Red Bulls Reader spent some time with Red Bull rookies Jeremy Hall and Nick Zimmerman recently, and got a “Cribs” style tour of the apartment they share in New Jersey.  We will present the tour in two parts, but just to whet your appetite, here is a short teaser.  Part 1 of the tour will be posted later this week, so stay tuned.

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29 Responses to “ROOKIE CRIBS: THE TEASER”

  1. jason Says:

    zimmerman the best

  2. USMNT FRANK Says:

    cant wait!

  3. emilio Says:

    Our rookies really havent been that impressive this year, if you look at the top rookies this year they have improved while Hall’s game has deteriorated, his passing is below par. Also, the more Zimmerman plays the more his weaknesses are exposed, outside of having a strong shot, he is a very limited player. We need to improve our drafting.

    • lou Says:

      emilio if there is one thing i can say to osorio’s credit, it’s that he has made good choices when drafting players. Hall’s numbers may have deteriorated but think about it, he has played out of position virtually the whole year and plays on the weakest team in the league. So how can you expect his numbers to improve?

      Zimmerman was also another great find, I highly doubt that there was any other player in this year’s draft selected in the fourth round that has been even close to as good as him. He’s a young player, and often young players are one dimensionial but that doesn’t mean he can’t improve. He has a strong shot as you’ve said but he has also proved to be a good passer and he is one of the better dribblers on the team. Sure his defense needs work, and he isn’t the fastest guy out there, but talented players always find ways to improve.
      I’m just angry that two of our best players have to share a crappy apartment, it really shows you where coach’s priorities are. He’ll give someone like krupnik who sits the bench and is unproven a six figure deal, or someone like garcia who is south american and hasn’t even been on trial a six figrue deal, but for two promising young americans they make maybe 40,000 dollars combined.

  4. lou is an idiot Says:

    jeremy hall is generation adidas and alone makes a good amount more then the figure u came up with. its common knowledge that the player salaries can be looked up by going to the mls players association website. and by no means am i defending the decisions of the coaches but how is it the coaches fault where the players live? maybe the guys felt it was the best value given how much they make or maybe it is easy to get to practice and games from this location. i mean come on, not everything is JCO fault

    • lou Says:

      You’re the only idiot here.

      “jeremy hall is generation adidas and alone makes a good amount ”
      As a generation adidas player, Jeremy Hall only makes 55,000 guaranteed this year. Is that what you consider a good amount for a soccer player? Nick Zimmerman makes peanuts, he was signed to a developmental contract which means he makes probibly somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,000 a year. That comes to a combined total of 72,000 and than look at someone like walter garcia who hasn’t even been seen by the coaches but yet makes 6 figures.

      “and by no means am i defending the decisions of the coaches but how is it the coaches fault where the players live? ”
      Well what i was trying to say earlier was that osorio values south american players far more than he values young american up and comers, despite the fact that almost all the south americans have been flops and always have great contracts with the exception of jimenez who was paid like a young american on this team and actually ended up being decent.
      How is it osorio’s fault where they live? Well the coaching staff and team decide how much the players are going to make so when you give someone like zimmerman 12,000 dollars a year to live on, he really has no choice but to share an apartment.

      “maybe the guys felt it was the best value given how much they make ”
      Exactly, two of our youngest, most consistent, most promising, players that also happen to be american on a team that has almost none, can only manage to get that as their best value because they are grosely underpaid when compaired to osorio’s unproven south american players.

    • red9fan Says:

      GET BENT!

  5. emilio Says:

    Hall makes 90,000, thats a good salary for what he has provided. Its obvious why Hall is playing as a full back, he has very limited attacking skills and his passing is below par. The more he plays the more he gets exposed. He has been one of the weakest links on the team thats a fact. Just because a player is young does not mean he will get better, thats what we hope but its not a foregone conclusion, there is a huge difference between Wallace and Pontius on DC just to name a few players. (btw..what numbers have deteriorated? what does that mean?)

    This is not about bashing Americans or South Americans, its about being objective and Hall and Zimmerman are very limited players who need to DRASTICALLY improve if we are to expect anything from them in the future. Zimmerman does not play quick enough and that is why he constantly gets dispossed , also he is all over the field, and not in a positive manner, as he is constantly caught out of position. The team is 2-16-4 and its because of everyone, these two players also have been very poor.

