The club announced today that it has signed defender Walter Garcia.

The 25-year old joins New York from Quilmes Atlético Club of the Argentinean Second Division. Garcia began his career with Argentino Juniors in 2001, making 51 appearances over three seasons before moving on to Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro to make 61 appearances and scoring three goals. 2006, he played briefly for FC Rubin Kazan in Russia and later Calcio Catania in Italy before returning to Argentina to play for Quilmes in 2007, appearing in 14 matches and scoring one goal.

He was capped for the Argentina Under-20 side in the 2003 FIFA World Youth Championship and the 2003 South American Youth Championship which was won by the Argentine team.




  1. Alle Says:

    Another defender? I know we aren’t doing so great in that area, but really, we need some STRIKERS – we can’t afford to pull off what we did Saturday night, using Woly and Richards upfront – it’s pointless really. You’re better off using Zimmerman and Mbuta up top!

    • TicoinNY Says:

      Well said Alle. Before the last loss (game) my wife counted the the “defenders” on the “team”; they make up about 60%, and not a one is worth a Red cent.

      • Alle Says:

        Exactly, we lack pure attacking players. Osorio has made it known that he’s a big fan of defensive minded players, but this is starting to be a headache. I mean does he want goals or 0-0 ties? We can’t rely on 3 strikers because they’re all injury prone – yes even Woly is.

  2. lou Says:

    Pietrovallo 2.0. A once promising defender for the argentinian nationial team and has hit a slump, so naturally we sign him without seeing him. As alle said, there is no point in getting another defender, and if this guy does turn out to be a solid defender than we have to get rid of boyens because there are just to many of them on our roster.
    Vincenzo Bernardo was an academy player for us that went to SSC napoli and played for their reserves. He has also played for the youth nationial team and plays as an attacking midfielder. He wants to try his luck again in the mls, so it would seem like we are the most likely choice for him because of our team’s needs and the fact that he is homegrown. It turns out we haven’t even contacted him and that we never put him on our homegrown player’s list so we would have to rely on the allocation order to sign him. In other words the FO screwed up again.

  3. GeneralMSU3 Says:

    Walter Garcia??? Who cares. Move on……………

  4. Cubillas Says:

    Is it possible for the Front Office to at least pay any attention and consider some of the suggestions being voiced in this forum? We all know that the tactics being used to date are not working so why not give some of this suggestions a chance?
    What about taking all these questions to the fornt office and getting some answers for them?
    I do agree with Lou about giving Vincenzo a shot, why not?

  5. Alle Says:

    +1 Cubillas.

    Add Stephen APPIAH to that wish list and we should be quite alright in the rebuilding process. A few purchases from the lower leagues of Europe or AFRICA wouldn’t be bad either. Look at the Revs, I mean even though we hate them, if they can buy Gambians with no problems, why can’t we go to a few countries and do some scouting ourselves. South America doesn’t have all of the world’s talent, trust me on that one.

    • lou Says:

      I’ve said this before but obviously red bull didn’t listen so i;ll say it again with the hopes that the suggestion will be more succesful, sign camel meriem an ex french internationial attacking midfielder who is out of contract with AS monaco. He is only 29 years old and would be a class signing similar in magnitude to the scheletto signing by columbus.
      I don’t see why none of these guys have been signed, i mean vincenzo is a young, american, home grown, attacking mid, with european experience, what more do you need to sign someone?
      Meriem is an extremely expereinced, ex internationial, attacking mid, that is out of contract. Pick these guys up.

      • Cubillas Says:

        This is what I’m talking about. Excellent suggestion Lou.
        This is the kind of input that the front office must take a look at.
        They have to at least consider it and act on it.
        I can then say they are trying to turn things around.

  6. Cubillas Says:

    You are right about that, Alle. I challenge Osorio to get online and once and for all, address the concerns that we have for the team that we love. If I don’t remember incorrectly, he said many moons ago that coaching the NY frachise was his dream, if you care for this team like we do, you must do something about it.
    Mr. Osorio use what’s left of this season to begin building next years team. Let’s not wait until the off season to begin this monumental task. You already know that it won’t be enought time to do so, all you need to do is look back at the beginning of this season.
    We are stuck with you whether we like it or not so it’s in your hands. My personal opinion is that this team matters to you or at least it did matter enough for you to leave the Chicago Fire to come here so why ahve you given up on us. Call me crazy but I still show up to the home games hoping that I will see something good happen, looking for a miracle.
    Give it your best Sir, try harder, get more trainers if you have to but you have to try and give it your best, you have yet to do that. At the end, you can at least walk away knowing that you made a difference. God only knows what will happen.

