New York Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio and players John Wolyniec, Kevin Goldthwaite, and Danny Cepero speak following tonight’s match:




  1. Matt Says:

    What a disgrace. I drove an hour and a half each way with my boy to witness that debacle tonight, Shame on Red Bull, Osorio and Agoos.

  2. SCNewJersey Says:

    I too drove an hour and a half each way (maybe we’re neighbors!) to leave feeling physically ill. If the tickets weren’t free, I’d demand a refund.


  3. thisisvictorkim Says:

    if osorio and agoos aren’t fired tomorrow then it’s 100% official that ownership does not care about the fans’ peace of mind. absolutely no excuses why these two should be helming this team. i’ll feel ill wearing this red bull t-shirt i am right now. heck i’m shedding it right as we speak and throwing it in the trash.

  4. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    It’s sad that we lose to a team like W. surprised osorio didn’t step down as head coach after the match. This was it, this was do or die for agoos n osorio. They prob put angel n kandji out to use them as an excuse just incase they lost… But there’s no excuse. Did u guys see how celades reacted when ubi gave him bad pass??? My heart sank n I really wanted to let some tears roll down. It’s sad to see teamates look at each with disgrace n just raising their arms like saying u suck n walk away.. It was sad watching celades react that way. Also mbuta completely missin that shot was dumb n he took 2 shots from no angle where he should have crossed. You can tell the team isn’t getting along with each other at all n it’s not even time to reconstruct… It’s past that time…. Hey stover can I get my 500 back?

  5. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Hey Red Bull, I want my $20 back… I’ll take it in Red Bull and cola, please.

  6. Chill Says:

    I’m sorry for the team. The players are not fully responsible for what’s been going on. The RB have a pretty decent roster, they should be getting results. The problem is mental, nothing more.

  7. MasterShake Says:

    “That guy put the League on the map of professional soccer!!! ” – you must be out of your damn mind. seriously.

  8. kofix5 Says:

    Fall on your sword Osorio. Do the honourable thing, resign. Walk away.

    Let Richie coach the rest of the season while a new coach is found.

    The team needs a new point of view to get out of this funk.

  9. OgreDave Says:

    You can see it in all the players, they are mentally not prepared and they don’t have the leadership to bring them out of this rut. It has been debated back a forth throughout the various blogs that it is the players lack of skill or the manager.

    It is OBVIOUS that it is the manager. Osorio needs to go, he does not know how to coach a team, and he is killing this team day by day. I am sad when I see players like Oduro, Magee, Brunner, Zach Thornton, Chris Leitch… etc… leave the red bulls organization and flourish.

    This makes me think that there is more to it than just the manager or players, it seems that the organization is not working properly. I am a fan of the red bulls because I love football and want the local NY team to do well, but I cannot support THIS…

  10. Fred Says:


  11. Jeff Says:

    The only thing this club will understand is if the season ticketholders call up their rep’s and say I want my deposit back. We can’t force them to fire Agoos (Hall of Shame not Hall of Fame), Osorrryo or anyone else. We can’t choose the team. However, we can choose not waste our money on a team and organization that either doesn’t care about the product on the field or doesn’t have a clue how to run a club.

  12. afrim Says:

    leave the reps alone…they probably have one of the hardest jobs in the world right now

    harder than selling faulty widgets

    • Jeff Says:

      afirm, that’s crap and the apatheic view that is why this club is listless. they need the feedback to flow uphill that the supporters are not mindless fools that will just show up next year because they built a new stadium. the pricing for their premium seats are unrealistic, and uncomparable.

  13. Mentz Says:

    Seriously if this guy is still the coach for more than 24 hours I’m done with this team.