  6. emilio Says:

    Consistent at what, playing poorly? Thats not the consistency I want.

    • lou Says:

      “Hall makes 90,000, thats a good salary for what he has provided”
      No he makes 55,000 guaranteed and that’s crap for any professionial athlete, especially one that has been starting on a team since game 1.

      “Consistent at what, playing poorly? Thats not the consistency I want.”
      Consistent at being our best players on the field game in and game out. I don’t where you get all these weaknesses from.

      “This is not about bashing Americans or South Americans, its about being objective and Hall and Zimmerman are very limited players who need to DRASTICALLY improve if we are to expect anything from them in the future.”

      Beggers can’t be choosers, I mean look at the team we have, everyone on the roster is limited and needs to improve. I never said that zimemrman or hall were all stars, but given their supporting cast and the players that are there to compare them to, they have been our best performers.
      And if you really want to be objective like you say than you would admit that no one has been more consistent at doing their jobs than those two. Tell me exactly who have been our best players if not them? Goldy (inconsistent, can be our best player at times and our worst at others), petke (great leader, old, and slow as shit), Dane (worst player on the field at all time, and whom you’ve said in the past you would prefer on the wing over zimmerman, even though every time he gets the ball he loses it and lacks and basic soccer skills).
      They’re rookies, coming to play for the worst team in league history, both are playing out of position, and with all those things in mind I can honestly say i’m fine with their play. Sure I want them to keep imrpoving, hopefully they will, but everyone else i’ve talked to seems to agree that both zimmerman and hall have been solid.

  7. Frog Says:

    Fire Osorio and sell the team, please. Maybe then we will care again.

  8. emilio Says:

    I dont know what you have been watching but Hall has been as bad as anyone, why has he been good? Cause he is young? He makes 90,000 a year, thats what he makes. For what he has provided he cant complain. If Hall and Zimmerman are starters next year we are going to have some serious problems. I get these weaknesses from watching them week in week out, if they were on a decent team they would not get this playing time. Im the first to hope they improve dramatically and can help us, but based on this years play they have A LONG WAY TO GO. Hall looked fine his first few outings, but he hasnt improved since than at all.

    • lou Says:

      I don’t know where you are getting that salary number from, the number i found said 55,000 guaranteed. But even if he did make 90,000 a year that is still less than someone like krupnik who has come to the club to basically ride pine.
      Why have they been good?
      Let’s start with hall, he has been as good as any of our backs except for goldy when he is playing well, and he isn’t even a natural defender.
      Zimmerman is a central midfielder who stepped into the lineup playing on the wing, he provides us with a long shot which we haven’t had all year. He is still better than anyone else who was used on the wings like richards, khano, or ubi.

      “If Hall and Zimmerman are starters next year we are going to have some serious problems. I get these weaknesses from watching them week in week out, if they were on a decent team they would not get this playing time.”

      See that’s the problem, no one said anythign about next year, i said they were two of the best players on the team THIS year. As in the worst year in franchise and league history. Sure if someone who is a natural right back or right mid comes along and is actually good they should start, but that hasn’t been the case this year. If they were on a decent team they wouldn’t get playing time your right, but the reality is that they aren’t on a decent team and they have filled in admirably at positions they haven’t played.

  9. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    Just to clarify, Hall is guaranteed $104K for this season ( and the league minimum is $20K. And yes, we do read all the comments on this blog, though we do not make the personnel decisions (though we do have a few decent ideas).

  10. emilio Says:

    So basically you agree they are not starter material, yet you comment on how good they have been? I dont understand what you are saying than? There are rookies on other good teams that are playing heavy minutes and contributing, Pontius, Walace, Zakuani, etc. What does filing in admirably mean? Occupying a starting position and playing innefectively, the fact those two players are receiving as much playing time as they are is indicative of why our team is so bad this year, tell me what qualities that Hall has impressed you with this year? Is it his positioning, his passing, his contributions on the attack? Which, because I havent been impressed. I hope with a new coaching staff he can improve, but I dont want him as our starter next year.

    A player I like who gets a raw deal is Ubiparapovic he is better than Rojas and doesnt play because Osorio has to justify playing ”his guy”.

