The Red Bulls take on Chivas USA tonight at Giants Stadium as New York kicks off a five match home stand.  Both team are searching for a win as both the Red Bulls and Chivas have scuffled lately.  Another unfortunate sign is that the football lines are back on the field, with the Jets opening preseason play last night and the Giants getting underway Monday.  Makes us that much more excited about Red Bull Arena next season.  As always, we will be providing a running commentary after the jump.

PRE-GAME: Here is the Chivas USA starting lineup:





Bench: Parker, Burling, Flores, Lohoud, Mayen, Lillingston

PRE-GAME: Here is the Red Bulls’ starting lineup:






BENCH- Cepero, Boyens, Borman, Zimmerman, Pacheco, Mbuta, Krupnik

NOTES: Carlos Johnson returns to the Red Bulls lineup for the first time since he was injured against Houston way back on May 16, one day shy of exactly three months.  His fitness level after all that time off may be an issue, as we don’t see him playing the full 90.

Mac Kandji is out for the match, as is Juan Pablo Angel and Jorge Rojas.  Sinisa Ubiparipovic will also sit out the match as he serves a one match suspension from a red card he was issued against Colorado on July 25.

Former Red Bull Zach Thornton is starting in net for Chivas.

Shavar Thomas is out for Chivas as he is also serving a red card suspension.

RBR will be tweeting the match at


1′ And we’re off…

4′ Chivas earns a deep throw, but nothing comes of it.

6′ Hall puts in a cross, but Thornton is right there.

7′ Johnson comes across the field to thwart a near breakaway.

10′ Thornton not taking goal kicks as he is recovering from a quad injury.

12′ Oebster’s half-volley has no pace and doesn’t get through to net.

13′ Wolyniec nods one inches wide off an Oebster cross.

15′ Goal Chivas.  Galindo latches on to a Chijindu corss and beats Coundol to the near post.

16′ Celades is down.

18′ Celades is back on.  Chivas is looking to attack on teh counter and use their speed .

19′ Richards is down after landing hard on the turf.

21′ Marsch with a blast from the top of the area that Coundoul deflects over the top.

25′ Wolyniec is down and is holding his knee.  Not good for a team with several injured forwards.

25′ Wolyniec is back on.

32′ Stammler frees Richards on the right side, but his shot across the goal mouth goes just wide and out of the reach of an onrushing Wolyniec.

33′ Richards outraces Thornton to the ball but his shot from a very acute angle is wide.

35′ NY sub#1: Zimmerman for Celades.

36′ Yellow to JAzic for a foul on Richards.

37′ Petke nearly redirects one in, but it goes just wide.  Goldthwaite was nearly there to put it home as well.

39′ Word in that Celades left with a thigh contusion.

43′ Oebster settles one with room to shoot but puts it wide.

45′ 3 minutes of stoppage.

45+’ Yellow to Kljestan for simulation.

HALFTIME: 1-0 Chivas at the break.

HALFTIME: NY sub#2: Borman for Johnson.  This should move Hall back to the right with Borman on the left.

HALFTIME: Johnson is out with a lower back contusion.

46′ And we’re back…

46′ Borman sends in a dangerous cross right of the bat, and its headed out for a corner.

53′ Chijindu gets a piece of Petke’s head before gettin off a shot that is deflected out for a corner.

55′ Thornton just gifted a corner to NY.

57′ Zimmerman nods one over.

60′ CHV sub#1: Lahoud for Chijindu.

64′ Galindo puts one wide from distance.

67′ Wolyniec steals a Talley backpass, but can’t get an open look.

70′ Yellow to Petke.

72′ Wolynies redirects an Oebster cross just wide of the back post.

73′ CHV sub#2: Lillingston for Galindo.

74′ Stammler puts one just wide off a Borman cross after its deflected to him.

77′ Yellow to Stepanovic

77′ Zimmerman with a free kick blast from distance that makes it through the wall on frame, but Thornton is there to parry it away.  Stammler is down.

80′ NY sub#3: Mbuta for Sassano.  NY is pushing for the equalizer.

83′ Stammler with a low shot from range that is right at Thornton.

87” CHV Sub #3: Mayen for Stepanovic.

90′ 4 minutes of stoppage.

90+ Goal Chivas.  On a breakaway, Lillingston taps home a Lahoud cross to ice the game.

FULL TIME: 2-0 Chivas.  Check back later for reaction.




  1. RNM Says:

    Where the heck is everyone? A beautiful Saturday night and the stadium is empty!

  2. Karbaz Says:

    I tell you, i will not miss these NFL lines when we get our new stadium, this is just horrendous to look at.

  3. Karbaz Says:

    God, great job goalie, that’s how you cut the angle.