  14. lou Says:

    everything we had left to play for is now gone and out the window with that lost. I’m on vacation so luckily i missed the game, i don’t think i could have taken another debilitating lose. If osorio and agoos aren’t fired sometime today i will feel seriously betrayed by this club, get richie williams to coach the team and prepare them for next year, sign an academy kid and some players from europe (i have a list of 15 free agent players that played in europe’s top league, there is no reason why we shouldn’t sign at least one of them). Get rid of rojas, boyens, and richard, play zimmerman (why does osorio hate him so much). Think about it, we lost to a trinidad and tobago club team, we are a HUGE JOKE

    • Loyal Fan Says:

      Why is everyone bashing W. Connection? They out played us. They have skillful players…one that the Red Bulls wanted to sign. They outshined us…period.

  15. lou Says:

    And wait a minute, angel got a concussion a week ago and didn’;t play tonight? What the hell is that? I’ve played with a concussion and i don’t get paid to play? Angel has no heart, he’s on a losing team and becasue of it he said he doesn’t know if he is going to play again next year. I got news for him, he isn’t going to make nearly the same amount of money he is making here, anywhere else. Get rid of him to, if he doesn’t want to play for us than we can find someone else.

    • Loyal Fan Says:

      AGREED!!! Angel needs to go. He made it clear LAST season he did not want to be in NY…they should have let him GO!

      • onionsack Says:

        Get a fucking grip Loyal Fan. He said he isn’t sure “what the company” is going to do. He is saying he knows things are changing and he may not be back, not that he wants to leave or is asking to leave.

        read people!!

  16. CEA Says:

    Lets do our part, someone who can get Erick Stover’s or Jeff Aggos’s e-mail, then all fans, family and friends to send as many e-mails as possible, REQUESTING TO FIRE OSORIO, INMEDIATELY !!

    Just post their e-mails here, and all fans will do the rest!

    RB Office # is (201) 583-7000

    Let’s fill their inbox !!

    • onionsack Says:

      Dont send it to Agoos because that turd burger needs to go too. Don’t send it to Stover because from what i hear Austria is running everything now.

      They dont need to be told what the fans demand, they know and have known it for a long time. Just ignore them and they will go away. Let them die a silent death and lets all hope those rumors that they are selling the team come true.

      RED BULL OUT!!!

    • Chic Charnley Says:

      Erik Stover can only answer the call from Austria.

      Markus Egger, the Red Bull General Manager of Soccer in Austria, is the one who can hire & fire.

  17. Alle Says:

    Hey Austria, wake up and smell the coffee, some Colombian coffee at that! Agoos and Osorio have already fulfilled their goal: Turning RBNY into the joke of the league. Take Curt Onalfo or some other idiot, but please, for the love of NY and NJ, just get rid of him already. I mean keeping confidence in him isn’t helping obviously. I’m sure he’s lost more than half of the faith in the locker room as well, he just can’t coach.

    • Mentz Says:

      We don’t even need Onalfo or some bum, we have Richie Williams. Give me him the rest of this season to evaluate and play with lineups and setups and then you have all off season to find someone else to coach or to roll with him.

  18. More Thoughts On Last Night, And The Aftermath - - The Offside - New York Red Bulls Soccer Blog Says:

    […] Here is the post game reaction from RBR: […]

  19. Cindy Says:

    Kevin Goldthwaite = maker of the biggest bonehead move ever. damn.

    • onionsack Says:

      or greatest pass ever if it leads to Red Bull selling the team.

      • Mentz Says:

        Red Bull committed massive money to this team and the stadium.

        There isn’t a chance in hell they are selling.

      • onionsack Says:

        wanna bet? What did they really commit? a few million for the team they can recover on a sale and a stadium financing agrement with their lender they can move as well or contract usage of?

        Mentz, wanna put your money where your mouth is?

  20. Pico Says:

    The question is: does it matter anymore? It is obvious that the mother ship is only interested on finishing the stadium and could not care less for the team, regardless of what Stover and Agoos say. The NY football team is a small blip in their overall brand strategy, in case you have not seen their Formula One team (and F1 babes), their aerial stunt circuit, etc.

