The U20 Red Bulls took home silverware at the Super-20 League Finals in Rockford, IL with a 7-0 win over U20 Chivas USA.  The Red Bulls defeated the defending champion U20 Chicago Fire in the semifinals to advance to the championship round despite playing the entire second half a man down following a red card.

For the full recap, CLICK HERE.  For more from the Super-20 Finals, CLICK HERE.




  1. Mentz Says:

    I heard the red card was from Carlos Johnson getting a rehab start with them…

  2. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Khano Smith got dropped: http://redbullssoccer.com/topic/96-red-bulls-release-struggling-smith

    Where is blog post about that?

  3. onionsack Says:

    Congrats to them…to bad this decorated class of players wont be signed by our managment team. Its exciting and sad all at once.

  4. Cindy Says:

    Congrats to the U20s, that’s awesome!

  5. lenlen Says:

    wow my thirst for a Redbull championship has been quenched. Now i can die with all accomplished on my bucket list , I had to lower my expectation from the first team to any Redbull team. Thanks youngsters see you in other team in the near future!!

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