RBR got some post match reaction from Head Coach Juan Carlos Osorio and players Juan Pablo Angel, Seth Stammler and Ernst Öbster following the Red Bulls 2-2 away draw to W Connection in the away leg of their aggregate goal CONCACAF Champions League series.




  1. Mentz Says:

    And now you know JCO will play a 0-4-6 formation and put is in the defensive shell since we know a draw is good enough to advance.

    But seriously, I hope we can play attacking soccer with Kandji back and Obster getting more accustomed to the MLS style of play. I like the kid, he sounds like he is critical of his game and wants to improve. Could be a good fit for a missing LM piece we truly need.

    • lou Says:

      Obster played well the second half, he has instincts on the ball that almost on one else has on our team. Last night was defensive enough, i hope kandji is healthy so that next game we can actually take the attack to them, i want to see some goals.

  2. Mentz Says:


    Let’s go for it…

  3. Alex Says:

    Kandji is out for at least four weeks

    • lou Says:

      why is he injured all the time? how many games has he missed? Close to 10 i would say. He really is just like reyna, except at least reyna had age to blame, kandji is only 24.

    • vic Says:

      where did you hear this? i thought he was going to return for the home leg along with carlos johnson

  4. kofix5 Says:

    Kandji has skinny legs. needs to hit the gym and bulk up a bit in the offseason.

    Im just happy we scored 2 goals.


  5. vic Says:

    Pacheco needs to learn how to feed our midfielders some passes. he was absolutely horrendous yesterday. i don’t care about his own goal creating cross. even without that horrible clearance that led to the tying goal, dude was an absolute c*ck block to our offense.

  6. Alle Says:

    Agreed, too much of a showboat.

    As for Kandji, like I stated before – it just hasn’t been his season. Hopefully he recovers quickly, we need him up top!

    And for the next game, we’ll probably see a 5-4-1 or 4-5-1, the obvious with this guy they call a manager. I think he needs some more courses, and some better advise on how to ATTACK as opposed to defending all the time, ridiculous.

    • lou Says:

      yeah our games have become so boring that they are almost painful to watch, no flair what so ever. As for pacheco you can see some talent when he plays but than he does something crappy like whiffing that header that leads to a goal. I saw several instinces where obster played the ball back to him than turned and ran past his defender who was baited into the pass, pacheco could have easily of played it over top and obster would of had an open lane to goal, instead pacheco turned towards the middle and played it to goldy over and over again.

  7. Anthony Says:

    Win or lose…Osorio should still be fired.

  8. Mentz Says:

    We have to advance. Thats all there is to this…

  9. jason Says:

    if it is tied after 90 minutes do they go into extra time and penalty kicks please tell me am going to this game and want to find out

  10. jason Says:

    sorry the game at giant stadium

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