    I returned the application for the new stadium seating declining the offer and a letter explaining that it is hard to justify the expense not only because the state of the economy but mainly because the state of the product. In hard times, people need an outlet but the NY Red Bulls are not it and not worth it.


    • onionsack Says:

      No, i think Stover and co. went to Austria with a plan of what they wanted to do here going forward into 2010 and Red Bull said “well erik there is something you should know…..” Then they told him what is actually going to happen and to just ride out this season while they finalize their deal to sell the team.

      • Mentz Says:

        No way. They’d be retarded to sell. They are “pot committed”.

      • onionsack Says:

        This isn’t poker and they are not “all in”. The know this investment is a failure and always will be..its probably a hard decision, knowing we fans were right all along that no one cares about their stupid energy drink.

        They will sell. If they don’ matter this soccer market has clearly voted with their pocket books and their lack of interest..Red Bull Out.

        No one cares about the new stadium anymore, no one is lining up to buy tickets, even the current remaining and mistreated fanbase. They have stopped investing and stopped their plans under orders from Austria.

        Mentz my offer stands.

      • Mentz Says:

        You make a good point onionsack but I just don’t see them selling a team that has the market of NY/NJ. The potential alone is worth the continuation of putting up funding. Where we live with sports its a “what have you done for me lately” attitude. All it takes is them bringing in an aging superstar like Thierry Henry and people will flock to the stadium.

        I agree that they could care less about the team and fans, but as MLS opens up (more teams, single table, salary cap increased (or deleted), no one will be able to match the $$$ the ownership of a company like Red Bull could provide.

        FYI, we would not be getting a new stadium if we were the Metrostars still.

  21. kahlva Says:

    – Red Bull isn’t selling.
    – They’re not just interested in the stadium and not the team (dumb argument)
    – If Osorio is fired, Agoos needs to be fired too. There’s plenty of blame to spread around.

    The problem, though, is definitely mental. This “team” never came together as a team – too many parts missing for too long (hello, Agoos), too many injuries, national team-call ups. Celades and Ubi screaming at each other last night perfectly encapsulated what happened to the team – we splintered and became individuals, not a team.

    The players made bone-head plays in a lot of games, and also had a lot of bad luck. And there was bad coaching, and some bad management.

    All that adds up to the perfect storm.

    • onionsack Says:

      stop trying to rationalize this man. Its not complicated, the owners are not committed to the game and the team first, all their personnel choices and decisions eveidence that. They fired Arena because he didn’t see eye to eye with “the red bull way”.

      This failure wasnt hard to predict, in fact the wise fans on MF predicted this as far back as 2006 and specificly this seasons demise in late April/early May…almost to the letter.

      RED BULL OUT!!!

  22. onionsack Says:

    How long will you kool-aid drinkers keep insisting Red Bull cares about soccer? They don’t. Erik Stover said it to us point blank…Red Bull wants to have a global sports brand. They want to be in all sports and everywhere to create some ego centric brand image to drive profits for their copmpany. RBNY is a small fly on that gigantic turd.

    They know this invetsment is doomed and that they can still have their global brand without the headache of RBNY. Sell it and move on…in the greater scheme oif things RBNY is just another marketing expense to them and can be severed.

  23. C. Says:

    Kevin Goldthwaite lost Champions League for us. That’s a fact. Anyone that can make that play WHILE WATCHING the other teams player run right in the lane of the pass, is terrible and doesn’t deserve to be playing.

    If Osorio isn’t fired, I’m just gonna become a Seattle and Toronto fan. FML.

  24. kahlva Says:

    Conspiracy theorists of the world unite 🙂

    And where’s Obama’s birth certificate!!!

    • onionsack Says:

      Red Bull = Failosophy

      They couldn’t be more dead to soccer fans in NY now if they tried. The gig is up Red Bull, we have all seen the Wizard is just an old feable man behind the curtain.

