The Red Bulls host W Connection tonight at Giants Stadium in the return leg of their aggregate goal series.  The teams played to a 2-2 draw last Thursday in Trinidad.  Here is some preview sound from the players:

RBR will be tweeting the match on our Twitter page, so check us out over there.

Here is the starting lineup:







Bench: Coundoul, Mbuta, Boyens, Borman, Sassano, Ubiparipovic, Zimmerman.

Angel is out for this match.  More details will follow.

UPDATE: Angel suffered a Grade 2 concussion during the match last week, and was evaluated yesterday and officially ruled out.  With his concussion against New England in the playoffs two seasons ago, extra precautions needed to be taken.

FINAL.  2-1 W Connection.  W Connection advances, 4-3 on aggregate.

UPDATE: Check back later for post match reaction.



42 Responses to “RED BULLS VS. W CONNECTION”

  1. red9fan Says:

    OSORRRYYYYYOOOO, NO F……ING ROJAS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Steve Says:

    I hate Rojas

  3. red9fan Says:

    WOW the Stadium is Packed! Our Most meaningful Matck of this SH..T Bag of a Season and Angel bows out because of Pms, oops I mean Concussion, Get rid of this AHole! What A Leader.

    • Steve Says:

      It may be our most important match, but I can’t see too many reason for fans to shell out cash to see this steaming pile of crap play.

  4. tilt215 Says:

    yeah, now i see why Woly never gets much playing time lol

  5. Karbaz Says:

    No wonder JCO is trying to sign 2 more defenders, our back for has been failing all game.

  6. Steve Says:

    There’s the Red Bulls team we’ve seen all season…

  7. Karbaz Says:

    I meant four not for, my brain am no working .

  8. Karbaz Says:

    Un(deleted) BELIEVABLE!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?

  9. Steve Says:


  10. Karbaz Says:

    Right before the half too, what a surprise.

    We should look at signing this Andre Toussaint guy, but he may only be looking good because the red bull back four is as defensive as a wall of cotton balls.

  11. Bartek Says:

    Nice! There was their only chance to win something this season…

  12. Alle Says:

    No Angel upfront, this is interesting. Then again, we don’t have a striker on the bench either, great.

  13. Alle Says:

    AND we’re losing on top of it, unbelievable.

  14. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    At my first game back since surgery n I gotta say. Watching this hurts more than my kidney transplant

  15. tilt215 Says:

    Where the f is Zimmerman? God I hate JCO

  16. Karbaz Says:

    God all we have to do is tie this game and we go through. Are we really this bad?

    I’m not even sure if I want us to get through you be honest. The USL and Mexican teams would tear us apart. Especially the Mexican sides, they would have a field day on the counter attack because we give up the ball so much. I don’t know if I want to go through that, even though I want us to get a shot at some silverware.

  17. Karbaz Says:

    Well I’m off to work, good luck Bulls, you really do need it.

  18. Steve Says:

    What a joke…we really deserve to be relegated just to be merciful to the fans.

  19. gig Says:

    Ugly…..and no im not talking about Rojas’s face i mean the way red bull played. horrible. Osoiro has no excuses.

  20. gig Says:

    shocked crowd? i wouldnt say shocked- im sure they knew we sucked too.

  21. tilt215 Says:

    Surely this has to be it for JCO.

  22. tilt215 Says:

    And hopefully agoof too

  23. Shawn M. Smith Says:

    Eff Osorio, Eff Agoos, Eff Stover, this team is pitiful and they gave up months ago

  24. gig Says:

    Maybe a cigg company from england can buy red bulls and call us the new york Fags lol. jk …….kinda.

  25. tilt215 Says:

    Cant wait for the post game from osorio “i thought we had a lot of chances and we deserved the result. We played hard for 90 minutes. Sometimes things just dont go the way they should. It was a tough loss.” God I hate him and agoos

    • gig Says:

      I wouldnt be surprised if osorio came out with a chocolate nose during the interview from kissing the butts of those guys up in austria.

  26. Ceez Says:

    I don’t know what I want more: for Osorio/Agoos to get fired or for RBA to open. Either way, I CAN’T WAIT for Osorio to get fired. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Joey Says:

    Yea, maybe if we were relegated to USL 1 we could actually earn some draws in league play. This team wont be in any more championship competitions while JCO is around. Run him outta town.

  28. Joey Says:

    And wtf was the backline doing on that second goal. Pacheco gives it to Goldthwaite who gives it straight to the WConn striker. Crusty, crusty play.

  29. Alle Says:


  30. lenlen Says:

    at least we won’t humiliated in the group stages, let be happy they finished us early in the competition , now lets put all our efforts on the preseason. Thats they only time we seem to win

  31. Chic C Says:

    We lost to a pub team. An ugly loss, from an ugly team. Every game we get worse under JCO and RedBull.

    JCO out. RedBull out.

  32. emilio Says:

    please just fire him, end this please, we dont deserve this. How can he keep his job???

  33. Karbaz Says:

    I’m with tilt, I think the only reason he wasn’t fired 3 weeks ago was because we still had a shot at some silverware but now we aren’t getting anything but the worst team of the year award. This really should be it for JCO.

  34. Fred Says:

    Very sad what’s happening. This team have to be ashamed. If not now, weeks ago.

  35. NUCCIO Says:

    MLS should step in and liquidate the entire organization. This team/organization should not be in the MLS. If they need a team to fill-in a spot, they should just invite a team from USL.

  36. Mastro Says:


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