  4. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    I can’t blv I came to the game lol good thing I have season tickets n dont have to waste any more money since it’s already wasted

  5. Karbaz Says:

    OMFG, where the hell was everybody else? he’s got to bend that better comon.

  6. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Richards has stammler dead open with am open net n he shoots it from there! He knows he got no bend!

  7. RNM Says:

    I can’t help but think that if we were a winning team,players would bounce back up faster than they are doing tonight. Everyone is getting knocked down…

  8. Glenn Says:

    Even though they’re down, it’s one of the better halves for NYRB recently. Please don’t yell at me. I put myself in the “hopeful” category.

  9. Karbaz Says:

    Great carlos johnson hurt again.

  10. Glenn Says:

    It’s over 20 minutes into the 2nd half and I’m yawning!

  11. Glenn Says:

    It’s not an exciting comment, but it seems that NYRB has lost its 2nd half sponsorship. It’s sad that NYRB “sponsors” the whole game.

  12. Karbaz Says:

    Stammler is the only player doing anything, that’s how bad we are.

  13. kofix5 Says:

    wtf? where is the formation? how about short quick passes? how about watching barca play or chelsea or man united? how about getting a clue?

  14. Karbaz Says:

    And so it continues.

    *sigh* the life of a red bull supporter.

  15. Chic Charnley Says:

    Fire JCO. Fire Agoos. Fire redbull.

    The ownership of this team has little interest in the results. The support are not even angry anymore. Pathetic.

    “redbull”, the worse owners in the league.

  16. kpugs Says:

    Can’t take much more of this, we used to joke about the best part of the day being the tailgate, and that’s just not funny anymore.

    For the people who are begging JCO to be fired, be patient. The season is completely lost…by firing him now they will just end up having to pay his contract (which is guaranteed) and also pay a replacement. I think it’s a safe bet that he will not be back next year, but firing now would just cost them more money. And no, I’m not necessarily happy about the reality of that statement, but it is what it is.

  17. JJ Says:

    Mr. Stover, your disrespect to the few remaining fans by your refusal to do anything to better this team is shameful. We paid good money to watch the team this year not just get priority for seats at Red Bull Arena next year.

  18. Petke fan Says:

    This team cannot play any worse. Redbull Austria has to be embarrassed.

  19. Alle Says:

    Just got back from the match not too long ago and I must say, that was THE worst match I’ve ever been to for the Red Bulls. No heart, no defense, and, in mental terms, no coach either. I’ve never been so angry at a match as well, I mean these guys just didn’t do anything for the straight 90 minutes – except for one or two quick chances we had, it was crap really. If I could ask for my money back, I would after this performance. The U20s could do better than this for christ’s sake! How many timex did we even manage to touch the ball atleast 5 times before seeing it get intercepted? Where was the defense? Were they scared of tackling or somthing? And all the falling down and little stops of play for someone getting injured, I mean did the players take a dose of a estrogen before the game??

    I know I’m not that great of a player, but these guys are supposed to be pros, falling down one by one isn’t my idea of a professional footballer. And playing Richards alongside Wolyniec proves we HAVE no attack, I mean where’s Red Bull? Where’s the money? It’s the transfer window and we’re supposed to be signing players, not going on camera after every match and saying “Oh I was pleased with so and so’s performance”, come on now, this is absolute (deleted). The crowd was even crap today, it sounded like we were at a funeral. If that doesn’t show Red Bull that the fans aren’t happy, I don’t know what will. Unbelievable.

  20. Tilt215 Says:

    There was a game tonight? I guess I cared as much about this game as the organization did. 10,000 fans on a saturday night; wow, what numbers.

  21. emilio Says:

    Does this organization care? why is Osorio still on the sidelines??

  22. Nantes Keeper Says:

    Firing Osorio now won’t help the team win any/many games this season, but there is no denying that continuing to allow him to coach the team is to continue to endorse the performance that we saw tonight. If that is good enough for red bull, keep Osorio around for the next 8 games. But know that you are telling all of the fans that losing games for 3 months straight is okay, and that they shouldn’t worry all that much about you, since you aren’t worried all that much about them.

    • Lou Says:

      Exactly that’s why he has to leave, plus a new coach can breath life into the players and maybe set a few things in place for next year so that not everything has to be done in the offseason. Even just using Richie as the interim head coach would be fine, this way they don’t have to pay a new coach plus jco’s gauranteed contract.

  23. Iain Says:

    The football lines on the field are a great distraction to what’s happening on the pitch.

  24. Mastro Says:



  25. PDS Says:

    Worst game ever.I can’t believe these guys get paid for this and me for puting up with it…

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