      You have no plan for next year. No big name signing can save you, no momentum into next year, nothing you have done has worked to sell this “brand”, your comapny’s entire pipe dream of a global sporting brand will not include NY and soccer….the people have spoken and rejected you, you killed the one last great chance to bring people back, and your insistance on being an insult to soccer fadsn everywhere is your undoing.

      Piss off Red Bull, GTFO of here.

  25. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Osorio is still employeed here? LMAO!!!

    • onionsack Says:

      I bet you its straight from RB HQ in Austria. They call the shots, all of them. For whatever reason, and i think i know what it is, they don’t want to fire Osorio/Agoos.

      They either are bringing in a full team from Austria at season end to replace everyone…or selling the team so they can’t saddle a new coach or contract or personal until the new owners get a chance to evaluate them.

  26. Alle Says:

    Red Bull itself is retarded, I mean they just care about the name, not the results. What happened to that “Red Bull gives you wings” motto – I mean we’re already grounded as it is with Osorio. Where are the wings? In the garbage?

  27. Karbaz Says:

    Rumor has it that the mother ship in Austria has had it with JCO.

    Here’s the article

    They don’t want an interim coach, they want a direct replacement, cmon Red Bulls, spend the cash on Jurgen Klinsmann, let’s just see what happens, if he fails then he fails, worth a try I would say.

  28. jason Says:

    we should sell angel to river plate and get 2 or 3 young fowards and mids and hope for the besst next season because this season is screwed i am really sad to say this but we need to get ride of angel its the best for the team the fans and the clubs future. i was at that game and not so good atmosphere first half exilent besides the last 10 or so mins we let up 2 goals am getting pretty mad when it was over i could barelly get up from my seat because i was so mad and frustrating with this team…….WE NEED NEW PLAYERS AND FAST!

  29. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    f*** new players, we need new coach ASAP

  30. Tony Says:

    I figured out what Osorio is always scribbling down. Management wants everyone to come up with a new slogan for their cough syrup– I mean “energy drink,” and he’s just doing his part.

  31. jason Says:

    if we dont need new players than what do we need diffrent coach same players . same coach diffrent players what would you want more red bulls soccer !!!!

  32. afrim Says:

    onion..who has the coin and the balls to buy RBNY and the stadium in a time like this?

    onion may be on to something. There is zero buzz for the new stadium and many ppl in the area dont even know wth is being built in their neighborhood. The staium is supposed to open 7 or 8 months from now and things are looking very odd

  33. Chic Charnley Says:

    What? It’s friday and JCO&Agoos are still here?

    RedBull? Are you taking the p*ss?

  34. jason Says:

    i have no idea anout the future of this club

  35. Karbaz Says:

    Rumor has it that the mother ship in Austria are looking to fire Osorio (not sure about Agoos but he needs to go as well). They don’t want an interim coach either they want a full on replacement. Cmon Red Bulls splash the cash for Jurgen Klinsmann, can it really get worse. if we fail with him then that just means we are in the same position as before, let’s just give it a try.

    • Mentz Says:

      Not a chance in hell that Klinsmann coaches in MLS. He thinks he is above it and wouldn’t lower himself.

  36. Dario Says:

    OMG…AGOOS and Osorio have to leave ASAP.

    I mean COME ON, he is an incompetent IDIOT!
    They have brought in countless players and each result a failure.

    I am sick of this team, moving into a new stadium is not enough.
    We want a real team to be proud of.

    Who else is sick of watching Rojas, and the announcers making him out to be good. He is the worst thing I HAVE EVER SEEN.

  37. Dario Says:

    We are moving into a new stadium,it is imperative to make it to the post-season next year.

    HEY…if we win 5 games it will be an upgrade. Pathetic 2 wins.

    Any Single fan could coach them to at least 5 wins. Osorio is a bum, he has done absolutely NOTHING in his soccer career. Why is he even in charge. Seriously. Nothing.

