We caught up to John Wolyniec, Danleigh Borman and Juan Carlos Osorio after tonight’s match to get their reaction from tonight’s match with Chivas USA.  The Red Bulls were able to generate some chances, but were not able to put them away.




  1. Lou Says:

    What is there to say that hasn’t already been said…

    • red9fan Says:

      Lou, People always thought Oossoorryyoo was writing strategy down, what he is Scribbling is his notes for the Press Conference, Wow what to say about that Performance we Witnessed that Live. MUCH WORSE LIVE. Maybe MLS will Intervene.

    • Ceez Says:

      He said Dante instead of Dane. This muhfuggah doesn’t even know his players’ names!!!

  2. emilio Says:

    Just resign, show some self respect!!! Controlled the game, this man knows nothing about football, nothing!!!

  3. Frog Says:

    Fire Osorio and sell the team?

  4. Iain Says:

    When are you selling / rebranding again ?

  5. Matt Says:

    Classy by Osorio. Assigning blame to everyone but himself.

    Easily one of the worst games of professional soccer I’ve ever seen. Why did I show up? I must be insane.

    This club is a joke.

  6. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Osorio, stop blaming Woly and just quit like a MAN.

  7. Chic Charnley Says:

    Pathetic. JCO takes no reponsibility. Just like the redbull ownership.

  8. kpugs Says:

    Haha, Woly takes the blame when he was the only one within 40 yards of the goal taking on a keeper and 2 defenders by himself, and Osorio goes ahead and lays the blame on him. He only had one warrior out there tonight, and had no problem hanging him out to dry. Pure class.

    You can’t fire him now, the season has been over for months and he gets paid whether he does the job or not. Don’t worry…he won’t be back as manager next season.

  9. Cindy Says:

    i didn’t see the game… Celades and Carlos Johnson got hurt?? can a couple more people get hurt on this team? like we don’t have enough trouble as it is

  10. tilt215 Says:

    Just resign you bum. How the F do u go trying to place blame on one of the hardest working players on our roster?
    Usually I get annoyed by JCO’s post game interviews, today im angry watching it. We didnt control the game, we didnt deserve to win, we suck, you suck, I hope you die in a fire.

  11. emilio Says:

    No to say that is crazy, I want him to resign thats all. I dont wish death on anyone or would make crazy statements like that. Thats just insane.

  12. afrim Says:

    if you think he’ll resign and give up the money owed to him then ju crazy

  13. Anthony Says:

    What else can be said about Osorio that already hasn’t been said. Red Bull has to be by far the worst run professional sports franchise i have ever seen, i mean they have been absolutely dreadful and inept here.

    They better be selling the team, that is the only way to justify the lack of action by this franchise to address the issues with this team.

  14. Alle Says:

    Woly should’ve scored last night, plain and simple. But I’m not blaming him, I mean Osorio’s saying the players are “hesitant” and what not, but that reality is that HE made them like that obviously because we weren’t playing like this last year, certainly not.

    Looking at that article on about us simply playing for pride at this point is a dagger for many of those fans, including me, who have paid to witness this garbage. Where was the pride yesterday? No where to be seen.

  15. ChrisH Says:


  16. Dario Says:

    I am sick of him. He needs to go ASAP.

    This whole org. is pathetic. Don Garber needs to step in and help this team out. NY the biggest market in the WORLD…and we get the worst team.

    Another problem is the location. NJ is one of the worst places for sports org. Look at the Devils and Nets…Empty Arenas. The Red Bulls should move to NY. Weather it be in Queens or LI.

    • Lou Says:

      The Devils don’t have close to an empty arena in Newark and the nets don’t sell tickets beacause their ownership doesn’t care about the team
      And they play in a swamp. It had nothing to do with being in new jersey.

      • Lou Says:

        The giants and jets sell out the arena but play in new jersey. Somehow you forgot to mention that

    • Mentz Says:

      Its pretty simple. We in the NY/NJ area are nuts about sports and our teams. If you don’t put a product on the field worthy of our time we move onto the next sport / team. We have too much to choose from to deal with a rec league team like RBNY has become.

  17. Dario Says:

    but…that ship is long sailed because of Red Bull Arena…which should be beautiful in Harrison…

  18. britton Says:

    My question is, why did he refuse to sign the two year extension RB left on the table ? This guy wasn’t planning to stick around after this year anyway……

  19. britton Says:

    When your coach sends out a starting lineup with two d-mids right smack dab in the middle of the field, you might as well turn your tv off. He has no intention to attack at all.
    Just ask the other tactical genius coaching the national team.

  20. afrim Says:

    to Bradley Sr’s defense. Bradley Jr. isnt a pure D-mid but more of a box to box player.

    stammler and celades are pure d-mids

  21. jason Says:

    here what osorio should do sign a hell of alot new players and then start them make sure they are not 30 -34 becasue thats a waste and then see if we should fire him and by the way zimmerman was great but i was at the game and 20 min in i was bored i cant belive it only 2 parts of the game werer i got exited SIGN NEW PLAYERS ALREADY THIS IS BATHETIC COM ON THIS SUCKS!!!!!

  22. still_love_ny_redbulls Says:

    Let’s rename the team, New York Blueballs, I mean bluebulls. After last nights performance, it was hard to digest.

  23. fred Says:

    I finally figured out what Osorio has been scribbling on that notepad all this time—-his post-game conference speech. How can we be so dumb? 😀

  24. Walter Says:

    We need to get a complete over hual, we need young blood. N.Y. Redbulls need a star player (PIED PIPER) and a lot of fresh followers. It can be done, we have a new home. This franchise is not renting anymore. We have got rid of our land lord and now we have the American dream and prove to the other fifteen teams there’s a new stranger in the league. Is anybody with me? Thoughts? comments?

  25. Mastro Says:

    Thanks to JC OSORIO Red Bulls make always the news…hahahaaaaaaa.. good work Stover and Agoos


  26. find a new coach Says:

    hire a new coach

  27. Alle Says:

    Gatorade New York anyone?

  28. Cubillas Says:

    He guys,
    I found an article about the team sale to the Red Bull Corporation from AEG back in 2006 and it’s so pathetic that it talks about all kinds of collaboration in scouting, training camps and collaboration between both teams but I’m yet to see any of it. Here is the link:

    More pathetic is that once you go to the parent company website at, you see the NY Red Bulls sporting the old uniform, you see Dave Van Den Berg, Claudio Reyna, Jon Conway and some guys behing Danleigh Borman who I have no clue who they are. They truly don’t care. We are doomed…

  29. Iain Says:

    No ‘Walter’, no one is with you. We want Red Bull out.

  30. Drew Says:

    Why does Osorio still have a job? You realize that this reflects more on RBNY as a club, having NO clue at this point, more than it does for Osorio having NO clue … AND it leads one to wonder what ownership has in store (or doesn’t have in store) for next year … as in participation at the club level. Hmmmm

  31. afrim Says:

    i dont know what “the sporting division” is thinking

  32. Alle Says:

    The sad thing is that we play like a USL-2, side, makes you wonder where we’d be at this point if promotion/relegation existed all these years…

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