL THE TEAM.

  12. gas huffer Says:

    I called loudly for Osorio’s head to roll. That said, he seems like an honest guy who takes the work to heart, and I wish him the best for the future.

    Agoos, however, can suck wet farts out of a dead pigeon for all I care.


  13. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Change us to Metroooo

  14. ? Says:


  15. emilio Says:

    I wish him the best also, but he was over his head with us.

  16. Mentz Says:

    Finally. Now bring me this DC Scum Agoos…

  17. kofix5 Says:


  18. Jeff Agoos Says:

    Ok guys. You caught me. I only joined this team because of my DC pride. It became my lifetime goal to sabotage this pitiful team. All the moves I personally made were blamed on the coach I personally ruined by not sharing any information and signing players he “don’t know much about.”

    Now that I’ve succeeded, I will enjoy the rest of my stay on a random tropical island, and will return to RFK to a hero’s welcome from the Barra Brava. You guys and your shit team fell for it.

  19. kofix5 Says:

    Agoos may be the one to blame the most in terms of acquisitions but Head Coach Osorio failed to call him out and take control. If Osorio was truly out of the loop concerning Agoos decisions then he should have been a strong enough personality to put a foot on Agoos’ neck and let him know who the big dog is. Wins and losses always come down to the coach. If he wasn’t ok with Agoos decisions then he should have let Agoos know to communicate with him.
    But in my experience watching Osorio deal with problems, I found him to be an incredibly uninspiring personality. He may be smart but he ain’t tough or bull-headed and that does not make a great head coach.
    May he find success at a future club.

  20. Don Garber Says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Thank you for your honesty and candor. I applaud your Machiavellian attitude and execution, frankly. This is just the thing that MLS needs to succeed, not only on the field, but behind the scenes. Rivalry is imperative and your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.

    I see great things in your future, my boy. Great things.

    -Don “the Don” Garber

  21. Matt Says:

    About four months too late.

    One down, one to go.

  22. kofix5 Says:

    A majority of signings by Osorio have sucked big time. They and we know who they are. Soumare and Conde for the Fire are probably his best sigings and Johnson and few current RB fan faves I have faith in but the others stunk.

    Blame can be spread like butter on a hot skillet evenly all around this franchise. No one remains ungreased.

  23. emilio Says:

    Soumare was drafted before he came, Conde has been his only decent signing. Cichero, Pietravallo, Rojas, Smith, Pacheco, Echeverry were all his calls not Agoos. Agoos brought in Krupnik, Walter Garcia after the mess was already made. Agoos issue has been giving Osorio player personell decision making.

  24. Steve Says:

    Finally, I don’t have to be AS ashamed of the Red Bulls.

  25. Mastro Says:


  26. Karbaz Says:

    First i would like to say thanks for getting us to our first ever MLS Cup final, whether it was you or our players who cares we got there at least. With that being said, this was a long time coming and he did the right things, he should have done it after the loss to Connection but at least now we can move forward. Now we need to focus on, yes getting rid of Agoos, but more importantly, find, not just a good coach, but the RIGHT coach for the Red Bulls.

  27. Karbaz Says:

    Also, i appreciate the fact that he apologized to us the fans for this disastrous season.

  28. emilio Says:

    I dont appreciate the fact that he didnt take responsibility and after matches always blamed the players and was recently indirectly blaming others for his acquisitions. Im sure he will say its the ”MLS

    • Karbaz Says:

      The players were just as much to blame for this craptastic season as the coach but yes he should have blamed himself first.

  29. emilio Says:

    rules” that hindered him.

  30. emilio Says:

    Yes and he was responsible for bringing this team together, the ultimate blame will always be on the coach, its the nature of the business.

  31. Alex Says:


  32. Cindy Says:

    omg please Agoos take the hint and you step down too! good luck to Richie Williams!

  33. Iain Says:

    Who’s been talking to Barcelona ?? Haha

  34. The Doucher Says:

    Did you guys ever think that Red Bull actually has done something and they told Osorio that he can either step down or he will be uncermoniously fired. Because its not like that isn’t common practice, especially to a guy who brought us to the MLS Cup Final… i also heard from a buddy of mine that Red Bull has been looking into a new coach for a while…now that Osorio is gone maybe that means they found one!

  35. Alle Says:

    I must say that when I saw this on ESPNSoccernet, I literally shouted “YES!”. Finally some “good” news for the Red Bulls this season. Richie Williams will do as he knows how to coach, now it’s all about repairing the team. Will he be able to buy players or will they leave those decisions to Agoos? Well one thing is certain – we won’t be dragging ourselve to South America for much longer. Good bye and don’t come back.

    • Choclo Says:

      Unfortunally my friend Maradona, Messi, Tevez, Pele, Kaka, (and I can keep going) come from South America.
      …..just a few samples right???