    I mean the ESC should run the team, at least they care.

    NYRB=Pathetic management, especially the PR guy. LOSERS! EACh and every one of you.

  38. Dario Says:

    Cichero, Jimenez, Rojas, Pietrovallo, Smith, Condoul, Echeverry, Petke(yes Petke),Johnson(remember him), Celades and the formation is a joke. Angel cant do it alone.

    Can we get someone with a brain….anyone.

    YOU ARE ALL LOSERS….Since 1995, No championships. Not one only the La Manga cup…and the Western Conf. Championship, OOOOH!

    WOW. Why dont you all leave, please. PLEASE as a RBNY supporter leave us alone. Stop killing our org. Please I am begging you.

  39. Dario Says:

    W Connection…Serioulsy.

    WOW…Goldy stinks to the whole team stinks.
    The whole Org. stinks.

    The fans are there, bring them to the stadium. Failures.

  40. Dario Says:

    Our attendance is around 12,500 fans. That is a lie.

    It is more like 1,000.

    Red Bull Arena= EMPTY=No one cares about American soccer…why?

    NYRB management…Thanks guys.

  41. Dario Says:

    Look at Seattle.

    They work…I know its an odd thing this working.

    I mean come on, usually great teams are just made by magic, right.
    Like Seattle. No hard work or research should ever be done.


    Weep..for all NYRB fans.

    If you care start by firing Osorio, Agoos and Stover.

  42. Alle Says:

    Where exactly did you hear that, Karbaz? (the rumor)

  43. Matt Says:

    The weekend is here and JCO is kicking back and enjoying life.

  44. lou Says:

    yet another day goes by and JCO and agoos still have their job’s. What a joke, it’s going to be a really terrible site to see when the new stadium is opened and there is still no one there to see games.

  45. Choclo Says:

    I heard that they are looking for a new coach, they RED Bulls doesn’t want to appoint an interim coach.

    If this is true..Jose Pekerman is available

  46. Alle Says:

    Let’s hold a poll, RBR!

    “Should JCO remain as coach os the Red Bulls?”

    I think that’ll be the best way to get our anger out loud and clear, through numbers! Everyone looks at statistics, I’m sure Osorio does too, I mean I’m sure he’s aware of the amount of goals we’ve conceded this season or the amount of wins we’ve managed. Pathetic.

    Seriously though RBR, you consider it. I know this blog is owned by RBNY, but it is for the fans after all, so they shouldn’t complain.

  47. Karbaz Says:

    If he’s not fired yet it’s because the ownership is still looking for a replacement. That’s what i’m hoping at least.

  48. POUCHON Says:

    All we want is an offensive minded coach. SOMEONE THAT COULD BRING A NEW IDEA

    • Karbaz Says:

      We all want to play attractive football but to be honest I just want a team that can win. i don’t care how ugly or boring they play as long as we win I would be happy. We need a coach who knows how to win, JCO does not know how to.

      • lou Says:

        more important than a team that wins is a team that cares about their fans. Red bull New York has not proven to me at least, that they care about us as fans. If they did care they would have fired agoos and osorio already and would have replaced them with competent soccer minds. They would have signed some quality players, they would have done many things that succesful teams with happy fan bases like seattle or dc, or toronto, have done. The reality is that we don’t play attractively, we don’t win, and the management doesn’t care, so right now i would settle for any little improvement.

  49. lou Says:

    It’s sunday and there hasn’t been any new posts on this site by red bulls reader since the lose wednesday. There really hasn’t been any news anywhere on the team since that lose which is odd because you would think that after suffering an essentially season ending defeat, that the club would be being covered. I’m hoping (but seriously doubting) that this means that something big is going to be happeneing with the club (change of management, change of team ownership, something along those lines).
    Has walter garcia been signed yet? If so can we use him for our next game?

    • Red Bulls Soccer Says:

      Head in the sand… What you expected to see, press releases and news about youth team success like nothing happened?