    • lou Says:

      I don’t understand why this is so complicated. They aren’t starter material on any decent team, however we are not a decent team. They have been better than anyone else who has played their positions this year despite playing out of position and being rookies, which is why i said they have been our best players this year. 120k combined is still probibly about how much krupnik makes for sitting the bench, so that isn’t anything to brag about.

      Ubi is better than rojas like you said, but you could basically make the same arguement for him as I am making for hall and zimmerman, which is that he is good enough to start on this team but that doesn’t make him an all star or even that good for that matter. Hall has impressed me with being able to play a foreign position better than any other player at that position on our team, same can be said for zimmerman. It must be extremely tough to learn a new position with a coach that has no idea what he is doing.

  11. emilio Says:

    Lou big difference between 120,400 and 40,000.

  12. emilio Says:

    You said they have been playing well, I stated we drafted poorly and I mentioned good teams where players have contributed and were effective. The point stands our rookie class has not been good, Hall has shown very limited ball and passing skills for a player who is supposed to be a midfielder and Zimmerman looks lost out there most of the time. What ive been saying is we had a poor draft, a first round pick should look much better than Hall has.

    How has Hall played that position well? How? Just because he is lined up there doesnt mean he is playing it well, tell me aspects of his play at that position that you like, im curious, is it his man marking?, his over-lapping runs?, his tackling?, his passing?, his tracking back? Which is it?

    • lou Says:

      Look Emilio, there’s a difference between being good, and being two of the best players on our team. I’ve claimed the later about Hall and zimmerman for the reasons i’ve already stated. You claim we had a poor draft, but i’d like you to find another coach who found a fourth round draft pick that’s as good as zimmerman. And please tell me who has played the best at right mid and right back this year (if you say anyone else besides zimmerman or hall you’re lieing). Who’s been our best player this year?
      Sure Zimmerman has his weaknesses, but for a fourth round pick he is pretty damn good, better than any other player playing his position on our team.

      “How has hall played that position well?”
      When you compare him to the other players that have played his position on our team, which isn’t his natural position, he has played well. Everything is relative, sure compaired to the all star defenders of the league he is crap, but i said best on our team (and our team is crap). There isn’t another player on our team that has played that right back position better, and in his first few games he played well for any right back in the league before tappering off later in the season. What do i like about hall? I like his speed, I like his tenasity, i liked the mental maturity he displayed his first few games playing right back (as i’ve said he isn’t playing as well lately). How can you expect a natural rookie midfielder to be good at man marking, defensive over-lapping runs, and tackling, especially when you consider who is teaching him how to do all these things (our lame coaching staff).

      And you’ve said that you expect better out of a first round pick, but how good can a player really be playing under this coach and out of position, with the players that we have surrounding them?

  13. emilio Says:

    The fact Zimmerman made our club tells you how bad we are. I dont understand what you are saying, best on a 2-16-4 team, these two players dont stand out as players with exceptional potential, they are just two players in the lot who have played poorly. Certain players have certain exceptional skills or exceptional potential, not Hall and Zimmerman. I dont understand what your point is?

    You still havent addressed what Hall has thats so impressive, he is supposedly a midfielder,yet is passing and ball skills are mediocre at best.

    • lou Says:

      That’s exactly what i was saying, Hall and zimmerman have been the best on a 2-16-4 team, and perhaps with a new coach they continue to grow.

      “You still havent addressed what Hall has thats so impressive, he is supposedly a midfielder,yet is passing and ball skills are mediocre at best.”

      yes i have, read my previous comments.

  14. emilio Says:

    First he was good, and played the position well, yet now you still say he is good but admit he doesnt do anything of the things required of that position effectively. So how is he playing well??

    • lou Says:

      He has played well for OUR CRAPPY TEAM, BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE HAS PLAYED IN HIS POSITION ALL YEAR, DESPITE THE FACT THAT HE IS PLAYING OUT OF POSITION AND HAS NO ONE TO TEACH HIM THE NEW POSITION BECAUSE OUR COACHING IS HORRIBLE. Those two rookies have been our two best players all year, doesn’t make them great players, maybe in the future they can be because i think they have potential, but take it for what it is all I’m saying is they have been our best players this year.

