Dane Richards

Wednesday sees a glut of International matches, including two that involve Red Bull players.  Tonight at Giants Stadium, Dane Richards and Jamaica take on Ecuador in the second game of a double header (Colombia/Venezuela precedes it).  In World Cup Qualifying, Alfredo Pacheco and El Salvador travel to Trinidad to Tobago and look to get back in the mix in  the CONCACAF region.  And of course, USA/Mexico kicks off in about an hour and a half.  Jozy Altidore will aim to help the US get that elusive win at Azteca before jetting off to England to potentially suit up for Hull City against Chelsea this weekend.

What are your thoughts on these matches?  Will the US end the Mexican’s dominance at Azteca?  Will El Salvador jump past Mexico in the CONCACAF standings?  Will Dane be featured in his home stadium?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.



  1. Lou Says:

    What is wrong with red bull? Honestly who cares about these worthless matches? How about posting things about the team and cleaning up the shit that you’ve brought toThis club. Fire osorio and agoos and make some changes. Stop treating the fans you still have left like idiots and start listening to them. This team was made for the fans not the other way around

    • red9fan Says:

      Lou, I agree 100%, This Team and Orginization Does not Look like they are Going to Stick around. RED BULL YOU TOTALLY SUCK. FU BASTARDS!

  2. jason Says:

    totally true lou wtf is with this team

  3. Karbaz Says:

    Is this what it has come to here? Talking about games that have nothing to do with Red Bull New York. i guess that says it all doesn’t it?

  4. lou Says:

    This is a pretty funny site I found that is a parody of DC united’s site “we win trophies”. This is red bull new york’s version of that site and since we don’t win trophies we had to talk about something else. It’s pretty funny in a hopeless sort of way.

  5. Matt Says:

    Have to agree with what the others have said here. We are having a monumentally bad season and have just been knocked out of the CONCACAF CL by a bunch of part timers, yet there has hardly been a word about what’s going on at the club or the practical measures that are being taken to turn things around.

    Really really fed up with this club at the moment and I;m starting to think that a season ticket package next season is just not worth the hassle, with or without a new stadium.


  6. Mentz Says:

    They lost my brothers and I as season ticket holders. I don’t want to go to a brand new stadium and watch crap.

  7. OgreDave Says:

    lost me as a season ticket holder as well. I also let me account rep know why, specifically I was not renewing my season ticket membership, and he just tried to sell me on that the stadium was going to be “revolutionary”. I think that they are all just running around like chickens without heads. It is really obvious that the organization is being run by bad management from the top down.

    I hope that this team gets it’s act together, because until that happens I will not support it, even with game-by-game tickets.

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