Red Bull Arena

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the day in which the first piece of structural steel was erected at Red Bull Arena – the Red Bulls’ future home slated to open in 2010 in Harrison, NJ. The monumental step last year started the vertical construction stage of the process in building the arena. On April 14, 2009, the Red Bulls held a “topping off” ceremony to place the final piece of steel at Red Bull Arena, marking the end of vertical construction.


Recently, installation of the state-of-the-art, underground field drainage and turf heating system for the playing field at Red Bull Arena began just as the final roof panels protecting the entire 25,000-seat seating area move closer to being officially completed. Once installed, the underground system, known as a SubAir System, will enable Red Bull Arena to fully control the field’s moisture content and enable growth and temperature management for what will be a natural Kentucky bluegrass playing surface even during cold-weather months. Installation is expected to be complete in eight to 10 weeks.

Fans can already see the dynamic stadium as all of the lower roof panels are installed making the stadium visible from the air and highways. Red Bull Arena is now noticeable for fans passing through Harrison on Interstate 280 and from the New Jersey Turnpike, as well as from the air.

Also, the first complete roof section at Red Bull Arena was finished on Aug. 4.  The roof panels extend 120 feet from the facade over the seating bowl with the final 60 feet composed of translucent panels. These translucent panels will allow natural light to pass through into the bowl. In total, there will be 94 panels used to complete the Red Bull Arena roof. When completely installed, the roof will extend over the entire seating bowl and curve down to the concourse.

Red Bull Arena is set to be ready for the 2010 Major League Soccer season. The new soccer-specific stadium will have 25,000 seats, including 30 suites and 1,000 club seats. The stadium design incorporates a unique roof top, which will extend from the last seat to just over the touchlines, with 60 feet of the roof will be translucent in order to allow natural light to enter.

Over the course of one year, the following items have been utilized in the construction of Red Bull Arena to this point:

  • 7,000 tons of steel
  • 5,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • 6 miles of electric cable
  • 8 miles of pipe
  • 52 of 94 roof panels
  • 1,000 cubic yards of topsoil for field
  • 15,000 concrete block
  • Over 200,000 union labor hours in field

Site Panoramic 12-20




  1. Cindy Says:

    i know everyone’s whining about how shite we’re doing and how we’re going to lose fans and all. regardless i’m still SO EXCITED about this new stadium and i can’t wait for opening day!

    • Cubillas Says:

      It’s understandable, Cindy. We all love this team and want it to be great. I consider this stadium a step in the right direction. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’m also very excited about the new stadium. The Bulls will finally have their own home. I’m happy that I won’t have to see those yard lines anymore.

      • Cindy Says:

        right? it’s so worth it just to NEVER see those football lines again! and it won’t look so empty anymore haha

  2. vic Says:

    who cares, This organization clearly does not care about the fans. how hard is it to fire Osorio and place Richie Williams as interim head coach? I’m not even asking for Agoos’ head at the stake here. How difficult is it to show the fans that you care for us by firing this idiot of a coach and placing someone already in the organization at the helm temporarily (a situation that has been done before)?

  3. vic Says:

    hey news flash RB, Bouna Coundol is a member of Facebook’s Fire Osorio and Agoos Group. for your sake I hope that that’s a fake profile… but who’d want to fake a mediocre unknown keep in a mediocre butt end of joke league?

  4. Dario Says:

    Vic is right. If they cared about us Osorio would be fired and Richie Williams would be cartaker manager. They are clueless about how to run an org.

    First the new stadium is NOT enough!
    We must bring in a class name such as Adriano, Nedved, Figo or Ronaldo(Brazilian), ect…

    We deserve it, but first FIRE OSORIO…Please.

    • Karbaz Says:

      Ronaldo would only play on the fields that have real grass, no turf or anything like that. His knees are shot, he can’t run as fast but he sure can score like back in the day. He’s my favorite foreign footballer ever BTW, i would love to see him play in the MLS but I don’t think it will happen.

      I wouldn’t want Figo TBH, Adriano would just get fat and he would only care to be here for the money, he wouldn’t care for the team, Nedved would be great to have. Although he gets himself in trouble a lot, the dude has got so much heart and plays to win in every game.

      I know we have a crap load of defenders but an actual good defender would be to get Sol Campbell, he’s 34 which really isn’t that old for defenders and he’s out of contract which IMO is perfect.

      • lou Says:

        Del Piero in my opinion is one of the best players of all time, and is my favorite player. Juve extended his contract 2 years so by then he will be 36. He can still score in serie a and is good for 10 goals and 10 assists per season. He would light it up in the mls with his free kick ability, great passing, and tremendous skills. A few years ago there was a rumor that he might be coming to the mls and hopefully one day that will come true. Juve are grooming giovinco and diego to take the place of del piero so this whole thing may be more likely than most would believe.
        Nedved would be a good player to sign but i’m not sure if he is deserving of a DP salary, perhaps just under DP would be more appropriate.

  5. emilio Says:

    We dont need those names, we need to do things right like other teams like Columbus, DC, Chicago, etc. draft effectively, acquire good players within the league, addequately scout the foreign market and build a TEAM,not a bunch of names. Lets learn and not repeat our mistakes. We dont need players coming to retire.

  6. Mentz Says:

    You guys hear Altidore is training with the NY Red Bulls while he waits for clearance to head back to Hull City in England. Swine Flu test thanks to Landon Donovan testing positive for it. This kid can’t catch a break right now. At least his manager wants him there ASAP.

  7. jason Says:


  8. emilio Says:

    With this team and the ways its coached one player doesnt make a difference, he needs service o score and we arent generating chances and the tactics are below par.

  9. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    We were at training Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and we did not see Jozy any of those days. Where is this being reported?

  10. jason Says:


  11. Dario Says:

    We have a plethora of holes, but before anything we need a fan base.

    No one around me in my area knows what the Red Bull are. We need a player to advertise and to attract people.

    No one knows about RB park.

  12. Dario Says:

    and Lou…if Del Piero comes, i would be so happy.

    I love Del Piero and am a die hard Juve fan.

  13. lou Says:

    I miss Mike Magee, he was one of my favorite red bull players and we desperately need another mls experienced attacking player. What did we get for him exactly.

    • Karbaz Says:

      Me too man, even though he suffered through a bunch of injuries he was still great for us and hugely underrated. Now he’s off to an improving Galaxy side, with a coach we got rid of too early. I swear every team in the MLS needs to thanks for giving them players and coaches.

  14. Mentz Says:

    False alarm on that Jozy report. Looks like Hull City’s animated manager jumped the gun with his assumptions…

  15. Ceez Says:

    As emilio said, I would love to build this team correctly. However, there is NO WAY the seats are going to be filled in by fielding the same players we have now. Also, I don’t see how Angel comes back after this debacle. We need a SUPERSTAR player to attract the fans and in turn maybe convince Angel to come back. Also, considering how poorly we’re doing this season, we’ll get a pretty high draft pick. We can use our placement in the draft to re-build our team with QUALITY rookies.

    Then again, RBNY needs to learn how to draft first.

  16. emilio Says:

    Ii agree we need to learn how to draft, we should be getting the second pick in the draft plus Houston’s #1 for the Oduro trade and various second round picks we acquired. I wouldnt mind seeing a top player come but we have to build the team with proper decisions with regards to the draft etc. Angel has been build as a superstar to us, he has never been a superstar and if he is to come back, he needs to show a lot more than he has shown this year.

  17. ellie Says:

    read the news

  18. jason Says:

    ooo here comes the hammer

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