Red Bull Arena WCBS Chopper 880

Our good friend Tom Kaminski over at WCBS 880 AM snapped some new photos of Red Bull Arena the other morning while covering the traffic conditions in Chopper 880.  Take a look at the gallery!



  1. red9fan Says:

    Stadium looks Good! Team and Orginization SUCK Top to Bottom!

  2. Mentz Says:

    I was gonna post more of the Fire Osorio and Agoos but it’s really not worth the effort anymore. They honestly don’t care or even look at the supporter’s opinions. I’m done following this team until something actually changes. Adios.

    • Pico Says:

      I hear you my man. Too bad I still have tickets left for a couple of games. Let’s see how much more will my liver withstand all this aggravation .

  3. Cindy Says:

    stadium looks gorgeous!

    • vic Says:

      who cares? the team is s*#%, the ownership is s#*%, the management is s#$%, and our history and prestige is nonexistent. This arena means JACK without proper entertainment to satiate the passion of the real fans. At this point I hope Red Bull rents the stadium out to the X-Games because at this rate that can be the only fun thing to watch at RBA in summer ’10.

      This Organization is a joke top to bottom, every facet, from the “advertising” team, to the waterboys…. AN ABSOLUTE JOKE.

  4. Karbaz Says:

    i can’t wait to be 1 of the 5 people there opening night.

  5. Iain Says:

    Hurry up and dot the i’ s and cross the t’ s

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