      • lou Says:

        In a way… yes. I expected for a change in coaching after that lose, but i figured things like the blog would continue to run as usual like it has done after every big lose. The fact that that hasn’t happened, and that there are no new threads or news on the team after 4 days only makes me believe more that something big is going to happen (still a long shot though).

  50. Dario Says:

    Well 9 games left.

  51. thisisvictorkim Says:


  52. kofix5 Says:

    The prob here is def the coach. We have good players. Some need to be shown the door and some would benefit from PROPER COACHING (ie Zimmerman and Kandji) but really the prob is fundamental. Organize the players in a system and we’ll be a competitive force.
    Anyone can see it in JCOs face. He’s out of ideas. Everything he’s tried has failed. Sucks for him. Maybe he is a good coach in some way but what he’s doing isn’t working he’s never instilled confidence in me and I have to wonder how its possible that he inspires the players. Yeah they screw the pooch on the field but they in the end he is the one who responsible the for the team mindset. A good manager must be able to manipulate the mindstate of the team. The coach is mentally defeated and has been for a long while. The players must play with serious passion With a love of playing with passion With a love playing the game.
    Everyone knows this already.
    I just signed on to see if there was any good news. But the only the hope I have to affect change is to let Lou know that there’s a difference between the word ‘loss’ and the word ‘lose’ and the word ‘then’ and the the word ‘than’ But at least he has an enlightened football IQ. Possibly equal to anyone on the coaching staff.


    Peace an-m out!

  53. Lou Says:

    Kofix you made some grammatical errors in your last post as well and I’m typing this stuff on my iPod and having a tough time doing so, so give me a break. Anyway it doesn’t really make a difference what the problem is because red bull haven’t changed a thing.

  54. kofix5 Says:

    My errors are infrequent and inconsistent. I was typing on a blackberry. I appreciate that you stand up for yourself though. I’ve heard that its more difficult to type on an iPhone than, say, a Blackberry. Those that type on an iPhone are always gong to lose against those who type on a real keyboard. But one who is never at a loss for words will always have something to say, whether its spelled correctly or not.

    And face it, you’re an easy target because you always answer back. And its a slow news day on RBR.

    ~abraço grande!

    • Lou Says:

      Of coarse I’m going to answer back when someone insults my intelligence by saying “at least he has an enlightened football iq”. the fact that it is a slow news day makes me all the more eager to respond to your comments.

  55. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    We still have a chance to make it to
    the playoffs. Yea we r about to break major records in the mls such as least amount of goals scored in a season , most amount of goals allowed in a season, most amount of loses in a season and also least amount of wins in a season. Why bring a new coach in when we are on the brink of setting records?!?!? Let’s knock these records out the way and make the playoffs!!! (next year of course) :D….. Btw iPhone keyboards do suck. N I don’t think red bull is going to b worried about the fan base in red bull Areana cuz rumors have it that we will be signing some1 huge to fill the seats…

  56. kofix5 Says:

    Wow Lou! I was telling the truth about the whole IQ thing and I was talking about how I think you know what your talking about and at the same time I was kidding you about your spelling. But if you prefer to disagree then have it your way, I’m man enough to admit when I am wrong.

  57. kofix5 Says:

    Oh sorry I realized that I said you might be equal to anyone on the coaching staff. My bad. Its true your IQ is higher. Eli Manning’s World Football IQ is higher. Paula Abdul’s World Football IQ is higher.

    • Lou Says:

      Kofix whatever it doesn’t really matter, if you didn’t mean anything negative by what you said than fine, it just sounded odd

  58. bulls*t Says:

    Preblems with Red Bull NY:
    1. No top notch training facility
    2. Org is run by a bunch of non-soccer people who don’t particularly even LIKE soccer

    • Lou Says:

      3. Players aren’t good enough. 4. Coach is horrible. 5. Organization doesn’t seem to care about it’s fans and supporters

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