Red Bulls Reader is proud to present the first part of the Rookie Cribs mini-series, featuring New York Red Bulls rookies Jeremy Hall and Nick Zimmerman.  The teammates and roommates invite you into their New Jersey apartment and give you an inside look into their lives off the field, as well as some trick shots and door busting.  Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If the above video does not play in your browser, try this YouTube link.

(edited by Dave Jones)



7 Responses to “ROOKIE CRIBS: PART ONE”

  1. Lou Says:

    I can’t get it to work on my ipod

  2. jason Says:

    so funny lol the door and lou its not on youtube so prob wont work

  3. Haley Ledbetter Says:

    Heyy nick wats up?? Havnt seen u in a while. I watch all of ur games. hey jeremy ur good 2!!! The door thing was wicked!! My friend sierra and i were watchin it and we were laughin our heads off. Cant wait 2 see u at Christmas!!

  4. emilio Says:

    I know this is off topic but….

    Looking at was has transpired this season and within the last few weeks with Osorio and Agoos, it sheds light on the makeup of these two individuals, at least with regards to there job performance this year. Now that it appears that both men will lose their jobs (although Agoos will be retained at a different capacity), one is still working at trying to improve the club while the other is trying to throw the other under the bus. Agoos hasnt given up, he signed Krupnik and Garcia (who has a better track record than any of Osorio’s signings), while Osorio has been stating that he gets blamed for decisions that arent his. Agoos major mistake was giving Osorio liberty in player selection, Osorio not Agoos went after Rojas, Cichero,Pietravallo, Oduro, Khano Smith, Pacheco, etc., yet now he says he gets blamed unjustly. Krupnik may or may not be the answer but he is a player with experience who should be given playing time to see if he can help in the future, since what we have had has failed miserably, yet Osorio wont play him to make a point, since he isnt his guy. Osorio’s comments on not knowing Garcia also indicate he does not want to give the player a chance to prove himself, since he isnt ”his guy”. With 8 games left we should be looking to see if we have any players left that can contribute next year. Osorio is only concerned with himself and how he looks not the team. He needs to be fired immediately.

  5. Jason Says:

    idk how to acsess it then lou

  6. Bob Says:

    Emilio, YOU ARE AN IDIOT! Not sure what games you are watching, but the bottom line here is that HALL is playing put of position. Taking that into consideration and comparing him to Pacheco – WHO HAD BEEN THE BETTER DEFENDER??? HALL, hands down. Also, who cares really where they live. They have a clean home and are happy. Do you know what they would really be making if they had to live large in NY. Like i said…YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

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