  7. lou Says:

    Jairo Castillo scored 5 goals in 23 appearances for the columbian nationial team. He’s 32 years old so he might be on his way out but he was released by Godoy cruz in argentina so we may be able to get him for a steal, and we need depth at the forward position.

    Leonel Ríos, 25 year old argentinian midfielder who can play on the wings or centrally. He has been capped more than 200 times for independiente and has played throughout europe in spain and italy. He was recently released by independiente, and i don’t believe anyone else has signed him.

    • lou Says:

      The later of the two I just suggested is extremely impressive. He is a great passer and very skillful (he hasn’t been capped over 200 times for independiente but rather over 100 my bad). There’s a lenghty youtube video with his highlights if anyone is curious.

  8. Ceez Says:


    …that’s what I feel like saying at the moment but I guess I have to side with my fellow bro’s and sis’s — we should start rebuilding NOW rather than during the off-season. I say we get in contact with the writers of the blog somehow and convince them to start a Transfer Suggestion post of some sort and “sticky” it to the top of the page for easy access because, to me at least, it’s clear the front office isn’t doing much to scout players. Pietravallo was a great pick-up. RIIIGHT. Cichero was a rock in the backline. RIIIIGHT. Pacheco and Rojas have shown to be playing above their potential. “JAJAJA”. Right.

    It’s obvious Osorio has a bias for Latin American players, understandably so, but we really need to start looking EVERYWHERE and not just South America. I’m all for developing our own talent but it’s clear we need reinforcements and it’s clear Osorio’s South American buddies aren’t cutting it.

    We need to do more and I feel there should be a post started where we have direct input with the writers of RBR, if not the FRONT OFFICE, in terms of scouting and suggesting players to boost results and, in turn, attendance for next year’s opening. As the sayings go, “two heads are better than one” and “strength in numbers”.

    All those in favor say aye?

    • Lou Says:

      Aye. But than again the people who make this blog and work for red bull already read our posts and still nothing is done so I don’t know If that idea will work

    • Cubillas Says:

      Aye. Who can we reach out to so we can at least get something started or some sort of a dialogue going?
      Something must be done adn sooner than better. How about we get a website going and bring a banner to the next game so everyone can begin to send in their posts about supporting change.
      Any of the supporter groups might want to help?

      • lou Says:

        nice idea. A little tid bit of information to get the blood boiling, Leo krupnik (who is already a bench warmer) was signed to a six figure contract at midseason as was garcia. what a joke. Before we signed those guys we had 700k in the bank, which would have been enough to get a DP like camel meriem (border line dp) and 300k leftover to sign a stud on the wings like leonel rios who i also mentioned above. After all that we would still have enough money left over to sign a young promising american like vincenzo bernardo. Plus when you think about how much money we would have if we cut dead weight like richards and boyens, we could sign even more players.

    • Alle Says:


      I’d like Meriem, I keep forgetting about him although I think he’d stay in Europe for the moment, given the fact that he’s still a decent player. He’s been linked with St. Etienne so I don’t know whether New York will be his next destination just yet, we could only cross our fingers and see what happens.

  9. kpugs Says:

    Why is this team signing ANYONE right now, at ANY position? This is all but guaranteed to be the worst season an MLS team has ever had, and they are letting a doomed regime bring in players that the new manager probably won’t want next season?

    Oh and while I’m at it, great job at adding Leo Krupnik for $6 figures. What a brilliant signing, the season was already dead at the time but hey, let’s make it rain.

    • lou Says:

      it woulnd’t be a bad idea to sign actual talented players like the ones mentioned above so that we wouldn’t have to overhaul everything in the offseason. But if they are going to be crap signings like leo krupnik than you’re right, we shouldn’t be looking to sign them.

  10. find a new coach Says:

    im done


  11. Alle Says:

    I was wondering, we’re allowed to bring banners and what not to hang up during games right? I know I’ve seen flags, but never a huge piece of cloth with writing on it. “OSORIO GOTTA GO” would be a nice sight for the bench!

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