Red Bulls Reader made the journey over to Montclair State today and can report back with this from training…

Juan Pablo Angel, Mac Kandji, and Jorge Rojas were all full participants in training.  It seems like a good bet that Angel will be back in the starting lineup come Sunday against FC Dallas.

Several players (Goldthwaite, Johnson, Stammler, Celades) worked out on their own as they manage minor knocks.  They are expected to participate in training later in the week and be available for selection.

New signing Walter Garcia also trained with the team today, playing on the right side in the small sided scrimmages Coach Osorio put the team through.  The word is not in whether he is going to be selected for Sunday.

Finally, RBR wants to congratulate midfielder Ernst Oebster, who just had his first child – a daughter – with his girlfriend. Oebster left after the Red Bulls-Chivas USA game for Austria to join his girlfriend and we’re happy to report that her and the baby are doing well. Congratulations Ernst!





  1. Lou Says:

    Congrats Ernst. Not that it matters but how has Garcia looked?

    • Cubillas Says:

      Good question, Lou. No news is good news but in the case of the Red Bulls is just questionable. Didn’t you mention that it might turn out to be Pietrovallo 2.0? I hope you are wrong. Hope is all I have left these days.

      • Lou Says:

        Well I drew that comparision because they play a similar style, position, are from the same country, played for several teams, and both wear headbands. I hope my prediction is wrong but I’m very skeptical

  2. jason Says:

    hopefully he will do good in mls and he make a diffrence for this team

  3. Olivia And David Tie The Knot Says:

    Congrats Ernst! Welcome to parenthood (a club I am yet to join!).

  4. Karbaz Says:

    Congrats Ernst.

  5. Karbaz Says:

    About a week ago someone asked about ESPN showing EPL games. I answered by saying that it was true only for the UK. I was wrong actually.

    For those who don’t know, this past friday ESPN got the rights to quite a few games to be seen on ESPN2 all year long. This is amazing stuff for those of us who watch the EPL. The first game they showed was the Chelsea-Hull game this past weekend.

    Before you go and start your DVR’s there is something a little strange. Theses games are not scheduled for some reason on TV sets but that doesn’t mean they won’t show the games, they will. Here’s the schedule for the next 6 games being showed, enjoy.

    Sat., Aug. 22- Wigan vs. Manchester United (9:55am, ESPN2)

    Mon., Aug. 24- Liverpool vs. Aston Villa (2:55pm, ESPN2)

    Sat., Aug. 29- Chelsea vs. Burnley (7:40am, ESPN2)

    Sat., Sept. 12- Liverpool vs. Burnley (9:55am, ESPN2)

    Sat. Sept. 19- Burnley vs. Sunderland (7:40am, ESPN2)

    Sat., Sept. 26- Portsmouth vs. Everton (7:40am,ESPN2)

    Mon., Sept. 28- Manchester City vs. West Ham (2:55pm, ESPN2)

  6. Lou Says:

    Thanks for the heads up

  7. Alle Says:

    Congrats on the child, Obster! Hopefully we’ll be able to see Kandji soon..

  8. j1mbr0wn Says:

    Congrats, Ernst.

  9. afrim Says:

    congrats Ernst, you gave us proof that a RB player can actually score!

  10. Katman Says:

    Congrats Ernst. Someone who put football first. Played against chivas and’ll be back for dallas.

    Unlike the NYRB director of soccer JEFF AGOOS.

    This fraud, JEFF AGOOS, went on vacation last week. Yes, JEFF AGOOS, deserted the team during the worse results ever.

  11. 505anthony Says:

    Congrats, Ernst!

    http://tiny.cc/dj5qG Now, RBR, what’s this?

  12. Cindy Says:

    Congrats Ernst!!

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