      • Lou Says:

        Yea but scouting in brazil and argentina is alot different than scouting in Columbia and Venezuela. Sadly we always seem to do the later.

  36. Richard Says:

    F YOU IAIN… you tell us news we want to hear (RB selling) then news we don’t want to hear (Barca) lol


    Give the soccer fans in the world’s greatest city something to attach to dammit.

  37. Jason Says:

    he was a great coach sad to see him go

  38. red9fan Says:

    iosorio juan de los carlos que usted aspiro Totalmente! ibuen riddance de mierda!

  39. red9fan Says:

    OOPS, So many Spanish Players I had to Learn Spanish, I will Translate. Juan Carlos Osorio, YOU Totally Sucked, Good FU…NG Riddance!

    • Choclo Says:

      All of us are not happy with JC and the team, but I think that you went to far.
      I want to see you in JC position.

      • red9fan Says:

        I wish I could get Paid the Money he Does, I am not a Coach, Obviously he is not much of one Either, he Brought in alot of Players, tried a Different Lineup every Game, Nothing he did works, He Will NOT get another MLS HEAD COACH POSITION, he is not A PROFESSIONAL SOCCER COACH, PERIOD…………………………. By the way I do not give a Shit what you think!

  40. Alle Says:

    Mierda, you said it right buddy, because he is.

  41. emilio Says:

    There is only one spanish player on the red bulls. They have a columbian, a costa rican, a venezuelan, etc. and one spanish player. Where did you get the idea they had many spanish players???

    • Lou Says:

      Yea I hate when people say that. Spain is different than columbia or Venezuela. If we were loaded with spainish players we probibly wouldn’t be in this big of a mess.

      • red9fan Says:

        Lou, I really do not care that he went south for most of his Players, all I want the Coach and Orginazation to do is get Quality Players, I do not care where they come from. LOOK at this ROSTER, the Coach and Whoever have Probably set this Team back several Years with this Roster, sure he is now gone but there is one Hell of a mess to clean up. Oscar Echeverry, Jorge Rojas, Juan Pietravallo, Gabriel Cichero, all his Players. Diego Jimenez, his Player Should have been kept, Matthew Mbuta who knows, this is such a Great Team (right) he could not get on the Field, Kandji, who knows very Fragile. All I can say is go LOOK AT THIS ROSTER.

  42. Lou Says:

    I don’t understand what you’re trying to say red9fan. All I was saying was that there is a difference between spainish players and Venezuelan or columbian players. People keep saying we have so many spainish players when in reality that is not the case, It’s a pet pieve of mine.

    • red9fan Says:

      Lou, People are defending Osorio, he had plenty of influence and input on the Roster, all I am saying is that most of the Players he got were not very good. I am glad he is no longer the Coach, he has probably Coached his last MLS Game as Head Coach, I do not care where he goes as long as he does not Coach here. Again everyone should look at the Roster he left behind, he left this Club in Terrible shape. How many quality professional soccer players are on this Roster? This was not a shot at you, I just happened to say Spanish Players and people got Pissed, I do not give a Shit where the Players come from but they better start rebuilding this Team NOW!

  43. Alle Says:

    He meant Spanish-speaking surely.

    I had to take another look at the article and make sure I wasn’t dreaming yesterday when I saw it. Thank God he left.

  44. jason Says:

    red9fan am just saying it has been fun watching him last season not this season

    • red9fan Says:

      Jason, He may be a Great Person, I wish him well wherever he goes, but to say he is a Great Coach, not based on what he did here.

    • lou Says:

      Jason he really wasn’t that fun to watch last season, our record was really bad last year. Maybe not as bad as this year, but if we finished with the same point total as last season we wouldn’t even have made it into the playoffs. Be happy he stepped down as coach, but don’t be thankful for him like you said in a different thread.

  45. Dario Says:

    I am sick of him…he is not worth even commenting on anymore.

    Same with Agoos. I hope they do a SOME research to find the next HC of our RB’s.

    This was pathetic this season. 2 wins in 22. Not to mention the crash and burn of the CCL.

  46. jason Says:

    whole new start now after osorio left hopfully alot will change

  47. Dario Says:

    I hope so Jason.

  48. emilio Says:

    We were not good last year under him either, the cup run just covered up reality.

  49. ssal Says:

    When are they going to can this clown Jeff Agoos.
    Hilarious that i read in the daily news that Agoos was not available for comment because he was on vacation.
    What is the GM of a 2-16-4 team doing on vacation.
    Osario didn’t pick these players so even the greatest coach in the world would be 2-16-4.

  50. emilio Says:

    Yes he did pick these players, Osorio wanted Pacheco, Khano Smith, Pietravallo, Rojas, Cichero, Echeverry, etc. those were all his calls. Agoos gave him too much power. Osorio’s tactics got them to a 2-16-4 record and poor player selections.

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