  15. Tom Says:

    Although I have watched all of the Red Bulls games this year and I have been to several in person I have held back my comments because I have wanted to retain a general optimism as I look towards the future. However, I can no longer be silent on the coaching of this potentially great MLS franchise and the comments i have seen from some of the blogs regarding some of the players.

    The only good thing I can find with this coach this year is his draft selection of the two rookie U.S. players. I don’t doubt the coach’s work effort – just his system (or lack thereof) and his process as ultimately his record speaks for itself.

    The team has gone downhill from the start. If the coach is a defensive specialist (which is what I think his background suggests) then we would have not repeatedly given up so many last second goals and there would have been some improvement during the year which has not occurred. If he wants to blame poor defense on the players because ultimately they are the ones to execute on the field, then he could still adjust for their athletic flaws. If they are too slow then use an off-sides trap, if they are getting beat in the middle then put a strong, tall sweeper in place to knock down and clear everything.

    His selection of starters boggles the mind of any rational person and is inconsistent. Wonder why there is no cohesion shown on the pitch – who knows who will be starting from game to game? No wonder it looks like so many of the younger players look like they are lacking in confidence. The most recent example is the CONCACAF qualifier – the team we lost to was horrific. They were no better than a USL division 2 team.

    Why did we play one man on top? If the coach wanted Richards in because he might play well against other caribbean players, why not put his speed up top with Angel in the first game? To create offensive opportunities he should have put Zimmerman in who has demonstrated the best long range shot taking capability on the team against the caribbean goalie who had hands of stone – clearly there would have been a few rebounds.

    I agree with Lou’s blog on Zimmerman. Emilio, I respect your general opinion but you need to open your eyes on the rookies – Zimmerman can shoot from distance with either foot – never mind on the current RB team – tell me how many MLS players can do so. He can also penetrate with his dribble and you have forgotten in his first few appearances he set up several players including Richards who missed easy goals from his nice passes. He is clearly an offensive minded player and according to most of the media buzz I have seen he has opened some eyes across the league – he should be in the middle to get more touches. Your last blog said he and Hall have gone downhill but again I like Lou’s read on this and disagree with your comment – who hasn’t gone downhill on this team under this poor coaching. Are you going to tell me that Richards, Rojas, Angel, etc. have improved throughout the year? Or that “let me turn my back as I flinch and get beat” Pacheco has done better than Hall? Hall was a mid-fielder in college who has adapted to a defensive roll. His inexperience can be trained away with good coaching and he has been no worse than any other starting defender on this team.

    It is clear that the team should be built around the young players. Keep Hall and Zimmerman in starting roles – they clearly trust each other and work well together. Find out through the rest of the season what Mbuta and Borman can do with Ubi and Sassano. Evaluate Kanji’s health to make sure he can be one of the team’s future offensive threats and not an injury prone part-time player. Release Richards, Rojas, Celades, Pacheco. Have heart to heart discussions with Stammler, Petke, Goldie and Mendes and determine who can execute in a good defensive system which uses some kind of defensive trap. Let Cepero and Bouna compete for the starting position. And bring in one good striker and one good (tall and fast) central defender from overseas in place of Angel who does not seem happy. The team should be built on the backs of young American players. With the reduction of MLS team size and elimination of reserve teams, the formula for success in the MLS has become young and hungry U.S. players who develop under good coaching and hard work.

  16. emilio Says:

    We are going to have some serious problems if Hall and Zimmerman are starters next year, I admit Zimmerman has a good strong shot, but he needs help in other areas. The first thing we need to do is hire a coach with MLS experience who knows MLS players so he can properly evaluate what we have, and determine what we need. Some of these players are recuperable, our major problem is our coaching no one can deny that. Osorio may be hard working but he is arguably the worst coach in MLS history, his tactics are horrendous.

  17. Cindy Says:

    Thank RBR, this looks like it’ll be great. i love see a bit of the players lives. also love Nick Zimmerman’s ESC shirt, props for that!

  18. afrim Says:

    if zimmerman was making Krupnik type of money then the zimm hating has some weight..but he doesnt. you need cheap young talent to round out your 23. with such a harsh cap the guys on the end of your bench are not going to be anythign to write home about

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